You gotta love watching Republicans squirm as they try to explain the latest rounds of FUBAR by the amateurs at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Each excuse to explain the latest screw up by George W. Bush is more laughable than the last. In order to accept the various explanations to rationalize the actions of what may well be the most corrupt – and at the same time most stupid – Presidential administration in recent history, you have to completely abandon the laws of probability.

Example: After months of stonewalling request for access to the complete record of Bush’s service (or lack thereof) with the Texas Air Guard, the Pentagon now claims the microfilm records were “inadvertently destroyed” and compound the lie with the ludicrous claim that no backup records exist.

Man on the Edge?

Man on the Edge?

The military doesn’t have backup? The same military that does everything in triplicate can’t find a backup? The same military that, weeks earlier, told Associated Press Associate General Counsel Dave Tomlin that the records existed, both in paper form and on microfilm?

Bush’s die-hard supporters, of course, claim this ain’t no big deal, saying stuff like “these things happen” and that it is “just a coincidence” that these missing records just happen to be the ones that could confirm or rebuff the President’s claim that he actually attended meetings of the very Texas Air Guard he joined to evade service in Vietnam.

These, of course, are the same Republicans who scream “conspiracy” and “cover-up” every time a Democrat misplaces a record or claims something can’t be found. These are the same hypocrites who say presumptive Vice Presidential nominee John Edwwards lacks the experience for the job because he has held only one elective office (Senator) for five years but forget that when their boy Dubya was elected he had held only one elective office (Governor) for the same length of time.

Edwards, at least, knows the capitals of foreign countries. Bush, as we recall, missed several when quizzed by a reporter during the 2000 Presidential campaign.

The same hypocrisy belches out of the GOP camp when they try to explain away Bush’s refusal to answer questions about his cozy relationship with indicted Enron executive Ken Lay. When Bill Clinton refused to answer questions, he was “hiding something.” When Bush refuses, he is just “exercising his prerogative as President.” And they offer stupid excuses to try and rationalize how their boy lies repeatedly about the war in Iraq, the true cost of Medicare and just about every other time he opens his mouth and mangles the English language.

Hypocrisy is not limited to Republicans.  Democrats who now nail Bush for every screw up looked the other way and came up with lame excuses when Clinton also misused the power of the Presidency and lied about his actions.

Sadly, partisans of both political stripes are mostly brain-dead functionaries who abandoned independent thought and rational thinking to follow their leaders into the dark hole of narrow mindedness and mediocrity.

Such mind-numbing loyalty can be dangerous. Mounting evidence suggests George W. Bush, an emotional and mental lightweight when he took office, is crumbling under the pressure of the job, but those who follow him would rather support a man who is losing his marbles than put their country ahead of their political beliefs.

If Bush loses in November, it will be because he deserves it. He’s an emotional cripple and mental midget who got into office under questionable circumstances and has managed, through nearly four-years of missteps, to destroy America’s credibility with both its citizens and its allies, increase the resolve of our enemies and trample with the constitution and basic freedoms. His vice president is a corporate crook who faces indictment for bribery, money laundering and misuse of corporate assets.

Bush is doing everything in his power to give the Presidency away yet the best the Democrats could come up with was John F. Kerry?  This is exactly how we ended up with Bill Clinton in 1992.

Kerry won’t be any better. He’s a Senatorial joke, another lightweight who has spent most of his life cruising without any real substance. His running mate is a trial lawyer, for Christ’s sake, who made millions by milking the deep pockets of corporate America through frivolous lawsuits. When push comes to shove, they will probably fail under the pressure and leave America far worse off than it was when they took office, just as Bush and Cheney have done.

Two losers, leading two parties of losers. 

The bland leading the blind.

America should deserve better. The fact that we apparently don’t is the saddest commentary of all.