I wrote in P.J.’s name in two separate Presidential elections and when he came to Scottsdale Arizona to speak, I certainly was in the audience.  I half expected him to shoot verbal arrows at the Bush Administration over the Libby mess, but he did not mention it as he still claims to be a Republican.   

Instead he picked up the massive “Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith.  P.J. had written a book on this great tome and spent the next hour discussing the very simple economic rules that helped make America The Nation of Wealth.

He mentioned that the Democrats are roaming the country telling people that the only way they can make wealth is to first take it away from the superrich.  America does not print so many dollars and cents and then we watch the super rich take it from the rest of us.  It does not work that way in America.  We all have a guaranteed education with opportunities to learn a trade that allows us to either start a business or invest in a business.  The problem is that most students don’t bother to learn that which is offered to them at school.  P.J. states that all American kids are left behind.  He also stated that the parents were left behind and don’t realize it.  Television as been the undoing for most brain development and our American citizens are too accustomed to asking the government to fund them and are never encouraged to stand up for their own values.
I believe that P.J. has the system of American gathering of wealth pretty well defined and I agree with him that America is based on a balance of free enterprise under the laws of the federal government.  However, the government must play by ethical values.  I think we all can see that our government had not done this for many years.
Americans are not raised on ethical values but how to win at anything we do from childhood through our senior years.  We also realize that even when we win, the price is often too high.  In my opinion our own government is layered in corruption that seems to grow more powerful every day.  We elect winners, not statesmen.
We need to keep the balance between the corporations and working force and we need to keep both honest and productive.  I sometimes feel that I may be the only basic Republican on this site.  It may be why I’m also so vehemently opposed to the Bush Administration.  He is the leader of my Political Party and he should be in prison for abusing the whole damn system.
My luncheon yesterday was held at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort and I’ve never seen so damn many Cadillacs in one lot since I left the dealer’s showcase on my way to Scottsdale.  The place was so big; I swear I had to park in a difference zip code.  Hundreds of Republicans gathered to eat a delicious lunch and spend an hour listening to P.J. O’Rourke’s wonderful comments.  When it was over I was trying to locate the door (of hundreds) that would take me to my parking lot.  Five young women (dressed in black suits) were trying to cut through the crowd looking for the reservation desk and one stopped me and asked what was going on?  I said a bunch of Republicans gathering for a meeting and she said, okay, they won’t be around long.  It hit me that she was right!  The Conservatives are killing any chance of maintaining a balance in our government and that saddened me all the way home.  I fear that ethics and integrity are missing from my old party and it was washed away by the religious right giving the party the win they wanted and diluting the agenda that had been so respected before Bush/Clinton/Bush.  I include Clinton because the GOP that tried to impeach him came out of the blue and backed by the religious right.  My old Republicans had left the building under Bush 41.
I wish I had the answer in how to keep America in a balancing act of representing the corporations and the working force.  Our two parties are now dealing in extremes and it will be a fight to the finish and could lead to Socialism over Free Enterprise.  I will reach a point when I will stop fighting for an even keel.  Maybe next week.