A long time ago, in a land far, far away, our founding fathers created a three part government, intending  that no branch would ever grow too strong. Out of self interest (if not love of country or constitution), the other two would object, correct and redirect the ship of state. At least, that was the plan.

Over the past six years, we saw an unprecedented attack on our judiciary, with GOP leaders mumbling about impeaching liberal federal judges. We saw the appointment of unqualified, or barely qualified, reich-wing nuts to district and appellate courts. We saw rabid conservative selections in Alito  and Roberts. Yet for moderates or liberals, a conservative judge who supports and honors the constitution is not a bad thing, so long as (s)he puts our constitution first.

Then, something unprecedented in our history happened – Hari Kiri by an entire branch of government. Under the “leadership” of ultra-conservative/religious-reich/neo-conmen like Frist, Santorum, Hatch, DeLay, Hastert, Inhofe, Kyl and others, Congress rolled over and played dead while a power-hungry, war-mongering, cheating, lying group of bastards took control under the cover of a “war on terra”.

Upon reflection, Hari kiri doesn’t fit. Committing suicide to save one’s honor is an intensely personal  action. When the truth of your word, deed, honor, and promise are so important that it makes a loss of face is so terrible that it can only be absolved by removing yourself from this phase of existence – now, that’s a sense of honor.

In America, we suffer from the other extreme. Honor, integrity, keeping one’s word, moral deeds and choices constitute acts so distant from today’s Republican party, especially it’s leadership, that it seems awkward to use those words in the same sentence. Today’s GOP has no honor, integrity, or morals. It is built on greed, power, secrecy, deception, and self-promotion. Consider that the top three GOP presidential candidates have had as many spouses as all eight of the Democrats. Guess which ones promote themselves as the party of family values. I guess it’s not the quality, but the quantity, eh?

At the bottom of this swampy marsh sit the most powerful vice president in history, scheming and  seeking Haliprofits with another war,  a dirty, street-fighting, backstabber named Rove, and the most disengaged, intellectually incurious, spiteful, petty, and mindlessly stubborn presidents of all time. Hell,  Reagan  showed grace and empathy to almost everyone, except the destitute and gays. Nixon created a long list of laudable, even superb, domestic programs, even before you consider SALT, China, and many more difficult foreign policy successes. What IS Bush’s biggest accomplishment?  Good question. Hard question. If any of you have an answer, please write. I would love to know.

AlbertoGate is just one of many (and growing) problems that will not go away. Taking a hard stance like Bush’s, does not solve it; it stokes it. So, it begs the question: What ARE they hiding?

The President, in one of the most nasty, snarling and rambling orations yet, put up a brick wall, claiming that talking to Congress under oath, or under the “Klieg lamps” would never happen. That leaves us with four choices to explain the why-fors and where-fors and what-fors.


Perhaps the White House and DOJ ability to communicate, coordinate and act in concert was so poor, that exposing this disarray would be so embarrassing to the White House and Gonzales’ army of FBI, US Attorneys and several other branches under his personal control. Maybe.

But given the constant revision to their stories, it is hard to believe that is was merely unprofessional, inept, and idiotic mistakes which created the ever changing kaleidescope of excuses, explanations and bullshit.


First, it was about performance.

Then, it wasn’t

First, the AG didn’t know and wasn’t involved.

Then, he was.

First, Harriet Myers did it all.

Then, she didn’t

First, Bush knew nothing.

Then, he may.

First, there was nothing political about the firings

Then, we see that Carol Lam was getting way to close.

Yeah, I can see what they want to hide.


This choice is becoming ever more likely, although it might not be harsh enough of an assessment. Interfering with ongoing political corruption of GOP pols and businessmen says a lot about this administration, how it treats our justice system, and how we can all expect to be treated.


Remember Val Plame? Remember Karl Rove’s emergency testimony before the grand jury to “correct” the record, not once but four times? Not only were laws broken by the firing of the eight US attorneys, but it is guaranteed that Rove will commit even more, if forced to testify.

Of course the White House wants no transcript, no record, no oath. Karl Rove, as Joe Conason points out in today’s Salon, is a natural born liar. He has such difficulty telling the truth, that saying anything under oath becomes an insurmountable task.

So what are they hiding? That’s easy. Karl Rove.

Watching the Edwards discuss an incredibly difficult, emotional and eventually fatal medical condition, proves just how different the Democrats are when compared to the slithering, greasy, lawbreakers like Dick Cheney, Carl Rove, Alberto Gonzales and George Bush.

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