Ship of Fools

    Thought about calling my banker and inquiring about a mortgage loan on the house when I pulled up to the gas pump Thursday evening.

    It now costs more than $35 to fill the 19-gallon tank on my Jeep Wrangler – and that’s for the cheap 87-octane stuff. If I were still filling that ostentatious German sports car that occupied my garage for so many years, the cost might have required a new mortgage.

    But wait a minute. Weren’t the propagandists at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue telling us just the other day that the economy is improving? Yeah, and President George W. Bush wanted credit for it.

    What the hell is there to take credit for? The average American can’t afford to fill a Hyundai with “cheap” gas, much less their favorite gas-guzzling SUV.  Bush’s mouthpieces say he is concerned about the price of gas but doesn’t see any need to step in and do something about his rich buddies in the old industry sticking it to mom and pop America.

    Compassionate conservative my ass. Shill for the big money boys is more like it. Bush is more than willing to send young men and women to their deaths just to avenge a debt his old man left unpaid but he can’t lift a finger to help those here at home who need a job and the ability to pay their bills.

    Bush mortgaged the future with record deficits and all the brain-dead morons who stand and continue to sing his praises can do is come up with lame excuse after lame excuse to try and defend his piss-poor performance as President.

    John Kerry won’t be any better. If he manages to replace Bush as the latest temporary resident of that subsidized housing on 1600 Penn, all we will have succeeded in doing is swapping one son-of-a-bitch for another. Neither could make it out in the real world. Bush needed daddy’s connections and buddies for a middling career in business. Kerry had to marry a rich widow to finance his dreams.

    That’s the problem with our current American political system: No real choices. We have a choice of one devil or another. George W. Bush who cuts taxes, spends us into oblivion and lies to wage war or John F. Kerry who would raise taxes so he can also spend us into bankruptcy while he lies about votes, his returned medals and God knows what else.

    Neither candidate for President offers any real hope for this country. Bush abandoned the war on terror to charge into the Iraqi desert for reasons not even his most ardent supporters can continue to defend and Kerry changes his mind more often than a virgin in the back seat of a car at a drive-in movie.

    Even worse, both of these sycophants are supported by a long cast of mindless morons who think party loyalty is more important than the security or our nation or love of country. They laughingly equate partisanship with patriotism, political philosophy with common sense and party dogma with concern for people.

    Doesn’t work.

    Hasn’t worked for some time now.

    Too bad the cowardly cretins who call themselves the American public can’t smell the shit that flows out of Washington and their beloved political parties.

    The more this crap covers the moronic minions of this country, the more they walk up to whichever candidate they blindly support, hold out their plates, and ask: “Please sir, may I have some more.”

    This country has become a ship of fools.

    And the ship is sinking.

    But when the sea of politics swallows the ship called America, only the lemmings who follow these bastards will die.

    Because you can be sure neither of these “captains” will go down with the ship. Both will be standing on the shore, pointing their finger at each other and claiming it wasn’t their fault.