Go Ahead. Waste Your Time and Vote

    It’s time to make up your mind and vote.

    You’ve analyzed all the issues, studied the candidates, calculated which one – if any – will make a difference in your life and you’re ready to go into the voting booth on Tuesday and exercise your democratic right to vote.

    Go ahead. Vote. Waste your time. It won’t make a bit of difference.

    Excuse my cynicism but only a blithering idiot can possibly believe it will make one ounce of difference if we replace one son of privilege with another at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or if one corrupt political party replaces another in the leadership of Congress.

    Voting is a sham, an exercise in deception designed to perpetuate the myth that an average American has any say in how this country is governed or what happens to you and me in the future.

    Replacing George W. Bush with John Kerry won’t change how things are done in Washington. Kerry will still be stuck with a war in Iraq that we can’t win, a economy that rises and falls on its own and a Congress that would rather stall in bitter partisan gridlock than do anything to deal with the real issues that face this nation.

    If Democrats take control of the House or Senate or both, the margin will still be razor thin and the minority party, be it Republican or Democrat, will still be able to deadlock Congress.

    The answer to this nation’s ills won’t be found in replacing one set of political hacks for another. It doesn’t matter which party controls the White House or Congress as long as both parties put their own interests above that of the nation.

    America’s current system of government is a bloated, aging, belching sow – laid low by decades of corruption, deceit and inaction. The sow is non-partisan, willing to wallow in the mud under a Democratic or Republican flag. It exists only to feed on the gullibility of Americans.

    The problems that face America are many; the corruption eats at the guts of our society, destroying it like a cancer.

    Continuing to live with that cancer is not an option. It must be eradicated, cut out of the body politic before the body dies.

    You can’t fix it in the voting booth. You can’t eradicate it by continuing to support a political system that thrives on it.

    The only answer is change – radical change of the system that continues to deliver a corrupt government run by corrupt men and women elected by a flawed system.

    America is no longer the beautiful. We are no longer the land of the free and the brave are dying in a far-off land because a inadequate system of government allowed a incompetent man to wage war for false reasons.

    Sadly, the vote you cast tomorrow won’t change any of that. It won’t restore beauty to this once-great land. It won’t restore freedom and it won’t stop the carnage in Iraq.

    The faces may change but the problems remain. Anybody who thinks their vote changes that left their brain outside before they entered the polling booth.