Not partisan enough

The sky is falling and the Obama era is over already. Maybe, maybe not. it is my opinion that a mental illness runs through the American public form time to time. The root of this illness is fear and its handmaiden is intellectual laziness.
When stimulated by certain key phrases and words, this illness metastasizes and becomes dominant in the culture.

It is my opinion that most people only dimly know what is going on in government, are too lazy to really dig in and find out, so they latch onto whatever sounds good at the moment. Then, like a school of fish, they follow the buzz and suddenly a “truth” emerges. 

When Obama became President, there was great feat and uncertainty in the nation. We were told the sky was falling and many of us became easily manipulated because of that fear. A consensus developed that because a cure had not yet been found after 100 days, Obama must be a failure and he is not to be trusted.

It is difficult to overcome that mentality with the kind of skill set this President has.  He is not very adept at partisan politics and instead seeks consensus. That works well as a community orgainizer, not so well in a highly charged partisan environment. Naively, possibly, he started by seeking a rapproachment with Republicans as a way of addressing what he perceived as the nation’s chronic problems — the financial markets, health care and international pursuits. Only in the latter has he had notable success.

With regard to the financial melt down, if there ever was one impending, he opted for supporting the failed system rather than changing it dramatically. It appears he was of the opinion that the crisis was real and that it served the best long range interests of the naiton to first save the system from collapse and address reform later. He did not apparently realize later never arrives when it comes to reform.

With regard to health care he saw the failure of the Clinton initative and being a man for consensus, opted to let Congress wrangle its way toward a reform package. He unfortunately proved too little public direction to this process and as a result special interests took hold of the public’s understanding and reform became “a beginning.”

The Deomocratic Party has not had the discipline of the Republicans for many decades. Obama did not use his considerable skills to impose discipline and left every crackpot member of Congress to steer the effort at reform of both health care and the financial industry straight into the cesspool of American politics. Instead of using his great oratory to rally the people to force his own party to a disciplined approach, he let a few dominate the discussion and those who oppose real reforms to pollute the public mind with fears, half truths and outright lies.

The press is now pronouncing the death of Hope and the end of Obama’s efforts. They may be right, but only if he fails to learn the importance of partisan politics. On this site partisanship is repeatedly denounced. Rightfully so from the perspective of what is in the best long term interests of the nation.

But when it comes to getting things done, there is no substitute for partisanship and party discipline. The trouble with the Democrats is they are several parties rolled into one and the public has trouble figuring out what, if anything, they stand for as a party.

In short, they are not partisan enough.


  1. issodhos

     I am reminded of the excuses and the wailing and gnashing of teeth that came from Bush loyalists as he began his descent from falsely created heights. I am not sure which is more obvious to even a casual observer, President Obama’s rhetoric-filled emptiness or President Bush’s inchoherent babblings.

    Perhaps you may recall that in the weeks following candidate Obama’s ascendency to the presidency, I stated that the most urgent thing his handlers and media mouthpieces needed to do was to deflate the god-like image they had encouraged among his worshippers, else he would suffer a backlash of disappointment when it was seen that his clodhoppers were only filled with clay? Well, They did not do this so, I guess today, clay is the new gold.;-)

    Yours in a laid-back, easygoing, live-and-let-live, non-party-partisan kinda way,;-)


  2. Sandra Price

    But Hos, Rush Limbaugh did his best job of deflating not only President Obama but the entire American nation.  Limbaugh led the Conservatives into a brand of unAmerican idiots.  The uneducated masses that our voter base has become went with the loudest voice.  Conservatives are warriors totally incapable of discussing anything other than killing the enemy.  There is the rub…….I can sit down and list the enemies of the Conservatives made not a single mention of anyone they want or respect. 

    It is one thing to brag about being non-party kinda guy and another about sitting down to plan recovery issues.  I used to think you had the ability but I don’t think so at this time.  Being cool ain’t the endgame. 

    It is not a popular exercise to put words together to locate the best actions for America.  Many here desire a redistrubution of wealth and the destruction of corporations.  Oh, were it that simple.  Without intelligent input we are doomed.

    Good points Phil.  This morning I heard that Moonbeam way run for governor.  He would be my choice if I lived there. 



  3. byreen

    I’ll say it again, no matter how fine the cut of the suit, if it’s full of shit it’s just another dirty diaper of the ass of America.

  4. almandine

    Another rationalization wrapped in rhetoric. If there’s any more partisanship than we’ve been exposed to lately it will be some sort of end-run on the agreed legislative process… and what it will mean is that the substance of the issue at hand – health insurance reform, cap-and-tax, fiscal policy, etc., is being stolen from the many for the good of the few. As if those in charge of our political system actually had our welfare in mind.

    Yeah Phil, the people who are finally waking up are crazy, and everybody’s out of step but you.

  5. griff

    It literally astounds me to this day that some people actually believe that these elitist scumbags actually give a rat’s ass about any one but their own.

    Don’t make me quote P.T. Barnum, please.