Clueless Democratic leaders stumble on health care

Democrats, forever oblivious to the will of American voters, continued to try and save their hopelessly-damaged health care non-reform bill Thursday but any hope for a deal is vanishing into the thin air of political stupidity.

Yet the clueless leaders of the party of the jackass persist.

Republicans, embolded by the upset victory in the Massachusetts special election to fill the Senate seat held by Ted Kennedy and polls showing the majority of American people think the bill is a joke, have stepped up their attacks on the bill and Democrats admit privately that they have shot themselves in the foot when it comes to health care and other failings of their Congressional leadership and the faltering agenda of President Barack Obama.

Reports Politico:

Health care reform teetered on the brink of collapse Thursday as House and Senate leaders struggled to coalesce around a strategy to rescue the plan, in the face of growing pessimism among lawmakers that the president’s top priority can survive.

The legislative landscape was filled with obstacles: House Democrats won’t pass the Senate bill. Senate Democrats don’t want to start from scratch just to appease the House. And the White House still isn’t telling Congress how to fix the problem.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) both tried to put a good face on the obvious chaos on Thursday, promising to press on.

“We have to get a bill passed,” Pelosi told reporters. “We know that.”

We do. That’s a question that rank and file Democrats are asking.

Democratic political insiders tell Capitol Hill Blue that momentum is building inside the party to scrap health care “reform” and go back to square one.

But Reid and Pelosi still haven’t read the handwriting on the wall.


  1. griff

    How about scrap it and do nothing?

    What a picture! I’m glad my lunch has been thoroughly digested.

  2. woody188

    Clueless is right.  I wrote Congressman Sherrod Brown (D, Ohio) basically telling him if he voted for this bill he was fascist and he wrote back telling me how wrong I was to believe such things and then tried to convince me the bill was for my own good.  He didn’t listen to a darn thing I said preferring to believe he knew what was best for me instead of me telling him what is best and representing my views like his job requires.

    Where’s Donald Trump to yell “You’re fired!” when you need him?

  3. bogofree

    Eventually they’ll pass something and even watered down it will represent foot in the door legislation and will be expanded upon.

    Woody…that is why I gave up long ago contacting Barney Frank.