Democrats marked the Labor Day weekend by attacking President Bush’s record on jobs, declaring the country had suffered the worst job losses under Bush’s tenure since Herbert Hoover was president during the Depression.

Ohio Rep. Sherrod Brown said in the weekly Democratic radio address that manufacturing jobs had been particularly hard hit, with 10 percent having disappeared since Bush became president 2-1/2 years ago.

“The manufacturing job losses are part of the 3.2 million private sector jobs that have vanished during the Bush presidency,” Brown said. “No U.S. president since Herbert Hoover has brought us this kind of job loss.

“In fact, President Bush is the first president in seven decades to have actually lost jobs during his presidency,” Brown added.

Bush plans to visit Brown’s state on Labor Day, a state that Brown said had been hit particularly hard, with nearly 200,000 private sector jobs gone since January 2001.

“And what is President Bush’s response to this unprecedented job loss? More tax cuts for the most privileged people in our society,” Brown said. Meanwhile a government surplus of $5.6 trillion had been turned into an estimated debt of $3.3 trillion, he added.

Brown said Democrats favored providing tax cuts to middle-income Americans, small businesses and manufacturers, while extending relief to states and the unemployed and investing in highways to create more jobs.

“Forty years ago this week, half a million Americans marched for jobs and freedom in Washington, and heard Martin Luther King eloquently deliver his ‘I have a dream’ speech. It led to a new resolve in this country to correct the mistakes of the past. It is in that spirit that Democrats offer our solutions,” Brown said.