Somebody who should know better slipped one of their usual nasty missives under the door this week. Seems the lack of a cheering section for George W. Bush bothered him.

“It’s obvious you’ve become a Democrat and a liberal,” he said. “So how are you going to celebrate when John F. Kerry is President?”

If Kerry somehow manages to beat Bush in November (and that is a big “if”), I’ll do what I do when any new President takes up temporary residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – give him 24 hours to prove he’s up to the job and then go after him with everything I’ve got.

It won’t take 24 hours to prove John Kerry doesn’t have the brain matter or the gonads to be President. He’s been in public life long enough now to showcase his lack of credentials for the job.

Like the past crop of wannabes who have occupied the Oval Office, Kerry is a major-league loser and that’s starts with “L” and rhymes with “hell” and stands for liar.

The real tragedy of the American political system is that the best and brightest need not apply because they don’t stand a chance in hell of (1) getting through the primary season and (2) winning the hearts and minds of voters.

Real leaders don’t adhere to a set of restrictive partisan political limitations. They think beyond the sound bite, the quick fix and the carefully-manufactured one-liners that replace honest, independent thinking.

Instead, our candidates are sold to the American public as disposable commodities, like soap, cereal and toilet paper, created not by any real sense of civic duty or responsibility but to serve a political party’s lust for power and control.

Candidates for office are picked not for their ability to grasp and deal with a nation’s many problems but for their voter appeal, TV “Q” rating and popularity with focus groups.

Consider the only two Presidents to serve two full terms in the last four plus decades: Ronald Reagan, an actor playing the role of a lifetime, and Bill Clinton, a glib, fast-talking con man who know how to charm voters.

The only thing that will keep George W. Bush from joining that select group of two-termers is George W. Bush. It certainly won’t be John F. Kerry. He stumbled into the nomination because he was next in line when Howard Dean self-destructed and his only real chance of falling head first into the Presidency will be if Dubya implodes on his own.

And, if he does, I’ll be there in the wings, scalpel in hand, ready to slice he and his administration to bits the second he screws up.

Shouldn’t take more than a day or two. A week at most.

Guess I should feel guilty about picking on the handicapped.

Nah. I like picking on cripples — especially emotional ones.