Are we all heading into the future, but, in the same direction? Politically, what does this mean to Americans? What is our hope for our nation; let’s say in the next 25 years?

During Meet the Press this morning, I saw a commercial that discussed American lives all going in the same direction into the future. I have forgotten the product but the concept got me to thinking that we are, in fact, all heading into the future, but, in the same direction? Politically, what does this mean to Americans? What is our hope for our nation; let’s say in the next 25 years?

Compared to the last 25 years, our concept of American values has changed considerably. A great many Americans no longer seem to realize that we were never designed to be a Democracy but a Constitutional Republic. Our States are democracies in that our laws under the authority of the individual states are voted on directly by the citizens. That gives all Americans the choice of living where they feel comfortable.

Our Constitutional Republic is predetermined by the U.S. Constitution and can only be successful if we limit the authority over the individual states as stated in the 10th Amendment. So it would seem necessary for all citizens to work as a team to strengthen the nation by staying within the limits of the U.S. Constitution.

25 years ago (1982) America had elected Ronald W. Reagan the previous year and there seemed to be little dissention within the voters. Our economy seemed settled, our interest rates were getting back to normal, and our corporations were hiring and developing fine American products. On the war effort, Iran had backed down and released our hostages and it seemed that peace might just have a chance again. The Berlin wall was brought down and the Cold war was over. My bookstore showed that America was getting back to normal and the books came flooding in with great hopes for a future for all of us. I felt that Americans were all on the same team and there was no limit to what any of us could do as Americans. What the hell happened?

Was it the television that exposed us as terribly shallow people? Was it the onset of the internet that exposed the various cultures that had been growing all over America? Was it a shock that there was still deep seated racism and a growing homophobia from coast to coast? Did America finally wake up to the number of abortions that been done? When did the Religious Right decide to join politics and give a name to our combined cultures? This was not a new movement but an awakening of the masses to what was their overall society. Suddenly we all had to be the same. Our cultures destroyed and rebuilt as one and the anger and rage started.

Earlier in our history in Europe, the Renaissance Period introduced art, music and the printing press. The masses became aware of the sexuality of their populations and the churches clamped down hard that the art, music and books had to be curtailed before the world exploded in sin. The people welcomed the Inquisitions.

Is America at that point at this time in 2007? Will the Religious Right allow the U.S. Constitution to be redesigned adding the social prohibitions into the Bill of Rights? Will we give the Federal Government the authority to set our moral laws through legislation? This is what broke up the American teams working for freedoms. It has infiltrated into every candidate’s agenda and has also broken up many families who cannot agree on how much federal government is needed in the American home.

In the next 25 years, would it be possible to at least limit the federal government to follow the job description called out in the Constitution? We all realize that we have things like interstate federal highways, airways, and international laws that must be followed but why are we so eager to hand the government our personal and private choices?

25 years ago, would we be involved in a war based on illegitimate and false information from our White House? Would Americans have mixed opinions on the value of going into a war based on lies? What changes must we insist upon before we start another 25 years of continual mistakes?

One side of the American voters wants a federal government to reflect Christian values to a point where they must be made part of the U.S. Constitution. This is also the side of the Americans who wish to destroy the Middle East and Islam. This side, now called the Republican Party wants the government to have authority over our corporations, our individual states and all Americans. They represent an on-going state of war and the rest of us cannot follow the reasoning behind this.

The other side would rather have the freedom to sin once in a while without filling our prisons with Americans. We are now called Moderates and Liberals. I’m not insulted by these labels because I have seen the Republican side up close and personal.

America is losing the American values because the citizens need more definition regarding sins and how to legislate against them. Individual freedoms will be a thing of the past and the team of Americans irreversibly destroyed. What are we to do about this?

Although it looks as if Bush is the culprit for our dissention, he is not! The Religious Right put him in office to redesign our Bill of Rights and he failed. The combination of 9/11 and oil prices rising was enough for the ultimate distraction. The Republicans loved it. They were wandering around the ruins in Pennsylvania, the Pentagon and New York wallowing in the blood and gore of the attacks buying into the propaganda handed out by Karl Rove without question. To the Religious Right we were back in the Crusades. Halleluiah!!!

How can we return to our American team and get control back into the hands of the people? Will we from this moment on, be in the hands of the Religious Right and follow them into Armageddon? Will America take on the civil wars that we see in Iraq pitting Sunnis against Shites? Will the Republicans and Democrats follow in our own religious civil war?