Last week, Alberto Gonzales told Congress that he was not involved in the firing of the eight US attorneys. From yesterday’s Rovian news dump, we learn that he lied. Again.

Alberto met with no less than five of his top Justice heads on November 27, and created on a five-step plan to fire the prosecutors. He personally signed off on it.

This week, Gonzales announced that he will not resign. Perhaps this is yet another lie. Given his passing acquaintance with truth and veracity, we can’t tell when he tells the truth or not. “It’s for the kids,” he tells us. That statement should make every parent cringe in fear for their poor, innocent children.

His transparent play to regain support is pathetic at best. Fredo’s first step is to meet with every US Attorney so he can set the latest, revised, amended, new and improved, “record” straight. Is Gonzales that stupid? Does he think that meeting every US Attorney – whose name, professional reputation, and independence has been trashed for eternity, will solve the problem he created?

Even if they are straight shooting prosecutors (which seems less and less likely), those who survived AlbertoGate will forever be under a public microscope for the slightest hint of Rovian-political taint. Every prosecution will be questioned, every decision will be under attack. Even those few remaining honest US prosecutors will run into trouble. Defense attorneys will seek discovery and promote the idea that a prosecutor is nothing more than political foot soldier. In sum, the US Attorneys’ legal futures are for shit. They just haven’t seen to what extent yet. Hell, even jurors will question our federal justice system.

But lucky for America! Fredo announced step two. He’ll concentrate on kids. Safe neighborhoods, drug dealers, and child porn. Pandering for conservative family values, Fredo sure seems to be reaching out to that religious base.

This time his aim is off the mark and comes too late. Fredo, that dog don’t bark no more. After his FBI admitted to breaking the law, after his US attorneys pushed political attacks and targeted alleged Democrat voter fraud, while ignoring GOP voting irregularities in Ohio, Florida, Texas, after all this, he now wants to make our neighborhoods safe? He will go after drugs and kiddie porn? Tell me Fredo, why do we have LOCAL law enforcement? Or did you and Rove plan to use your Feebies and US Attorneys to turn our country into a national police state?

His decision to stay on is for the kids. Then you realize that he is treating all of us like children.

Do yourself, your FBI, your Justice Department and your country a favor, Fredo. Resign.