Here is another “fix” that needs discussion on Capitol Hill Blue.

Impeachment – let’s discuss it.

The subject of impeachment should be part of any political campaign. “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” should be discussed before any election to guarantee that our candidates know the rules!

This has become apparently necessary since our elected officials have learned to hide their plans and actions from the people. The end game for any candidate running for president should be to assume the position of working for the American people. We release this authority to any man or woman only after they have been legally elected by the electorate of this nation. Once they have sworn their allegiance to the Constitution they should be made aware of exactly what that entails.

Many times our elected officials have backgrounds of unsavory actions within the legal system that have been hidden from the voters. I do not mean their sexual history but their legal history. We have seen in the last couple of Administrations where our presidents have taken a chance that their lies will never be exposed.

When they are given faulty information they must investigate before taking America into a war for any reason. I want no defense secrets given to the public but a guarantee that the decisions are made in our defense honestly and not simply to retain our oil rights or take out a tyrant. The power of the White House may be the most powerful position on this planet and it is the responsibility of every American to investigate their candidates before marking their ballots. A responsible voter base must also know that they have the authority to impeach their candidates if they fail to complete their promises.

Impeachment should not be easy but once the charges are made, it should be quickly brought to the attention of the Congress. This requires a responsive House of Representatives and Senators. It works beautifully if the power behind the government is balanced. Keeping our leaders on their toes will keep them legal and responsive to their constituents.

The problems we have at this time seem to indicate that our current occupant in the White House is unaware that he has broken his oath to protect the Constitution. He is relying on his power to protect his Administration from having to tell the truth. They will not have to take an oath before answering questions about anything. If this is not grounds for Impeachment, what is? I believe abuse of power is on that list. Giving false information to the Congress and even the United Nations is grounds for Impeachment.

I’m no attorney but I did read Coulter’s book on the subject and have noted all the reasons for impeaching President Clinton. Ho! Ho! If this was good enough for President Clinton, it should be good enough for President Bush 43. Have the rules changed since Coulter’s book was printed in 1998 or do the rules hold firmly to be used again when any president breaks his promises to the American people?

I’m requesting that all candidates for the Presidency be made aware of the process of impeachment and understand fully that the voters will use it if necessary. I’m also requesting that Congress be made aware that they might have to act accordingly if requested by the American people who can prove that the POTUS broke his oath of office and/or lied to the American people.

Would this not “fix” the problem we are facing at this time? I’m big for preventive medicine and preventing high crimes and misdemeanors.