When in doubt, blame Bush

Barack Obama invoked the ghost of Harry Truman Thursday, telling the nation that the “buck stops with me” for the security failures that let a nutcase with an underwear bomb get on a plane on Christmas Day.

But Obama is speaking, once again, out of both sides of his mouth. He continues to blame the failings of his Presidency on George W. Bush.

While the President went before the cameras to claim he bears the final responsibility, White House aides spun the story to say the breakdown in security is a holdover from lapses in the Bush administration.

Yet many of these same Democrats blamed Bush for the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001: Just short of nine months into Dubya’s presidency.

Republicans join the hypocrisy by heaping blame on Obama for the current problems while forgetting that they were lining up to blame Bush’s predecessor — Bill Clinton — for the 9/11 attacks.

There’s no doubt that the people charged with protecting Americans from madmen with bombs continue to drop the ball. Our various intelligence agences weren’t talking to each other and failed to connect the dots with all the warning signs out there before 9-11. Now that a terrorist managed to get explosives on a plane less than a month ago we find out that more than eight years later our various agencies are — surprise, surprise — not talking to each other or sharing information.

So, of course, they failed to connect the dots.

The old Washington blame game takes over. It’s always someone else’s fault.

Obama’s rhetoric on Thursday made for good sound bites on the evening news but, given past promises by others, should be expect it to be anything more than rhetoric?

Good question. With politicians on both side of the political fence so busy pointing the finger of blame at each other they once again overlook the obvious.

It ain’t the party in power that’s the problem.

It’s the system.

Even with Bush’s creation of the massive Department of Homeland Security bureaucracy, the task of keeping this country safe lies with competing agencies with competing agendas and different goals.

The FBI, CIA, NSA and others in the alphabet soup of agencies each see themselves as lead in the battle, not part of a team. The Pentagon adds another monkey wrench to the rusting gears by waging its on “war on terror” with little or no cooperation with others.

The system is a government into itself, impervious to control, unfettered by law and oblivious to the intent of elected officials at either end of the National Mall.

Obama doesn’t help the situation with all the mixed signals he sends from his scatter-gun approach to governing. He blames the Bush administration for massive failures in wars on terror and in Irag and Afghanistan and then keeps Bush’s Secretary of Defense on the job. He talks about bringing change but nominates another ethically-challenged political hack to run the Department of Homeland Security.

Obama’s doublespeak Thursday shows nothing really has changed since he swept into office in a tidal wave on lofty, but still unfufilled, promises.

The buck may stop at his desk but it will get lost in the clutter of a muddled Presidency.

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  1. griff

    And once again we fail to address the underlying motivation for terrorism against our country and its people – America’s genocidal romp through the middle east.

    Our glorious, self-righteous crusade to bring “democracy” to a people that simply do not want it. And can we really blame them? Take a hard look at our own self-centered, decadent society.

    While we may not necessarily embrace their way of life or their governmental ideologies, we have no right to interfere with their way of life. These societies have endured for thousands of years and whether we like it or not, they have the inherent, natural right to self-government and autonomy.

    What we Americans lack these days is an understanding of what drives others to terror. Or maybe we’ve been so saturated with propaganda that rational, honest introspection has become all but impossible. We’ve been told time and again how necessary this is for our very survival as a nation.

    With all the talk of diversity and appreciation of different peoples here at home, we don’t seem capable of employing that mindset when it comes to the middle east. They hate us for our freedoms so we have to clamp down on theirs – and our own.

    I for one would love to visit the middle east and be welcomed as a friend, to learn of their way of life and appreciate their long history. It wasn’t that long ago that such was the case. I fear it will never be that way again.

    I find it interesting that we feel the need to destroy what we later come to admire and appreciate. One need only look at our own treatment of the American Indians. Will we later come to appreciate these historic societies once we’ve utterly destroyed them? 

    With all the talk of the upcoming mid-term elections and cleaning house, we have a unique opportunity to send a clear message to Washington that endless wars of conquest is not what the people want. After all, it is the people that are the targets of terror.

    Regardless of the rhetoric, repeatedly swatting the hornets nest of the middle east is not in our national interest, and surely doesn’t make us any safer.



  2. Carl Nemo

    Thanks Doug for your thoughts concerning another day in ‘Obamaland’.

    I was personally outraged that he had the hubris to identify himself with President Truman with his “the buck stops here” quip.  Yeah right!? Notice too he’s not replacing a single “dud” that he’s appointed to oversee our national security and protection.  It’s time for more donuts and coffee for that crowd while they all yuck, yuck, geck geck back at their cush offices. 

    He lied to the American people to make it to our hightest office, he’s been “gifted” a Nobel ‘Peace’ Prize and now he self identifies himself with a true giant in American history a man who had the tail end of WWII dropped in his lap post Roosevelt’s death and had to make serious decisions as to how we could wrap it up with minimal loss of life; ie., atom bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with the  subsequent fire-bombing of Tokyo.   When Harry Truman left office there was no presidential pension, nor secret service protection.  Finally out of shame, Congress authorized a pension for the man and for subsequent presidents. 


    Obama is surely a one term president, but will retire as a “fat-cat” just like all the others in recent memory costing the U.S. taxpayer 4 million dollars each to maintain per annum in retirement while the slick one’s like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama will also make a fortune on the talking circuit and for basically having done nothing, but to lie and lie some more all the while taking care of their deep pockets constituents…! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. Kent.Shaw

    The following link will take you to a movie that is an hour and a half long. It is well worth watching. It is a BBC presentation on “what are the people of Iran really like?” I think people of “the west” will be somewhat surprised at just how much alike we all really are, in light of the constant banging of the drums for more war in the Middle East.


  4. bryan mcclellan

    Jimmy the rabbit killer recocgnized,

    Your canoe,

    is too ,

    hole filled..

    After media hacksaw. OAR..give in ?

    To go nuclear, our sub proves to be bilge inundated……..Hack..

    All stone hurler’s, say goodbye to the last grovel…

  5. woody188

    Doesn’t anyone in government get fired anymore?

    The buck stops here to Obama means the dollar will end on his watch, not that he is responsible or will accept responsibility for actions or in this case, inaction on the part of his administration.

  6. Carl Nemo

    Nah Woody, no one gets fired or held seriously accountable in these end times.  It’s the same way in corporate AmeriKa, their “New Age” management mantra being “let’s not point fingers”…ugh! : |

    Carl Nemo **==