Yeah, we’ve made some changes here at Capitol Hill Blue: Some out of necessity, some driven by the economy and many because of feedback from our readers.

After a lot of discussion with readers, and a lot of thought, I’ve decided to restore reader blogs as a New Year’s gift to the loyal readers who have stuck with us through thick and thin over the past 15 years.

Yeah, I know I’ve gone back and forth on this over the past several months but enough readers have given me enough good reasons to reconsider my decision last year to end the blogs.

All I ask is that we stick to political issues, link to supporting material and give topics some thought before posting. We had some readers who popped off after too much to drink or simply because they were pissed off and it showed in the random nature of their posts. Let’s think before we post.

One of my news year’s resolutions was to bring back the reader blogs and keep them running in this election year. As the mid-term elections approach, it is more important than ever to put as many voices as possible on the web.

Another change is more updates throughout the day, some from syndicated feeds from various news sources and some from our own reporting and research.

For economic reasons, I’ve had to drop the full articles from wire services. I couldn’t afford to keep losing about $1,500 a month to support those content sources.

I’ve got some other changes in the work but I’m hoping readers will have some ideas as well. I will continue to blog in this section until readers pick up the slack and then I’ll leave this section to you.



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