After reading a lot of the Blogs on CapitolHillBlue and other open forums, I believe we need to discuss some solutions for the problems that we must face either in 2008 and every two years thereafter.

America is made up of many political points of view and none of them seem to be working at this time. We all seem to have our solutions to change the system of our government but we must realize we will need the voters to be introduced to these changes as soon as possible.

Doug Thompson has thrown out some valuable essays on what he considers to be a major need for change and we all follow up with our own.

The majority of CHB Ranters agree that we must try to eliminate corruption from the top down.

But in order to do this we have to put better men and women into the Congress.

This is points to a major change in the American voter’s points of view. At this time they will vote the party line but when will they decide this may not be the answer to a better government?

The problem is that the parties themselves keep changing and the voters are not aware of these changes. The candidates are no fools and will pander to what they think the American voters will support.

We have a voter base of only 33% of the registered voters and there is a whole load of Americans who will stay home.


How can people who are so determined to change a system not care enough to locate a better system or could it be, they don’t understand the system to begin with?

In my crawling around the internet I have found that abortion is the ultimate problem with the Republicans.

They believe that prohibiting this procedure will miraculously end the problem. Since 2000 they will vote only for pro-life candidates and this is what put George. W. Bush into the White House.

This might also put another war President into power simply because that is all they want.

We have all learned that pro-life does not respect life itself but respects the power that goes with the prohibition of abortions.

Nobody is pro-abortion and it is time we consider this a private freedom and work from there. How can we Ranters introduce some truthful corrections that we have observed since the time of the 2000 elections? I think we all could agree that the White House has assumed far too much authority over the Congress.

This came about by Bush selling a reaction to 9/11 by acting correctly and going after Afghanistan.

Everyone in America was told it was the Taliban under the direction of Osama Bin Ladin and that is where we headed.

A pack of lies were used on all Americans from the White House that somehow Saddam Hussein in Iraq was ready to nuke America and set out to send troops to rid Iraq of this tyrant.

Failure of our U.S. Congress and Intelligence Agencies A failure of our Intelligence Agencies and Congress bought the lies and soon our focus was Iraq.

How can we keep this from being repeated? The White House insinuated that Iraq had a part in 9/11 and few elected Congressmen even questioned it.

70% of the American people believe Iraq was in on 9/11 and there is not one damn thing we can do to correct it. Failure of the media and the voters. The American voters are media driven and all were under the impression that President Bush would never lie about anything as important as our future security and they brought him back into the White House in 2004.

Some claim that Kerry got the votes but he did not bring in the Electoral votes and that is what elects our leaders.

In 2000 Gore did not get the Electoral votes either. So we either change the voting system or educate the voters into researching what is running for office. In all elections it was the pro-lifers who brought in the numbers.

Will this be repeated in 2008? Will the American voters still settle for failing schools, higher crimes, open borders, higher prices and an unstable economy? Have the voters been told how good things are under the Bush White House and they will wait to see what and who will run in 2008 under his direction?

We need Higher Standards in our Government and in our Schools! A major change in education is essential to bring up the standards in the Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches of the government.

The changes must come from an educated voter base. This means public schools must teach the laws that drive all American actions and these are found in the U.S. Constitution.

We have allowed the schools to deliberately dumb down our kids for the last several generations. F

rom first grade our kids should be taught about our Bill of Rights and this can be done without any partisan brain washing but only if we have the proper teachers.

I want our Teaching Universities to change their ways and focus on the Document and the Bill of Rights.

I tried to get to a couple of schools as early as the early 60s and found a blank wall in Los Angeles School District so I found a private school. We must not let another generation of Americans graduate with a blank slate of our laws.

Instead of no child left behind, our President should stress every teacher to teach reading and writing skills.

How to do this has me stumped and I realize that the office of the President has no authority over the School Districts within the states. I feel the influence from the White House can locate a successful system and at least introduce this to every Governor.

Retraining teachers would fix a lot of our problems and private schools do this all the time.

This can be done starting from the earliest classes with basic vocabulary, reading skills improved and how to write as individuals. Once the basics are set, then the students will be ready for math, history. science and all the other goodies.

Civics can start from the beginning. American values must be a part of all curriculums.

Most of our schools graduate students around the age of 17 or 18 and those kids must be knowledgeable of how our government works. Let’s say 10 years of proper school training will give us a new well educated voter base by 2018.

How we can get through 2008 will be like running through smoke. 2 years of pointing out the faults of the past will only work if we can come up with a brand new system in D.C.

There are few sites as well organized as CapitolHillBlue and our numbers need to increase and our opinions expand for immediate changes as well as long term changes..