For six long, hard, curious years, Congresscritters and their senior illegitimate Senatorial brothers deliberately, willfully and amazingly handed off all powers of supervision, approval, oversight and investigation accorded them in our Constitution. That was only the first traitorous step. Even after act after act, lie after lie, those folks refused to stand up to a unitarry executive who bore more of an incredible resemblance to Mao and Stalin, than a constitutional office renter in America.

Part of that was due to the presence of people like Tom DeLay, Herr Doktor Frist, and so many others on the reichiest right. Their actions are turning out to be criminal in nature, as we learn about their past escapades. Their inaction was even worse. They willfully handed over the keys to the nation to a duo that will go down in history as those who led to the destruction of our nation, in exchange for personal lower and financial gain. Darth and George.

But the Democrat Party has a lot to answer for as well. They meekly gave way, a-feared of the slightest hint, the slightest shadow of an accusation of being against the troop, of being unpatriotic, or of supporting terra.

That has led to some interesting, but pointless observations. It seems that any officer, any military person, and any appointed official who simply does the job they were hired to do, must be greeted by Congress with this new and improved mantra: “Thank you for your service.”

I say to hell with that. THANK ME for paying taxes and voting, you spineless jerks. Thanking someone who joined the national guard to make some cash, to get some bennies, and to get away from the wife every so often is not exactly something they need to be thanked for. Yes, they are doing their jobs, and so are millions of other people. The problem, Honorable Members of Congress, is that you have NOT been doing yours.

Yet, in an incredible display of memorization, every congresscritter continues with the mantra. Worse yet, they manage to ignore hard questions. What about Gitmo? What about Abu Ghraib? What about killing innocent families? What about rape of US female soldiers? What about selling arms and weapons to insurgents for sex and drugs? What about shooting innocent Iraqis because you can? And what about those in the military who work hand in hand with the out of control mercenaries who shoot for fun?

Support the troops? Hell yes, With medical, psychiatric care, PTSD care and jobs and welfare. Better yet, let’s get their asses out of there.

Now, that’s supporting the troops. Getting them the hell out of Dodge would prevent torture, female soldier rape, injuries, murder far faster than anything else. Soldiers are human, and under great stress, even highly trained soldiers crack. We are seeing that cracking right now.

Sorry, folks, but this is a long intro to a short subject. A sweet subject. A subject I barely risk raising, out of some ancient superstitious fear that mentioning it might screw it all up.

Folks, it appears as though today’s congress has decided to decide; that they decided to investigate strong evidence of crimes, fraud and misdemeanors. They have decided to stand up on their own feet and come close to saying something strong.

They may still collapse. After all, Rove is the ultimate alley fighter and will concoct some crap to gain even the slightest advantage. His biggest (only) asset is that he is one of those rare, unique, and extremely disturbed and distrubing individuals who was born without morals, without scruples and without any ethical nerve ending in his brain. The only people who came close to resembling him in modern history eventually created the 3d Reich and the USSR. Never believe that given the opportunity, he and Darth would not seek similar power here.

Still, seeing our toddling youngsters as the new majority in Congress, so long out of power, so insecure in office, and still so fearful of Rovian plots and plans, well, it does give one hope. If they survive, the era of Bush as we know will end. Bush himself is uncapable of dealing with dissent, and will mentally collapse like a punctured balloon. (can anyone imagine Bush on a MSM speachifying gig in 2010?)

No, our future resides completely in the hands of today’s congress. If they stand up and do their duty, America has a chance. If they do not, well, I wonder how Canada, Austrailia and Scotland are treating political refuges from the USA.