Dawn of the Brain-Dead

    The re-election of mentally- and morally-challenged George W. Bush means the dumbing down of America is complete.

    Bush returned to office because an army of brain-dead cretins, their minds turned to mush by years of right-wing propaganda, marched to the polls and exercised what little grey matter remained to pull the lever, touch the screen or mark the ballot to elect anything Republican.

    True, no small measure of blame goes to the Democrats for fielding their own Keystone Cops slate of candidates, but Republicans stay in power because they have turned their followers into a mob of zombies, staring blankly into space while their party destroys a once-great country called America.

    Republicans undermine America the way the Nazis pillaged and plundered Germany – using fear as a motivator, playing on public paranoia over an enemy that could be weakened if the President were not focused more on his personal agenda than the security of the people he is sworn to protect.

    Bush is a madman, a pill-popping dry drunk whose recklessness grows and can now run amuck for four more years, thanks to mindless morons who buy into his party’s line of partisan paranoia.

    For weeks leading up the election, dire warnings flowed out of Washington about terrorist plans to attack and disrupt the Presidential contest. The attacks never came and the threat level quietly went down just days after voters went to the polls.

    But Bush’s propaganda machine accomplished its goal, building public paranoia and casting doubts on his opponent’s ability to fight a threat that may be more political hype than real.

    Yes, there are those out there who want to harm us, to cripple our economy and destroy our way of life. Thanks to Bush’s pre-meditated, unprovoked and lies-based invasion of Iraq, more of them now want America destroyed. His cowboy antics add new members to our enemies list daily.

    Yet Bush would not be able to accomplish his mission of American destruction were it not for the mindless masses who buy into the right-wing hysteria fueled by the Republican party. Mesmerized by conservative hypesters like Rush Limbaugh (another dope head) and Sean Hannity, the intellectually-challenged buy into the party line that only the right-wing can be right, only the fear-mongering lies of conservatives can be trusted and only those who buy this crap can be “real Americans.”

    These are old, proven and often-used tactics by Fascists, Nazis, bigots and others who depend on tyranny to lead. The Klan employed the same tactics against blacks, Jews and anyone else who didn’t fit their lily-white mold of life. White Supremacists use it today. Hitler used it to turn his countrymen and women into haters of anything they perceived as “non-German.”

    The right-wing thrives on fear — fear of homosexuals, liberals and anyone who doesn’t fit into their white, elitist view of America. They preach moral values while bedding the spouses of others, talk about ethics while milking the system they are supposed to protect and spout patriotic pabulum while undermining the country.

    These zealots are a greater threat to our freedoms than any olive-skinned terrorist. They support the constant attacks on the Constitution by their leaders and excuse the excesses of their administration while condemning similar actions by their opponents.

    Thanks to them, America is no longer the land of the free or home of the brave. Thanks to them, we have become the land of the moronic and home of the oppressed. They are a greater enemy to freedom than any Farsi-spouting Muslim cleric ever can be.