It is Obama’s fault

On the pages of Capitol Hill Blue, all across the internet and cable television, we are told that President Obama is a failure, he has lost support, and that he really is George Bush light. We are told that health care reform is dead, that financial regulations are not going to be imposed, and that essentially the Obama administration has done nothing in it’s 11 months. Of course, the facts are quite to the contrary, but if anyone says that they are naive, partisan or simply demented. Poppycock.

The problem is that most Americans, and comentators (both professionals and individuals) have given in to the American penchant for instant gratification and over simplification of problem solving. Much of what the Obama administration has taken on will require the better part of a generation to resolve. We have waited over 40 years for health care reform, but just when we might get a flawed, imperfect, but important first step passed by Congress cries abound that it just isn’t good enough, should be killed and is worse than nothing. I disagree.  To pass any legislation would be an accomplishment of the highest magnitude, and even the horrible version now grinding through the Senate would be progress.

We have yet to see what the House-Senate conference committe will come up with if the Senate can get past Sen. Lieberman and the Blue Dog Democrats. The Senate’s filibuster rules do not apply to a conference bill, so only 51 votes are needed. If the conference bill satisfies the left, it may not even pass that test. But it seems likely to me the final version will be better than the Senate’s bill and less than the House’s. No previous President has even come close to that accomplishment.

The SEC announced new rules for executive pay, financial reform legislation has some chance of being passed, the much predicted melt-down of our economy has been avoided (some say delayed rather than avoided) and our foreign policy has been rather dramatically reworked. Yes, many changes that we expected and wanted have not been made and do not even look promising.

Those who decry the buildup in Afghanistan seem to forget that Obama ran on a campaign promise to do just that. Is it the correct policy? We can differ on that point, but to claim he has broken his promise in that regard is wrong. Has he pulled troops out of Iraq as quickly as we want?  Not by my standards, but they are coming out.

It is the right of each of us to criticize elected officials and certainly President Obama deserves much of it. But life is imperfect and nowehre more so than in politics. To blam him for all that is wrong is immature at best and fails to take into account the realities of American politics.  No one can be elected President unless he or she is a part of a corrupt and evil system of corporate statism. Obama gave the illusion of being outside that system while he ran but I cannot believe that informed citizens did not know better.

The Senate is held hostage by an arcane rule that requires 60 votes to pass controversial legislation. The rule has been the bane of reforms ever since it was first used in 1837. Yet, if reformists really had the cajones they claim Obama lacks, the U.S. Supreme Court has said that a mere majority can change this rule. So rather than bitch and moan about a weak President, let’s see the reformers take on their own weakness and revise this rule.

The political process itself is so weighted in favor of moneyed interests that it is unlikely any real leftist policies can be enacted. Real reform of the process will probably be struck down by this Supreme Court, leaving the only way to change being by Constitutional Amendment. I cannot see how that is possible given the fact thast the very interests that would be affected hold the power to stop such amendments.

So in sum, we are screwed and held hostage for future indignities indefinitely. But to blame that on any President is just simply disingenuous. All I can say is grow up. Santa Claus is not coming.


  1. issodhos

    Unfortunately, many folks are so embedded in partisan politics that they are willing to allow deceit from the candidate and other mouthpieces for the purpose of manipulating the electorate — as long as it is in favor of “their” guy. However, I do dislike them then blaming the “system” or worse, the naivete of the voter for his lack of insight into the corrupt nature of most of those who hungrily seek political power.

    I mean, it ain’t like folks were not warned well in advance that Obama was a facile user of well-structured but shallow rhetoric, and that the establishment media would not look closely — and indeed would abet — at his history. Sorry. That is a round-about way of saying “Told ya so! Told ya so!” My bad.;-))

    Yours in humor,


    P.s. Might I also add that sometimes doing nothing is the appropriate response from government — a fact those seeking to use the violence of the state to get what they want seem unable to comprehend.

  2. Rick Fuller

    Phil Hoskins writes:

    Obama gave the illusion of being outside that system while he ran but I cannot believe that informed citizens did not know better.


    Excuse me, it’s not my job to read into other people’s actons.  I take people at face value and I execpt them to perform as they tell me they will.

    It’s called integrity that one performs at the level that one states one will.

    End of story.


  3. griff

    Wasn’t Obama elected on the widely held belief that all of America’s problems were due to George Bush? In fact every day those of us that know better were pounded by Obama supporters blaming Bush for everything. Those of us that knew better were painted as racists and even worse – Republicans. Oh, but now that’s all changed.

    You’re right in suggesting that perhaps we are impatient. But those of us that know the causes of our problems also see Obama doing nothing of real import in correcting those things. You may call that naive or demented; I call it a reality check.

    People tend to forget that government meddling in healthcare some forty years ago is the very reason why we’ve gone from 97% coverage to where we are now. They refuse to go back and correct their mistakes of the past and their only solution to any crisis is more money and more power.

    The left’s persistent, unwavering faith in the government’s ability to solve problems of their own creation with more money and more power flies in the face of both history and reality.

    The financial meltdown has not been avoided. It will come. It is inevitable if we continue as we are. Obama is intent on staying the course. The further we stray from free market ideals the worse off we’ll be.

    I’ll echo a comment made by some one else here not long ago regarding Afghanistan – that’s one promise I wish he had broken.

    You speak of oversimplification but use sweet sounding words like “reform.” How nice it sounds that our government is so interested in reform these days. Reform is nothing more than code for more power.

    Informed citizens indeed knew better. We just failed to convince the rest. We bought the illusion and are now content to make excuses for our own unwarranted faith in a system built on fraud and perpetuated by propaganda.

    Yes Phil, we are screwed. And while it isn’t Obama’s fault for where we are, he will surely take his share of the blame for where we’re going. 

  4. Jim C

    I second both Almandine and Carl , except I think Phil’s been drinking kool-aide , not smoking pot . Phil ,perhaps you could get a guest appearance on Stephanie Miller , you two have something in common , she seems to be the last liberal talker that hasn’t figured out that we’ve been had . She’s still talking gibberish about Obama’s playing chess , not checkers and other such nonsense , seemingly unable to come to grips with the fact that he’s just another corporate lackey . I’m sure you two could have a wonderful discussion about how this prince we kissed isn’t really a toad , no matter how many warts and how ugly he’s become , but really an emperor in fine clothes . We just can’t see them quite yet . Then you could hold hands , dance through the looking glass and be off to see the wizard .

  5. Carl Nemo

    Damn Phil, you must be smokin a strain that hit the streets a while back; ie., “Obama bud”…you get so high that the lies seem kinder ‘n gentler with each hit…no?  / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    p.s. I’m shor disappointed to hear ol’ Santa ain’t comin’ this year… : (

  6. Phil Hoskins

    Ad hominem is such a weak crutch. If you read more carefully, you will see that Iacknowledge that Obama is beholden to those who elected him and that means corporate interests.

    I also have gone through more political revolts than most, and what I had to face in growing up was that baby steps are often the best that one can obtain.

    I never give up my principles and will not with President Obama and Congress. I just think the feeding frenzy attacking him for not parting the red Sea is naive. I knew going in I would be mostly disappointed. If you ndid not, I am sorry for your new found awareness.

    I just think attacking him misses the real problem. It is the system, not the man that is the problem.

    Phil Hoskins

  7. Carl Nemo

    Hi Phil,

    I like your writings and thought processes, so don’t take my “bud” comment as an ad hominem attack. It was simply an attempt at wry humor.  Who knows there just might be a strain named after the prez. 😀

    Here’s wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and Holiday Season…! : )

    Carl Nemo **==

  8. Jim C

    Phil , we elected him , not corporations . While I will concur his financing came mostly from corporate interests , especially the banking industry they didn’t vote him in , we did . When he was running he promised he would do certain things , he has reneged on every major promise . I don’t remember him ever promising to do the bidding of major corporate donors , perhaps I missed that part , but I certainly don’t remember it . I don’t believe that I or any poster is ” attacking him ” ad hominem unless your definition of attack is to attempt to hold someones feet to the fire for blatantly lying and deceiving to achieve power , if so , I guess we are and I believe he certainly deserves being ” attacked ” . I also don’t think he has been asked to do anything like ” part the red sea ” , only to be the president he promised he would be , he has not been . He seems to manage to fight and do serious arm twisting when it come to pleasing his corporate masters . The removel of the drug importation amendment is a case in point along with the constant compromising and caving in . As far as being ” naive ” and some ” new found awareness ” , hardly . I and many others had our fingers crossed when we voted and as I remember it we had two choices , so many of us simply picked the less distasteful . Silly us , we actually expected him to do what he said he would do . So pardon those of us that don’t cheerfully accept this deception and actually raise hell . Apparently your ” principles ” don’t include holding him to account for lying to us , that is your right . It is my and others right to loudly protest . You are correct , the system is broken , but it certainly won’t get fixed by meekly accepting the situation .

  9. Senegoid

    “It is the system, not the man….”

    That sounds a bit like guns kill people, not the gun owners.

    Probably a poor comparison but Obama certainly did give the punters the impression he was on their side, and was going to create a more transparent and equitable system.

    Unfortunately Obama’s pre-election poetry has been conveniently compromised by his post election prose; if he’s not careful his words will become meaningless fairy (candy) floss ignored by the electorate at large.

    On second thoughts the “system” is not unlike a gun, for the system does kill, and it is managed by “owners”. 

  10. DejaVuAllOver

    One can’t blame Obama entirely.  But he COULD have done things like:


    Tell Netanyahoo in no uncertain terms that the money would end if the cooperation don’t start……


    Tell the banksters that the regulations are coming back, not the blank checks…….


    Tell the insurance industry that insuring bets on bets on bets was a bad idea and get some Senators in line to sponsor just such a bill……


    Tell the world the Goldstone Report was the truth and that the Nobel Prize was not……


    Keep his promise of not using the military for social engineering experiments…….  Send some Nato police to Afghanistan, if absolutely necessary….


    Get some of the more truthful CIA reports/NIEs out on the WH Web site about the real NON threat Iran presents to the west…… Tricky, but it could be done…..


    In short, quit the happy talk and actually DO something.  Obama may not be able to manage congress directly, but not many Democratic senators had the guts to take on FDR.  If Obama presented himself as even a competent day-care mom, the Dems would fall in line, if they wanted to keep their jobs.



  11. RichardKanePA

    When Sharia Law was set up in the Swat Valley, which Obama signed onto, both doves and hawks complained.

    If the US just announced, it was leaving Afghanistan in the next few weeks Sharia Law in Kabul would have been mixed with chaos and revenge killings. If Obama had taken Biden’s suggestion to pucker-down in secure areas, the Christmas suicide-bombing attempt still would have happened, but hawks would say, “See I told you al Qaeda attacks when you are weak”.

    When the world economy froze because of Bush, the entire world except Sweden which said the government wasn’t in the business of owning a car company (Sabb) was preserving jobs and throwing money at it. If Obama tired the Swedish-Ron Paul approach, the rest of the world would have declared economic war on the US for causing the mess then trying to make the rest of the world pay for it.



  12. almandine

    Bush did a lot of wrong-headed things, but trashing the world economy wasn’t one of them. On the other hand, he didn’t do anything to solve the problem, either.

    Having said all that, we’re way beyond the problems Bush can be tied to.