Over the past few days, several hundred emails flowing in over the electronic transom asked just one question:

Just who (or whom or whatever) is Capitol Hill Blue endorsing for President in the 2004 Presidential election?

Christ, the great unwashed out there are dumber than I thought.

Haven’t you got it yet? We ain’t endorsing anyone.




None of the above.

Trying to make a choice among the lackluster candidates for President this year is like trying to decide if you want your daughter to marry Charles Manson or Adolph Hitler. It’s not a choice but a nightmare scenario.

George W. Bush? Give me a break. He’s the second-straight disgrace to the Presidency, a pretender to the throne, the Peter Principle at work.

John F. Kerry? He’s a washout as a Senator, a joke as candidate and an opportunist who protests war when it suits him and embraces it in times of political expediency.

Ralph Nader? God, is he still around? Just strap him into the passenger seat of a Corvair and tell the driver to see how well the car corners.

The libertarians don’t offer a rational alternative. Hell, I’m so bummed by this year’s crop that I’d take a second look at the Socialist Party candidate if they had one on the ballot where I vote.

Sadly, American voters this year face not a choice but a non-win scenario, a situation where no matter who wins in the voting booth, we lose as citizens.

Our so-called choice only illustrates how corrupt and antiquated our political system has become and all that system can produce is packaged candidates that spout party lines and pander to the fears, ignorance and shallowness of those who follow their political leaders.

We can talk all we want about the greatness of America and the democratic system of government but if Kerry and Bush are the best we can muster in these times of crisis, then our system is a failure and America’s greatness an illusion.

I can’t speak for the rest of you, although too many are willing to let your political leaders speak for them, but I’m ready to don an Indian costume and start dumping some tea into the Boston Harbor.