The Bush administration, trying to extricate itself from yet another scandal, tries to dismiss the firing of eight U.S. attorneys who failed the White House loyalty test as a legal move because the attorneys "serve at the pleasure of the President."
OK. Fair enough. But let’s remember that under our system of government, George W. Bush serves as President at the pleasure of the American people.

And we’ve got a newsflash for you Mr. Bush. We, the American people no longer believe you should be serving at our pleasure.

So, if it’s OK for you to sack eight U.S. attorneys because they are no longer serving at your pleasure, then heed the call of the American people who think it is high time you packed your bags and vacated your temporary residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

You’re overstayed your welcome, Mr. Bush. American voters delivered a strong message last November. We’re sick and tired of your lies, your corruption and your illegal and immoral war that has sent to many Americans to their death.

It is no longer our pleasure to have you serving as our President. Hell, for some of us, it was never our pleasure to have you in Washington and it took the Supreme Court to put you there after you lost the popular vote nationwide. That alone should have sent a message. Most of the Americans who voted nationwide didn’t want you to be our President. That means you started out serving without our pleasure.

I’m not surprised you sacked eight U.S. attorneys. White House documents show you wanted to fire them all but that would have raised all kinds of red flags so you got rid of those who had the gall to prosecute crooked Republicans for their crimes and hoped it wouldn’t become an public issue.

But it did, just as so many other examples of your questionable actions have emerged to reveal your deplorable levels of criminal activity.

I’m also not surprised that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is in the middle of this latest scandal. Gonzales would be just another ambulance-chaser in Texas if he had not proven his loyalty to you by twisting the law to fit your despotic ideas on leadership.  Like John Ashcroft before him, Gonzales is a knee-jerk conservative lightweight who puts power above the law and politics above the Constitution.

Your actions over the last six years showcase your utter contempt for the Constitution and the will of the people.

You have forgotten that we, the people, are you boss and you are an employee who serves in your position at our pleasure.

So let’s follow the example you set with the dismissal of eight U.S. attorneys.

Mr. President, you’re fired.

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