If the surge in voter registrations can be trusted, the turnout for the Presidential elections on November 2 may be the highest in history.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that most of the people who go into the voting booth will be casting an uninformed vote based on belief in skewed information from biased sources.

Too many polls show too many Americans get their news from too many partisan sources and seldom, if ever, take the time to obtain both sides of an issue before making a decision on where they stand.

Conservatives tune in faithfully to partisans like Rush Limbaugh, who dispense their bile-filled misinformation from the sewers of ignorance. Liberals get their so-called facts from the likes of Al Franken. For both Limbaugh and Franken, conning the stupid is far too easy to do with the ignorant masses who use their brains only as receptacles for partisan propaganda and not for any attempt at independent thought.

Yes, you read that right. I’m saying Americans are, by and large, ignorant, uninformed louts who follow their political leaders like mindless lemmings and believe only what they are spoon-fed by liars and professional hucksters.

Sadly, the most powerful, most affluent, nation in the world is overrun with brain-dead cretins who wouldn’t know a fact if it kicked them in the shins.

But what possible use could facts be for such morons? They certainly won’t learn any truth from the Presidential campaigns, not with the television and radio airwaves filled with inaccurate political advertising, not from two Presidential loonies spewing out distortions and inaccuracies at every campaign stop and certainly not from a media that serves more as a spreader of propaganda than a seeker of truth.

America is a nation of fools that elect fools to office and then stand by and watch this ship of fools sail unawares into the Bermuda Triangle.

What these malcontents have done is turn this nation into a sick sow, bloated and overweight from political pork and decaying from the cancer of scandal and corruption.

Only an idiot could think electing any of the candidates on the Presidential ballot will solve the ever-growing problems facing this nation. Bush and Kerry are by-products of the disease called the American political system, toxic waste from the sewers of Washington, a town that the EPA should condemn as a Superfund site.

America is sinking into the mire and muck of its own self-indulgence and ignorance. An informed populace might be able to save it but the odds are much greater that all the uninformed masses can do is finish the destruction that has already started.