I’ve always thought that America did very well under the balance of power of a two-party system. Our economy was based on American-made products with both sides of our political system represented by American investors keeping the corporations making a profit and hiring the best American workers. We have seen a successful blending of management and the working forces keeping America in the black. This combination won our wars when our corporations manufactured the best defense weapons and our working force did it by having higher standards than other nations. It was combination of efforts that worked.

The whole thing was based on an independent American sovereignty. We have read the words of our founders and learned that America must never compromise our sovereignty by making deals and treaties with other nations. We did not learn the meaning of this until we began to see America decline under a lack of ethics found in our own elected government.

I bought into the notion that the government had limited power over how we lived our lives and soon learned that the American voters could not handle this independence and needed more authority given to the White House to direct our values. I’ve tried to pinpoint when the American people lost their ability to live under the laws of good behavior rules in their own neighborhoods. When did the schools not stress academics and became facilities to keep kids out of trouble? Where did the family go?

Years ago I wrote a commentary on the horrors of having the federal government declare a war on drugs. I received many emails from fathers who wanted the government to outlaw and ban drugs as their kids were failing in school and at home. Apparently these fathers were not the heads of their households and had no power to correct their children when they did bad things. It was a call from the American families to plead with our government to become Big Brother over our children. Why? When?

In 2000 the American families wanted a born-again Christian in the White House to add another level of government to take care of their failing children. The promise of prohibitions to police the American citizens was heard all over America and G.W. Bush was voted into the Presidency.

This brought with it a destruction of individual freedoms and an increase in corruption that has never been duplicated in the history of our government. We saw this corruption bloom within the boardrooms of many American corporations and it brought down the Republican Party. The balance between management and the working force was gone.

Let’s talk about the alternative to his mess. It is called government authority over our American corporations, i.e. Socialism. It is a bitter pill for me to take but after 6 years of living under the Bush Administration, I have no choice but to support Socialism in my country. The American voters no longer appreciate or even understand free enterprise and have seen only the Bush-supported abusers of a large part of our once honest American corporations. He lured many good men and women who were representatives of our sovereignty as well as the American investors and made them seem too remote and dishonest for many of us to support. Capitalism became the evil in America. Many of us who were investors because we had no background or financial ability to start our own businesses will have to cash out before the Socialistic Government will take the profits for their own.

The truth is that it is our own fault. We neglected to focus our children to expand their education beyond 6th grade. We allowed them to drop out of school and society and learn how to use the government for their welfare. We became accustomed to using foreign products as they were cheaper and often superior to our own American products.

My love for Capitalism has been criticized as pandering to the wealthy and ignoring the poor. I have been told that all my Presidents who wanted strong Capitalistic economics were terrible people. I took a lot of flack about my appreciation of President Ronald Reagan.

The only way to stop poverty is to increase academics in our schools. Teaching trades to our school kids will stop the poverty in America. Giving welfare to the able is degrading.
We have three options in America to survive. We can be trained to teach, trained to manufacture or trained to accept government welfare.

I have visions of Thomas Jefferson with his head on his books sobbing at what we have done to his labors of freedom.