Congress votes to place a limit on the time that we occupy the quagmire known as IraqNam. The Senate votes to place a limit on the time that we occupy the quagmire known as IraqNam. Both bills provide $100 BILLION in new money to feed, house, arm, train, replace, treat, armor, protect, and destroy the troops throughout 2007.

In response, the President threatened to veto the bill. According to the today’s White House Website, he said, “Congress’s failure to fund our troops on the front lines will mean that some of our military families could wait longer for their loved ones to return from the front lines. And others could see their loved ones headed back to the war sooner than they need to.”

So, according to Bush, by passing legislation that funds the troops, we are actually causing the occupation to last longer BECAUSE WE PUT A LIMIT ON THE length OF THEIR OCCUPATION OF A FOREIGN COUNTRY?

Wrap your head around that one for a bit. Only within the delusional world inside the Bloatway would anyone even consider making such an illogical, nonsensical argument. But enough about the president. By Congress demanding that the troops must leave Iraq, they end up staying longer?

OK, Let’s step back, even half a step. What are we doing there?

Every day, troops put on clothing, socks, boots, armor, more armor, get briefed, add ammo to their weapons. Every day they hope to find a vehicle that still runs, scrounge around for extra armor for the vehicle, then head out to their assigned hot spot, only to be shot at, attacked by IEDs, or have mortars fall around their vehicle. The good news is, on some occasions, they get to rub shoulders with delusional GOP presidential candidates like John McCain, who believes that his pre-visit swarm, and his small delegation of choppers, mercenaries and 100 heavily armed US troops is just the ticket for a shopping trip. How proud they must feel about shopping/PR trips.

Next day, same bat time, same bat station. Same blat situation. (for our Russian friends)

This is not a war on terra. This is a civil war we helped stoke and arm. According to a BBC report, 30-65% of the weapons we gave to the IraqNami army has been sold, stolen, given, or lent to religious based elements intent on getting back at an another Iraqi sect that offended them earlier. Oh, and the US soldiers in the middle are worth a triple score, plus a bonus.

We are not fighting them over there, to keep them from coming over here. No Iraqi ever intended, expected or planned to attack the US, not until we invaded their country. Hell, they looked at us as their allies. Saddam thought so. The Iraqis have no capacity to attack us. The Atlantic and Pacific ponds are both deep and wide. The only missile or air capacity the Iraqis have is what we given them. Come to think of it, that applied to Saddam, too. We repeatedly supplied him in his war against Iran. At the same time that we armed the Iranians (Iran-Contra)

A true war on terra would involve creating an intelligent approach aimed at finding the cause/effect of our current situation. It would involve an active debate and historical research into the events that caused a small group of Saudi ultra-religious zealots (think of Dobson, Falwell, or Roberts with a Koran) to get tired enough of our corporate, pro-Israel, policies that kept those countries downtrodden. A true war on terra would not protect oil, chemical or food processing companies from having to increase their own security, not to mention testing, protection and pro-active efforts to prevent adulteration, attacks and other possible attacks. A true war on terra would pose a threat to every interest that Bush and Cheney have tried so hard to protect.

Ergo, we are left with a faux war. Faux reporting. Faux enemies. Faux threats. (not to mention Faux news) It involves the president claiming that demanding that we leave forces us to stay longer.

In a nutshell, the president will say anything to prevent a lost of his war powers. He will accuse those of trying to save lives, of causing their deaths. He will point fingers at those thoughtful, concerned folks who really care of being in bed with the enemy.

His wild accusations worked for four years, almost six. But we caught on. Mr President, fuel me once, shame on you. fuel me twice . . . .

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