Politics: SNAFU, TACFU and FUBAR

When Republicans tried their hardest to use Bill Clinton’s inability to keep his pants zipped as a way to oust him from office, Democrats raised their hands in mock anger and decried that it as “just sex” and sex wasn’t all that important in the political scheme of things.

Now Game Change, the book that has tongues wagging throughout Washington shows that, during the 2008 Presidential primary season, Democrats were just as obsessed with the former President’s randy nature.

In fact, the book claims, many Democrats decided to support Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton because they were either upset over Bill’s philandering or feared it would sink their chances of recapturing the White House.

The problem, of course, stemmed from Bill’s extra-marital sexual hijinks — which continued after he left office. According to Game Change, it wasn’t a question of if Bill was still screwing it around: It was how often, how many and how public it all could become.

Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid decided to back Obama over Clinton because Bill’s penchant to chasing tail offended him. Ordinarily, it should take a lot to offend a casino bag man like Harry Reid. Somehow, Bill Clinton managed.

Democrats fretted late into the night on how to handle damage control if one of Clinton’s many paramours went public. When Obama captured the nomination, many Dems breathed a sign of relief.

Game Change is a fascinating book to read because it shows politics continues to be a base, bitter and dirty business, controlled by powermad brokers willing to sacrifice truth, values and even the law.

Just is fascinating is how the book uncovers the hyprocrisy of all sides of the political fence when it comes to language, particularly the use of a common four-letter work that starts with “f” and ends with “k” and has a “uc” in the middle.

Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden, Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton tossed the term around more than drunken sailors on shore leave. One of both Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s favorite terms was “unfuckingbelievable” while McCain would look at his sinking campaign and say repeatedly that “we’re fucked.”

George W. Bush loved the term as well and would use it often during his frequent temper tantrums in the Oval Office. Staff faced instant dismissal if they ever reported Bush’s salty language to anyone outside the White House.

I’m a newspaperman and I use the term all the time. I worked in politics and heard it used just as often.

The issue here is not whether or not a candidate said “fuck” or how many times he or she said it. The issue is hypocrisy. When former Democratic Presidential hopeful John Kerry said “fuck” in a Rolling Stone interview, the Bush team called the language “unacceptable” and said it showed Kerry was unfit for office even though Bush loved using the word.

When Bush lost his cool with a New York Times reporter and told him, in front of his daughters, to “go fuck himself,” Democrats jumped on the holier-than-thou bandwagon and went after Bush.

The same is true with Bill Clinton’s sexcapades. Democrats dismiss it as nothing important when it suits their purpose publicly and then fret over it privately when it threatens his wife’s candidacy.

Republicans screw around on their spouses as much as Democrats but both sides get sanctimonious as hell when someone else does it.

In other words, it turns out that politics, like the government it produces, is all fucked up.

One final note:

Hillary, it turns out, has the foulest mouth of all. One passage in the book:

“Unfuckingbelievable!” Clinton said, and shook with fury. “Fuck you! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!!!”

Maybe’s that the real difference between Bill and Hillary Clinton. She’s home saying it while he’s out doing it.

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  1. griff

    Well it’s about time the rest of America found out what some of us have known all along. These scumbag politicians are all the same – just two-bit playactors on power trips.

    Do as I say, and not as I do.

    And the resounding theme is always the same – how to use whatever they need to get votes and power; how to corral the voters using emotional distractions instead of policy positions.

    Our pals in Washington will fuck any one that can fog a mirror; and I’m sure there may be more than a few that aren’t that selective. 

  2. AustinRanter

    It’s the foul minds of our elected and appointed officials that are way more disturbing to me than foul mouths.

    The “hypocrisy badge” worn unabashed by so-called standard bearers of morality who have been elected to serve and protect our nation that is so very disturbing to me.

    These characteristics are shamelessly and fearlessly held by our nation’s guardians of our general welfare, liberty, and our security have come to be acceptable or normal by the standards by many of the electorate. 

    What does all of the above say about us…We the People?

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  3. doggie daddy

    RANT is a perfect title for your…rant.

    So no one liked Clinton’s past, key word – past.

    And as far as HRC going on a rant of her own, I say the same thing everytime I see or hear BHO.

    HOPE indeed,

    Maybe now the Dem party will get it’s act together, but I’m not holding my breath.

  4. Doug Thompson

    The book points out that Bill Clinton’s past proclivities for chasing tail are anything but past. He’s still as randy as ever and that’s what worried Democrats and Hillary’s supporters.

    No one in the camp of either Clinton has denied or tried to discredit what is reported in the book. That is a change from the past modus operandi of the Clintons.

  5. bryan mcclellan

    Typically behind curtains never to be drawn lurks the future

    as does our next breath, if we’ve balls to draw it.