Tiger Woods has nothing on White House budget director Peter Orszag.

On Dec. 39, ABC correspondent Brianna Golodyga announced on “Good Morning America” that she was engaged to Obama’s budget guy.

She says she met him at the White House Correspondents Dinner back in May.

But as their relationship developed, Orszag also had a pregnant girlfriend, Claire Milonas of New York, who gave birth to their daughter a few weeks before the public engagement announcement.

No word yet on whether or not the current future Mrs. Orszag is expecting.

In a joint statement released by Orszag and Milonas, the former couple said:

In November, Claire gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Although we are no longer together, we are both thrilled she is happy and healthy, and we would hope that everyone will respect her privacy.

The couple told The New York Post that their relationship ended last Spring — right about the time Orszag met Golodyga.

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