For four years we’ve listened to the harping of the anti-Bush crowd about how the 2000 Presidential election wasn’t valid because the President lost the popular vote against Al Gore and the Supreme Court granted him a disputed Electoral College victory.

So this time around, Dubya trounces Senator John Kerry in the popular vote and wins a decisive victory in the Electoral College.

Does this silence the “we hate Bush at all costs” harpies? Not at all. Their wailing and screeching add up to a crescendo of banshee proportions, laced with cries of “they stole the election” and enough conspiracy theories to replace Roswell, New Mexico, as the number one topic of brain-fried whack jobs.

According to these crybabies, right-wing programmers hacked the electronic voting machines under a Machiavellian nightmare scenario engineered by Karl Rove, Bush’s campaign strategist.

Bullshit. Rove and his cronies simply ran a better campaign against Kerry, whose bumbling effort will be studied in political science classes as one of the most inept in Presidential politics.

Bush and Rove won because they kicked Democratic ass. They turned out their base of supporters in astounding numbers and the party of the Jackass did not.

This was Politics 101 and Rove aced the course. The Democrats flunked. Kerry, a crappy candidate at best, based his campaign on his Vietnam war service, blithely ignorant to the simple political reality that his vacillating history of now touting a war he once protested would come back to bite him in the ass.

Add that to his inconsistent record on the Iraq war that he voted for but then decided to oppose and he didn’t really stand a chance. Hatred of Bush accounted for most of the 48 percent of the vote Kerry received, not any real support of the Senator from Massachusetts.

The Democrats blew the election. Bush’s vulnerabilities from the war in Iraq and a stagnant economy made him an easy target. A brain-damaged chimp could have beaten him with a half-decent campaign effort but Kerry and the Dems couldn’t even muster that.

So Bush won. He won it by beating Kerry in the voting booth the way Presidential elections should be decided. No lawyers, no Supreme Court, no recounts – just a clear, concise, decisive victory.

That should be enough. Unfortunately, it is not. Rather than start work on building new coalitions to gain seats back in Congress in the midterm elections of 2006 and regain the Presidency in 2008, the Democrats and their army of politically-naïve Bloggers and pundits are spreading false tales of electoral fraud and conspiracy, calling for time-wasting investigations that will accomplish nothing but waste taxpayer’s money and divert attention from the real issues that face this nation.

This nation needs to come together, find a common ground, and move forward.

But that can’t happen as long as this crowd of wimps, naysayers and crybabies continue to wail, moan and screech because they lost an election.

The election is over. Time for all of us to move on and prove our America is stronger than any petty political differences.