Mary Carey is a porn star who ran for governor of California (she lost although she might have been better in the job than the Terminator).

She’s also a guest of the President and Republican members of Congress at fancy fundraising dinners. And, she says, some Republicans got drunk and hit on her. "The guys in the NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) are very, very nice," she says. "I signed autographs for the Secret Service last time I was there. I’ve gotten hit on by lots of drunk Republicans."

Republicans? Drunk? Hitting on a porn star? What would God say?

We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.  According to a press release on the PR Newswire:

marycarey.jpgAdult film starlet and former California gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey is scheduled to attend the prestigious United to Victory dinner with President George W. Bush in Washington D.C on March 15th – 16th. Due to Carey’s efforts in starting Mary Carey Productions, Inc. in 2005, Carey will also be receiving the 2005 California Businesswoman of the Year.

"I’m always excited to learn more about what’s going on in our nation’s capital, since most people in the porn industry think an Iraqi pullout is a form of safe sex," quipped Carey. "Since I’m seriously considering running for governor of California again, I’m going to need a lot of support from Republican lawmakers nationwide – however I can get it."

At the invitation of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), Mary Carey will meet and interact with key Congressional leaders and Administration officials to discuss advancing powerful pro-business, pro-family agendas and meeting positive legislative goals. She will join Karl Rove, senior advisor to the President, for lunch on Wednesday the 15th, and President Bush for dinner on Thursday the 16th.

"I’m really excited to be going back to Washington D.C. to see the president again," said Carey. "Everyone thinks that politicians are stuffy, but we all had a great time last year, and I had fun signing a lot of autographs. Wait till they see that I have lost 20 pounds since the last time they saw me. Watch out Mr. President!"

Carey made national headlines in June of 2005, when she attended a similar dinner with President George W. Bush, also at the invitation of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).

Carey attended the dinner and then reported several Republican types hit on her but that GOP women were snobs.  According to WorldNet Daily:

Triple-X porn star Mary Carey, who last night dined for the second year in a row with Republican bigwigs at a fund-raiser featuring President Bush, says some drunken GOP activists "hit on her" at such events.

While the National Republican Congressional Committee had no problem taking money from Cary and her pornographer escort, the hard-core starlet complained that other members of the GOP wouldn’t allow her to attend a luncheon last week in the capital.

She told Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto yesterday she thinks some in the party are "afraid of me because, you know, they think that they might lose a lot of their voters because I know that a lot of the Republican voters were, you know, really strong Christians."

Asked how the Republicans treat her personally, she replied: "Well, the women were kind of snobby with me on the phone. They were like, ‘I understand that Mary Carey wants to attend the dinner.’ But, the guys in the NRCC are very, very nice. I signed autographs for the Secret Service last time I was there. I’ve gotten hit on by lots of drunk Republicans."

She declined to provide names.

 Some of this seems to contradict the popular notion that Republicans are prudes. But are they? Reports MSNBC:

Republicans control Congress and the White House.  According to an informal study in the latest issue of “GQ” magazine, the GOP is also asserting its dominance over Democrats in the bedroom. 

The anonymous author, who wrote the piece for “GQ” reports “After years of intensive research on both sides of the aisle, I’m here to report that Republican men are infinitely better to have sex with.”

The article in the April issue of “GQ” lays out 10 reasons why Republicans are better and kinkier in the sack.