What price to pay for the clear and honest battlefield ?

This I am sad to say, as you know,  will be the deciding battle for our republic.

Can we maintain it with both form and purpose?

Can a nation ruled by men of conscience seeking to eradicate the acrid smoke of tyranny survive the usurpers ambush, whilst partisan becomes as spit, pitting man against himself, and as bipartisanship warps into debauchery by fecal tongued psuedo media royalty..? Hell of a question.

How long, how hard, and what do you hope to take from this fight if you choose waging fire against fire? Do you have any fight in you / loyalty ?

The back door is sealed, murky and dank the way out, with the dawn as near as never, and  farther away than what seems to be ever.  The choice has to be made whether it sickens or not.

Be overrun or stand on the principles inked by men not afraid to admit weakness across the spectrum of themselves.

They were not timid, as resolve to destroy inhumanity in it’s purest form was a recognized enemy, and as legal tender to be paid with the ultimate individual price, many were standing up to take the place of the one fallen upon recognition of this fact.

We are not the raiders, but the raided, so beware sappers and dinks in suits with silken nooses, it is our perimeter that is under threat..

As it is said, wary is a formidible adversary, apathy and fear easily defeated.

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