If George W. Bush had not turned the citizens of this country into an angry mob filed with hate and distrust this election would not even be close.

God knows John Kerry is not the answer to this nation’s woes. His legislative record, if one can call it that, would – in the best of times – rate nothing more than an asterisk in the history of the United States Senate.

But this is hardly the best of times and Kerry, through no accomplishment of his own, finds himself locked in a dead-heat battle for the Presidency because many Americans hate Bush so much they are willing to risk the future of the nation on a lackluster liberal who never saw a political position he couldn’t change.

This is the dilemma we face in two weeks – a choice between a reckless zealot who has led this country into a war it can’t win and a wishy-washy opportunist who couldn’t lead a pack of Cub Scouts on an overnight camping trip.

If you think this ain’t much of a choice, you’re right. As Campaign 2004 winds down, Americans face a future that is cursed with four years of more of the same or more of the unknown.

Bush is the great divider, a madman whose policies and actions have ripped this country apart, the architect of the most divisive war since Vietnam, the highest deficits in history and an administration whose lies dwarf even those of our last great prevaricator: William Jefferson Clinton.

Kerry, unfortunately, isn’t the man on a white horse, riding in to save the day. Given Bush’s record, a chimpanzee with an IQ of a two-minute egg could be leading the polls by 20 points but Kerry’s many missteps and vacillating positions on issues leaves one wondering how he even got into Yale, much less graduated.

This is a race between dumb and dumber, numnuts and dimwit, tweedle dee and tweedle dum.

The only difference between Kerry’s campaign and a Cub Scout pack is that Cub Scouts at least have adult leadership and the only difference between the Bush administration and that same pack is that Cub Scouts don’t have heavy artillery.

So what’s a voter to do come November 2 when each of us must walk into that voting booth and make a decision?

Damn good question. With two weeks to go, I still don’t know who I’m going to vote for or if I’m even going to vote.

 The future of this nation could well depend on the decision all of us makes on that day yet I can’t help feeling any decision is fruitless because the mess this country faces is beyond repair – at least by anybody on the current Presidential ballot.

Either way we’re screwed.