Spurned on by reading “Reader Rant” this morning, I linked to the Time Magazine article on “The Case of Teaching the Bible” in our public schools. The class was called “Bible Literacy” and if the Board of Education agreed with this subject and the parents agreed then why not allow a teacher to examine the New and Old Testaments?

I had my own problems with Christian Schools that tried to plant the fear of God over the message of Jesus Christ and I found a secular private school for my kids. I personally have a problem with using the bible to instill moral values for the children as they learn from an early age that sinning is forgivable and to simply ignore the sin and ask to be forgiven takes care of the problem.

In my opinion, this takes the responsibility of actions away from the student and can lead them into a life of simply living without consequences. At this point in time it is essential that student learn from the history of the world that there are consequences when they reach adulthood. Especially in 2007 we all see that the world revolves around three major gods that are not compatible when taught that only one is the God of truth.

So how do we teach about these three Gods?

If the subject is approached as a history lesson of world cultures, would there be enough time in the classrooms to touch base with all the Gods who have societies formed around their beliefs?

The history of world cultures must address the Gods of civilization such as the Greek, Roman, Hebrew, Egyptian, Druids and their many Celtic Gods and then the African Gods who have divided up too many tribes in that huge continent. Just in our Western Hemisphere many Gods are found that attribute to the cultures from Alaska to Argentina.

Here’s where the trouble starts if the history is taught accurately. The formation of the Christian God has ripped through Europe, and the Middle East, bringing with it a wave of destruction killing most of the non-Christian followers through the Crusades often organized and financed through the Christian governments from Europe. Many European migrants left their nations and sailed for the free world called America.

These peace-loving Christians did not recognize that our American Indians were members of the human race and slaughtered many who looked dangerous. The same movement was found in Central and South America where the Spanish Catholics slaughtered many of the Natives in those nations. They soon wandered north and California took a terrible hit from the Padres who were determined to build their Missions to convert the Western Indians.

If we look at the history of this religious movement honestly we can find many brave stories that made up my childhood by reading of Homer, Aristotle, Plato, all the way up to and including John Steinbeck.

Two of my favorite operas have very strong history of the situations found in the Middle East.

“Nabucco” is the story of the Hebrews trying to escape the Armies of Nebuchadnezzar when Jerusalem was destroyed. The other one is the luscious “Samson and Delilah” when sex took on Samson’s strength and Delilah cut his glorious locks. He got even in the end to music that will inspire the soul of anyone. Shakespeare has written many plays and writers like Taylor Caldwell and Morris West along with hundreds of other books based on the New and Old Testaments.

This history must contain the good as well as the bad consequences of masses of people being taught that only their God must reign supreme thereby justifying the slaughter of all others. Jesus Christ is the new God that only surfaced 2000 years ago and the stories about him told in the New Testament can be dangerous to anyone not knowing the history of all other Gods. I learned that Jesus Christ would bring peace through the whole world and I personally saw no evidence of this ever happening. It is not that Jesus Christ was wrong but the interpretation of his statements and actions has brought with it far too many justified murders and slavery.

In America religion has become part of a political party that can justify the most obvious corruption that will destroy any message found in any bible. I personally do not believe in brainwashing any child to believe in only one God superior to all others. It can turn off their brains to learn about any history unless Jesus is the hero.

If we want our children and grandchildren to be leaders in our America, we must introduce them to all sides of history, all aspects of math and certainly to recognize all subjects found in science. Unless our schools are thorough in their teaching of religion, they should not touch the subject.

However I would never try to stop any academic study in any school as long as the State, The Boards of Education and the Parents agree to the added curriculum. In this case, I would assume that Federal Funds would be stopped immediately due to the Separation of Church and State weakened by our current Administration.

A belief in any God does not guarantee a strong moral code and has in fact, turned many good peaceful Americans into war mongers who follow a despicable leader in our current President who breaks all the rules of society’s culture. His chats with God have destroyed a once proud nation’s reputation on the planet. This is one time that American money cannot buy back our honor.

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