Well, well. The bigots, racists, homophobes and gutless wonders who dominate the Republican Party got their way.

George W. Bush caved to the rabid right wing of his party and came out in favor of a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

These right wing bigots will hem and haw and claim they are doing it solely to protect the sanctity of marriage. They will lie through their homophobic teeth and swear they are not gay bashing.

But that’s what it is. What else can you expect from those who have glorified racism, fostered hate and promoted discrimination?

When Dubya ran for President four years ago, he lied and claimed he wanted the GOP to be more inclusive. He invited gays to speak at the Republican convention but it was little more than show. He proved after the election just how scared he was of the party’s right wing, caving in and appointing a goose-stepping zealot like John Ashcroft as attorney general.

Republicans will tell you they believe in states’ rights but – in reality – they support such rights only when states are willing to advance the radical right agenda of the madmen who control their party.

Let a state actually think on its own – and perhaps even try to recognize that all people are equal – and the righteous right will rise up in full bigoted hatred and show their true colors – white (as in sheets).

George W. Bush

George W. Bush

It wasn’t enough for the partisans to stand back and let Ashcroft trample the Constitution with his power-grabbing USA Patriot Act. Now Bush has told the attorney general to draft a amendment to the U.S. Constitution, an amendment that gives heterosexuals more rights than gays, an amendment that endorses bigotry and advances the hatred of those who lifestyles may be more different than their own.

Hitler would be proud. Ashcroft and Bush are promoting their own “master race,” one where only heterosexuals are free to marry and enjoy the rights and benefits that come with a union sanctioned by the state.

Some states have no problem recognizing a homosexual’s right to marry someone of his or her own sex, but Bush and Ashcroft want to change the Constitution to stop such independence. Hitler had Austria and Poland, Bush has Massachusetts and Vermont. Those who resist the Fatherland can be crushed. John Ashcroft and George W. Bush can use the USA Patriot Act to have them declared enemy combatants and no one, including their families, will ever hear from them again..

Even worse, the lemmings who follow Bush and his boys will applaud his every move and claim he is “a great leader.” Those who followed Hitler claimed the same thing. So have others who followed despots until it was too late and they discovered their leader was a tyrant and the real enemy.

In the hopelessly skewed right-wing view of the world, anything that does not fit 100 percent in lockstep with their archaic philosophies is treason.  So what’s wrong, they cry, with a little loss of freedom? It is, they say, a necessary sacrifice when your enemies are out to destroy your way of life.

Sound familiar? It should. A short guy with a bad haircut and a mustache said the same thing in Germany in 1939.

And, by the way, homosexuals scared the hell out of Adolph Hitler – just like they scare George W. Bush, John Ashcroft and all the other homophobes and rabid hate mongers of their party’s extreme right wing.