I have very strong opinions of what may be the problem with the American voters.  I’ve been involved in political commentary for 60 years and have seen a movement of apathy and ignorance hit the voters in the States and Federal Government. 

Until the end of WW2, many of us had great respect for our government as we understood we placed them in office.  In my high school Civics class we listened to General MacArthur’s speech as he left the war site and there was not a dry eye in our group of 21 girls.  We all had followed the war effort from our radios and we knew the names of all the islands in the Pacific.  Sometimes it was difficult to understand what our government was doing but we had respect for the politicians and the armed forces leaders.

It got more difficult as our American troops were spread all over the world when the war was over.  We ended it with a massacre of Japan that many felt was simply flexing our muscles to the rest of the world.  I did not judge this, but in my mind, I wondered. 

I saw the demonstrations during the Korean and Vietnam wars and jumped in quickly on the MIA POW group to research where our missing men could be.  I was beginning to lose respect for the government but kept my opinions to myself.

In 2000 I could not continue to keep my mouth shut or my computer off.  I thought I understood the Constitution and the responsibility for all Americans to control the government under this most unique document.  The American people opened up the world’s most dangerous Lobby at a time when Science was beginning to catch the attention of the American people.  Coincidence?  I think not! Writers like Ayn Rand spoke of liberty and freedoms that got lost under the force of greed in her novels and her Essays were dynamite as far as waking up her readers to the truth of losing American values.

The Lobby was organized by Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and Paul Weyrich who requested that our President Bush 43 send faith based grants to the Christian Churches across America.  These men realized that corruption in the American homes was in need of change and it must come from the Federal Government.  A list Prohibitions were presented to ban gay marriages, stem cell research, abortions and eventually end birth control even after a rape.

I became aware of a movement on line of scientists all over the world who wanted the truth about evolution to be presented to the schools and the public so they could understand that the human body is not made up of bad habits but good and necessary changes for survival.  The point being that God does not control our lives or our habits and humans are not just simple lumps of sinners.

Evolution was not taught in my schools but I had access to the books and began reading.  I was not alone and today I was sent a list of scientists and their research on the survival of our species.  This list is extensive and it contains some of the best research on faith versus science. 

I will not bring this list here as CHB is neither a religious nor scientific forum.  Many here respond to my opinions as if I were a small child who found a porn movie.    If anyone is interested in my list, a simple email will be sent to you.  I have no web site and no investment in this list.  I am among some of the best scientists on the planet.  Many were cohorts of my husband who was a Nuclear Physicist who got his degree from UCLA and taught Physics at Caltech.  I am not out of my league here at CHB.  I have a well-researched opinion that will eventually be called the truth.