Gibbs on Limbaugh: ‘Really stupid’

The White House is firing back at Rush Limbaugh after the conservative talk radio host urged people not to donate to relief efforts in Haiti.

Spokesman Robert Gibbs says there are always people who say “really stupid things” during a crisis. He says it’s sad that Limbaugh would use the power of his pulpit to convince people not to assist those in need.

Limbaugh said on his radio show Wednesday that he wouldn’t trust that money donated to Haiti through the White House Web site would actually go to the relief efforts. He said Americans don’t need to contribute to earthquake relief because they already donate to Haiti through their income taxes.


  1. giving-up-in-nc

    Rush Lintball’s reason for existing is to disagree with the democrats on every issue no matter how stupid and/or mean spirited it makes Rush look.  I think he has reached the point that if Obama said the sky was blue, Rush would say it was green, and all of his listeners would agree.

    It is a sad state of political affairs in our country that our “wonderful” two party system can’t even agree to send relief aid to people who are literally dying in the streets.

  2. jim0001

    Rush is right!

    The money that the “annointed one” is sending to Haiti has already been “stolen” from me and reapportioned without my say so by my government.