Let’s discuss the questions we need to ask our Presidential Candidates of both or all Parties.  I have no political party at this time as the GOP jumped ship starting in 1989 under Bush 41.  So let’s stay out of partisanship and look for individuals who we might want to vote for. 

I would like to start the debate by asking all Candidates who claim to be Pro-Life to explain to the voters how he/she plans to change the system on banning abortions.  I can see no other way than having the Congress pass a Constitutional Amendment Prohibiting the procedure all the way. Will this repeal Roe v Wade or are they just diverting their effort in hopes the voters will not notice?  The Conservatives have been playing with this item far too long and it is time we ask them how they will stop abortions.  Is this not a fair question?   
How far will these pro-life people go to enforce this new Amendment? Will it develop a new cartel of crime with abortionists popping up in every underground building in America?  The Prohibition of alcohol brought a criminal element into America that changed to drugs after the 18th Amendment was repealed.  

  • Will the new President open a new program to enforce the prohibition and then have to train a whole new police force to sniff out pregnant woman and follow them throughout their nine months?
  • Will our Patriots Act now have pregnant women on their list of potential terrorists?  Ashcroft wanted that.
  • Will our doctors be mandated to report any patient who failed the rabbit test? 
  • Will every miscarriage be looked at as a potential crime?
  • Will pregnant women be given urine tests before they get on an airplane?  
  • Will they be tested again when they return home?
  • Will we have dogs trained to sniff out a pregnant woman? 
    Remember France and England are both open to abortions when needed.    
    Can we even envision our America going back to the days of the Inquisitions if the voters decide to start their list of Prohibitions be put to the people of America?  Do we really want this much government authority over our lives?   
    Personally I feel that all our American Freedoms are heading for trouble if the pro-life movement gets into our White House and Congress.  It is already in our U.S. Supreme Court minus one Justice.  I never envisioned America turning into a police state but the 18th Amendment showed me I was wrong.  We are on our way to a National Police State and we need to know where it is headed.
    The pro-lifers are now complaining about the Death with Dignity and want to remove the choice of any American to commit suicide when their terminal diseases become too painful for them to endure.  Will this sort of prohibition go into gun control?  Will Prostitution, gambling, smoking and alcohol consumption be back in the news?  I discuss this with many Conservatives and they want just abortions and the Death with Dignity programs to be prohibited and have thought little of the other freedoms that Americans enjoy. 
    It seems to me that America is either a free nation or is to be run by the religious right, and the voters have the choice.     

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