Needless to say I’m stunned that “Capitol Hill Blue” went by the wayside to be reincarnated with such a bland title.

All I can say is that there’s something wrong with it, not simply because it’s new, but the fact it seems neutered compared to “Capitol Hill Blue”.  The word “newsreel” connotes the type of news I watched in theaters during the 50’s; ie., a grainy, black & white film productions with a narrator that sounded like those utilized for military training films from the 60’s and 70’s.  / : |

“Capitol Hill Blue” had some gravitas and also has its roots back to the founding of the site in the mid-90’s.  Everything about D.C. politics is corrupt or linked to scandal in some way, so I thought the word “Blue” was appropriate relative to your site content; exposing scandal in a non-partisan, take no prisoners way.

I may be wrong, but “American Newsreel” as a site is going to evaporate from the www no differently than when dry ice sublimates to vapor.  Participation is already down bigtime and I don’t see this new site moniker as being attractive for increased commentary from members.

Sorry Doug Thompson, but your new site name doesn’t have the same attraction as CHB.  I’ve got both an eye and nose for that which is good and that which is not.  : |


Carl Nemo **== 

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