So many with abounding ability surpassing myself hold back the scars and the needless needling of separateness with a flimsy and a whimsical embrace…. Vote for ME…

Do they really think we can’t see ? Are we really listening or just existing ?

Unleash that which, ” it’s only logic that we purvey” as we reveal said path for you to walk. Quite in your face, no?

Christ gave it all for determination. The smoke still hasn’t cleared from that battlefield.

Vulcans know even this, to cross the blarney with the Rosetta heals. Kirk divided by Spock.

If we find narrow ground perhaps we could be a movie……..

or the reality of the incarnation of the road less traveled.

That of peace and equality, lovingkindness and empathy.

Show me your tracks, I’ll try not to out do ……………

Where and when are you willing to pitch that which you hold most dear against this ill wind?

And end their conversation.