Harry Reid: The honkie in the woodpile

The latest closet racist to emerge in the United States Senate is Majority Leader Harry Reid, the Nevada casino bag-man who is already a marked candidate in the upcoming mid-term election.

In a new book, Reid is quoted as saying Obama could become President because he is “light skinned” with “no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

In other words, Barack was Presidential material because he’s a half-breed who talks like whitey.

When the quote hit the news with all the subtlety of a raging bull, Reid issued an immediate apology to Obama and all African-Americans (or “Negroes” as he likes to call them).

Obama accepted the apology but Republicans aren’t so forgiving. They want Reid’s resignation and they want it now.

The party of the never-forget elephant bitterly remembers the uproar over Sen. Trent Lott’s praise in 2002 of the racist Presidential campaign run by South Carolina Sen. Strom Thurmond. They also remember that Democrats looked the other way when West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd’s past membership in the Ku Klux Klan came to light. Byrd was not only a member of the Klan but organized a chapter in his home state in the 1940s, prompting a fellow racist to note that the young man was so good at organizing that he “should go into politics.”

Both parties have a double standard when it comes to racists in their midst. Lott stepped down as majority leader during the furor over his remarks but Republicans later elected him to another leadership job in the Senate.  Republicans also looked the other way when racist comments by Sen. Conrad Burns surfaced. Reported The New York Times:

Back in 1994, while campaigning for a second term, Mr. Burns dropped by a local newspaper, The Bozeman Daily Chronicle, and told an editor an anecdote about one of his constituents, a rancher who wanted to know what life was like in Washington, D.C.

The senator said the rancher asked him, “Conrad, how can you live back there with all those niggers?”

Senator Burns said he told the rancher it was “a hell of a challenge.”

The anecdote was published and Senator Burns apologized. When he was asked why he hadn’t expressed to the rancher any disapproval of the use of the word nigger, Senator Burns said, “I don’t know. I never give it much thought.”

You would think that a public official who had already been burned by a racially insensitive comment would have given it some thought. Back in 1991, immediately after a civil rights bill had been passed, Senator Burns invited a group of lobbyists, some of them white and some of them black, to accompany him to an auction.

When asked what was being auctioned, he replied, “Slaves.”

The voters in Montana had enough of Burns and retired him from office in 2006.

If polls are right, voters in Nevada will fire Reid in November. The majority leader has the lowest re-elect numbers of any current member of the House or Senate and this latest misstep will no doubt drive his number even lower.

If that happens, we can truly say Democracy works.

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  1. danders3

     What we have is an example of a guy getting in hot water for telling the truth. Only in America, I guess.Reid’s commentary speaks more to the racist-related reactions of the general public than it does of his.


  2. griff

    I guess that when the Republicans say such things, they’re racists. But when the Democrats do, it’s simply being truthful?

  3. griff

    Double standards abound in politics. They always have, and presumably always will. Not only among the Political Class, but in the ranks of supporters themselves.

    We tend to have short memories when “our guys” do the very same things that outraged us when the “other guys” did it. A grand psychological game is being played at our expense with our willing participation, and it seems we’re more than happy to suit up every two years and hit the field again

    You’d think after so many losing seasons we’d be smart enough to change our game plan.

    Oh well, a guy can dream, can’t he?


  4. Carl Nemo

    Reid’s comments are spot-on concerning the President except the idiot doesn’t seem to realize he’s not in a position to air such comments.

    He’s dumb as a box of rocks I say…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. Kent.Shaw

    Racism is rampant in this country. It exists at all levels from the personal to the institutional. Democrats calling Republicans racist, and Republicans calling Democrats racist are pots and kettles, each calling the other black.

  6. woody188

    Wow, shows just how out of touch Reid is with Americans.  Who uses the word Negro except plantation owners in the 1800’s?

    Will Jimmy Carter show up claiming racism like he did when people started questioning Obamacare and getting angry at town hall meetings?

  7. Carl Nemo

    Hi Woody188,

    Glad to see yur still kickin’. I was a bit worried that something happened to you.  I mentioned such the other day and so did Bryan. 

    Thanks for stopping by good buddy.  I always enjoy your comments to the site.  : )

    Nemo **==

  8. woody188

    Just taking a little break away from the aneurysm we call politics during the holidays.  Rested now and ready to take on the NWO in 2010.

    I’ve been reading, just not posting and it’s been pretty slow political news wise.  I intend to fire up the blog and post another entry here soon.  Was looking for an official announcement that blogging was restored again.

    Glad to see you made it into another year too.  There is a small group of independents/libertarians/constitutionalists here that I consider friends (even though we have not met in person) and like-minded thinkers and you are certainly one of them.  One of these days we’ll have to have an end of the nation party or something and have everyone meet up for drinks and hell raising.

    Maybe we could throw health insurance agents into Boston Harbor?

  9. danders3

    If it’s true, it’s true. Doesn’t matter who says it.


     These teapot tempests develop when what amount to minority groups whine about what the other says about them. Both Democrats and Republicans share that bit of hypocracy, when it comes down to it.

  10. griff

    That’s why it’s so funny, yes? We can take all the lies they throw at us, but don’t dare be truthful because it might just upset some one.

  11. rayvee


    I am a sixty-six-year old Black, African-American, Colored, Negro male who agrees with Senator Reid 100%.

    Nobody can point out any word or term which the senator stated that is incorrect.

    Having grown up in a Southern state during the forties and fifties I think it qualifies me to address this current firestorm of stupidity by media Black/African-American, Colored, Negro talking heads, and, whoever else they can dig up from the gutter to champion the myth that Senator Reid made racist statements.

    Everybody knows the intra-racism which exists in the Black community. Especially regarding skin tone and grade of hair.

    Of course, Blacks speak with a certain dialect.

    If the term Negro is racist how come the same Blacks who claim Senator Reid is wrong in using it, why don’t they demand United NEGRO College Fund stop using it?

    While they are at it insist the National Association For The Advancement Of COLORED people stop using that term.

    As a person who spent over twenty-two years in the military, a registered nonpartisan voter it is repulsive to see Senator Reid or any white person paying homage to such garbage and racists as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Julian Bond, Et al, for making true statement about race in America.

    George Will is right.



  12. Carl Nemo

    Thanks rayvee for sharing your thoughts from a black man’s perspective. 

     All too often white men have opinions about the black community that are mostly skewed due to MSM, and societal conditioning that are totally wrong-headed. 

    I hope you continue to make comments to CHB over time.  You’ll be a well-received, valuable addition to our group of contributors.  : )

    Carl Nemo **==

  13. John Farley

    I live in Nevada, and I have met Harry Reid. Calling Reid a “racist” is utterly ridiculous.The local chapter of the NAACP has issued a strong statement of support for Reid, because he has supported them on their issues. This latest kerfuffle is just the Republicans looking for an issue.

    And anyone who thinks the Republican party is leading a campaign against racism better think again. Ever since the Nixon era, the national Republican party has pursued the “southern strategy”, recruiting southern whites who were Democrats back before desegregation and the 1965 voting rights act allowed African-Americans to vote. The southern strategy has worked: the former Confederate states, formerly solidly Democratic, are now solidly Republican. Anyone who thinks that racism is finished needs to get a grip on this electoral fact of life.

    Reid is in trouble, and he knows it. Incumbents are in trouble all over, and Reid is not an inspiring speaker. He’s a very competent Washington insider.  

    I am critical of Reid on other issues: the endless war(s), the health care fiasco, the bailouts of big banks, etc. But Harry Reid is not a racist. Get real.

  14. AustinRanter


    With all due respect…I’m a white male.  I was born, raised, and will more than likely die in Texas.  I’ve seen and heard my fair share of “skewed beliefs and thinking” regarding race…and in particular about African Americans. 

    My “skewed” perceptions or opinions were taught to me by my racists and/or bigoted immediate family members who learned their rascism and bigotry by their immediate family members.

    I don’t at all recall the MSM forming my opinions as I watched on our 8″ black and white television, one of few in our neighborhood, the violence against African-Americans in the streets of Mississippi and Alabama.

    I don’t at all recall the MSM forming my opinions in 1957, as I watched on TV, the violent reaction to twenty-seven black students attempting to register in all-white Little Rock schools, who are turned down despite the fact that in 1954 Little Rock School Board issuing a policy statement saying it will comply with the Supreme Court’s decision when the Court outlines the method to be followed and the time to be allowed. The streets were thick with whites who had vengence in their eyes, clubs, hammers, and broken bottles in their hands.

    I lived in the first neighborhood in Dallas that would become integrated.

    My grandfather, who co-raised me, went to all of his neighbors and warned them no to sell to blacks, but that’s not the word he used.  Then he would drive around for square blocks looking for “for sale” signs in the yard…and he would get on the phone, put on his best version of “negro dialect” and see if the person was willing to sell to an African-American. If they were…he threatened violence against them.  Nobody selling their house ever reported his behavior to the police.

    Can you image the racist, bigoted beliefs that he tried to teach me and others in my family? 

    My grandmother, who just wouldn’t subscribe to his beliefs would, behind his back, give us a totally different perspective called, “circumstance of birth” and God didn’t create blacks to be tar and feathered, hung, or beat to a near death just because they look different or talk different.  She taught us that we didn’t have any more choice about who we looked like, who we were born to, or where we were born.

    My grandmother saved me a whole lot of shame and grief.

    While the MSM may exacerbate racism and bigotry…they aren’t the primary teachers of such.  Racism and bigotry are passed along generation after generate, which are taught as “family values”.





  15. Carl Nemo

    Hi AustinRanter,

    You and I are so old that we can actually recollect watching black and white TV.  In those days of AM radio with FM slowly coming into its own along with early TV broadcast, the news was based on due diligence with commentators going after the rascals whereever and surely weren’t engaged in race baiting etc., but over the years you find the media with their so-called ‘balanced’ reporting creating evermore racial divisiveness by covering news articles centered around blacks vs. white society with a slant that would encourage rather than abate racial hatreds.  It’s called incrementalism and its now to the point its like that  last spoonful of mashed potatoes and peas mama wanted us to finish off our plate because “people were starving in the world”.  / : |

    This entire Harry Reid debacle is nothing but a “tempest in a teapot” that’s been ramped up to the level of sensationalism; ie, “The National Enquirer” etc.  This happened on the campaign trail between Obama vs. Hillary even involving Bill Clinton etc.  Everytime something of this nature occurs they string it out ad nauseam ad infinitum until they can turn people who weren’t “haters” into such.   

    Harry Reid with his years in politics should be savvy enough to realize that his description of Barack Obama’s shape-shifting when it comes to playing both sides the race equation would blow up in his face, but for what purpose?  The media and the opposition party then jumped his case and then proceeded to jack it out of all proportion. It makes boohoo white’s feel evermore guilty, it makes confirmed haters hate more by capitalizing on what is perceived to be a slick ploy on Obama’s part in terms of playing both sides to suit his needs and those on the fence will most likely drop off on the wrong side of public opinion due to his mediocre performance as President to date.  So in my opinion the new age media is responsible for playing this worn out tune over and over.

    Why don’t they get motivated and start going after the crooks we have D.C. via some serious, old time investigative reporting concerning the mega banks and insurers along with every other entity of the same stripes.  In the olden golden times of black and white media the politicians had hell to pay when their shenanigans came to light, but nowadays these  media bottomfeeders let criminality in high places run amok while what Harry Reid et al. said is of grave import.  It’s simply a distraction to keep the “peanut gallery” occupied while the leadership continues to steal the national silverware.

    Thanks AustinRanter for your thoughts and feedback. : )

    Carl Nemo **==

  16. AustinRanter

    LBJ knew the second he signed the Equal Rights Bill…the south would forever turn Red.  That would have possibly ended John F. Kennedy’s presidency if setting in a first term situation.