Oh, the inhumanity of it all

Horrific disasters like the earthquake that leveled the capital city of Haiti with a death toll that may top 100,000 brings out the best and worst of people.

The best can be found in the millions of Americans who contacted relief agencies over the past two days and contributed their sparse and hard-earned dollars to help. The best is also found in the rescue workers who headed into the ravaged island nation to try and find survivors.

The worst can be found in right-wing blowhard Rush Limbaugh and religious charletons like Pat Robertson.

Robertson, the fundamentalist minister who justifies attacks on anything he doesn’t like on “God’s will,” delivered his standard mantra that the earthquake is punishment from on high. Limbaugh sat on his fat ass in his Florida studio and urged Americans not to contribute to relief in Haiti because “you already contribute through your tax dollars.” Limbaugh also said President Barack Obama and the Democratic party would milk the disaster in Haiti for political gain.

I normally expect the worst in humanity from sub-human dregs like Limbaugh and Robertson but their behavior sinks to new depths of depraved indifference.

Haiti is a corrupt nation where the United States has squandered millions in aid and assistance but the thousands of Haitians killed in this week’s earthquake and the thousands more left homeless are victims of a natural disaster that has nothing to do with politics, corruption or wasted taxpayer funds. They need help and compassion not bluster from self-annointed preachers of the word of God or diatribes from pompous right-wing zealots.

Fortunately, the compassion and humanity of Americans far outnumbers the callous inhumanity of cretins like Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson.

Score one for America.


  1. Carl Nemo

    Thanks Doug Thompson for nailing these two cretins to the wall on a public forum.

    These two characters along with their empathizers are poster children for that which represents “core rot”… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. keith

    Unfortunately, Carl, these two “cretins” as you and Doug call them, have a HUGE following of largely ignorant lemmings who keep buying into their “rot”.

    And all the while people (and advertizers) keep underwriting such filth, the perpretrators of same will remain emboldened to continue spreading it among the population. 

    Our Founding Fathers wrote freedom of the press into our Constitution.  But they DIDN’T guarantee the accuracy or tactfulness of that press.

    This, in turn, means that it’s up to each of us to determine what is “rot” and what isn’t.  And, fortunately, we still have a choice as to whether we listen to (and/or swallow) such pompous, right wing blather or not. Eventually, if enough of us stop donating and/or buying their advertizer’s products, their “bully pulpit” will eventually dry up.

    But if horrifically ignroant people continue to buy into and support such rot, that’s an education problem, not a regulatory one.

    On the other hand, I’ve long believed that BOTH of these clowns ought to be registered, treated and TAXED as lobbyists rather than as mere peddlers of religious or political opinion.

  3. Carl Nemo

    Hi keith,

    These serpent tongued men, both Rush and Pat are engaged in bearing false witness, violating the eighth commandment of the “Decalogue” also known as the 10 Commandments.

    Both of these characters make their way by fomenting unrest predicated on their endless, cunning lies one in the name Jesus and the other in the name of “free speech” and the serving of his corporate sponsors; ie, his masters.


    I’m not for censorship, but these two guys are pushing the envelope and those that both support and adulate them are cut from the same cloth as far as I’m concerned. 

    Rush is sticking to his position as of tonight.  Geeze the man just had a close call with death.  You’d think he’d have some sense of his mortality  balanced with humility; but no, he’s incorrigable and intransigent relative his skewed position.  Possibly he’s insane?

    As far as Robertson is concerned, there’s simply no hope.  He’s an incredibly wealthy man as a function of his followers of many years and the fact that his ill-gotten largesse is tax exempt!

    Yep, they have their followers and they too are tragic, unthinking souls, but as the Christian bible says…”for many are called, but few are chosen” which includes this mass of blind followers. 

    Rest assured Rush and Pat will be shoveling coal in the devils boiler room for eternity; ie., if there is such a punishment in the afterlife and the 10 Commandments are the real deal; ie., handed down to Moses on the Mount… : |

    Carl Nemo **==



  4. hologram5

    I am just amazed at these two cretin’s lack of heart.  It’s a wonder that they still have people that care about them with that attitude.  I’m just wondering when the next idiot will chime in saying that “God” will “bring them home” if they don’t get so much money to send them by a certain time.  If I remember correctly wasn’t it Pat Robertson that did that?

  5. bryan mcclellan

    This  brings to mind long ago when as a family Dad took us to the county seat to get Polio inoculations. At the age of four when I heard the word Shots all forms of terror welled up in my mind and I tried to escape the dreaded masters who assuredly in my mind were going to harm me in the most terrible of fashion.

    On the brink of success my dear sister corralled me and as she marched me towards the door I saw a child not much older than I slumped in a wheelchair unmoving and barely responsive. Do you want to be like that someone said?

    To this day empathy and the fear that it should leave my conscience lacking, haunts my soul.

    Truly those who are bent to the wheel of gain will wear away but not before some harm is done. They cannot be ignored nor pitied, only sentenced to the bowels of their own personal hells.

    Let men and women of character be the millstone that grinds away at such who prosper from pain. Give them wide breadth and little voice. As unleavened bread, they rise only if we supply the yeast of bigotry,  ignorance, and apathy.

  6. griff

    Does any one actually listen to Pat Robertson? Pretty sad, but he’s not alone.

    Actor Danny Glover proposes that this tragedy if some kind of retribution for the failure of Copenhagen.

    It seems both religions have similar talking points.

    Call me crazy, but I think it might just be a natural occurence. History suggests these things happen all the time.

    Rush is technically right in that any thing the government spends money on is ultimately up to the taxpayers to fund. But using that as a reason to not donate to the suffering – if you are of the mind and the means – is just plain buffoonery. But we’ve come to expect that from Rush.

    Being the optimist that I am, I wouldn’t grade the rest of America much better. Sure it’s nice to see this kind of outreach and compassion, particularly when times are tough at home. I would expect nothing less.

    But what of the tragedy of war? Eight plus years in Afghanistan. Almost seven years in Iraq. Human tragedy and ruin far surpassing the events in Haiti.

    You can’t blame god or global warming for these.

    American government -backed corporations looting the third world and enslaving their populations to produce goods we can barely afford now. It seems slavery never really was abolished – we just figured a way to avoid the shipping costs.

    Sure, score one for America, but we have a lot of catching up to do.




  7. keith

    I think the appropriate moniker for each would be “snake oil salesman”.

    Unfortunately, such persons have been successfully parting people from their hard-earned savings since man first walked upright on the planet.  Indeed, leeches and bottom-feeders perform much the same function throughout the rest of the food chain.

    As far as “blind followers” goes, PT Barnum probably said it best when he noted that, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” 

    So, in that sense, I really have no sympathy for people who steadfastly refuse to let facts get in the way of their belief in the sanctity of such obvious frauds.

  8. AustinRanter

    A few years back there were endless TV ads along with radio ads for psychics and phone sex.  I heard so many people that I knew complain about the ads.   

    There’s only one reason those ads were running. Somebody was buying their services.

    The same applies to religious fanatics such as Roberts, and of course the many radio and TV pundits who have become demi-gods in their own right.

    We also have a large class of people in our nation who don’t, won’t, or can’t think for themselves when it comes to our political and government institution.   Let me add to this line of thought by saying that the same applies to many folks who pledge their commentment to a religious organization.

    So, it’s obvious that so many are willing, for whatever the reason, to surrender their opinions, choices, or decision making to somebody else…and usually at an incredible price whether through donation or by legislative force.



  9. neondog

    “The best can be found in the millions of Americans who contacted relief agencies over the past two days and contributed their sparse and hard-earned dollars to help. The best is also found in the rescue workers who headed into the ravaged island nation to try and find survivors.”

    It is also important to recognize the tremendous efforts of the U.S. Government in this instant. To some, any accolades to the American Government invokes their ultra sensitive gag reflex. Especially when it comes to giving the “Magic Negro” his due.