1. Carl Nemo

    People behave differently under stress and tense situations.  Our President is human first, then our elected leader second.

    He’s articulate and bright, but for some reason I can no longer trust him based on his calls to date; from his retread appointees, to his continual appeasement of the money guys regardless of his whining that they should give something back to us; ie., American tax debtors until the 12th of forever.

    There’s the “disconnect” between Obama on the campaign trail and his actions both prior to his inauguration concerning appointments to his actions to date that have me greatly concerned.

    Something doesn’t add up, and I feel we should all be concerned.  Based on what’s happened under his watch to date, we should all be fearful for our nation with three more years of the same.

    Continually having meetings with appointees that don’t have the “right stuff” from the get go with no one paying the supreme penalty with his demand for their resignations represents more of the same to me; ie., the modern age corporate mantra, “let’s not point fingers” when in effect it needs to be done so with summary consequences…!

    We do not have the best and the brightest as our agency heads, just a bunch of campaign trail cronies, retreads from past administrative failures etc.  America is in harms way suffering the consequences of this President’s ponderous script and failure in asserting some personal, animated, creativity as leader of the free world. 

    To me, he’s conducting himself like a single term, one trick pony for the benefit of his controllers who are waiting in the wings to reestablish the flagship party of the wealthy and connected; ie., the Republicans. : |

    Carl Nemo **==