A first-hand look at the attempt to kill Dick Cheney


Karen Schaler, a reporter for ABC15, KNXV-TV in Phoenix, is in Afghanistan covering the Arizona National Guard’s 285th Apache Helicopter Unit. She was at the U.S. military base in Bagram, Afghanistan Tuesday when a suicide bomber targeting Vice President Dick Cheney attacked the front gate. Cheney was unharmed, but up to 23 people were killed.

Schaler was working in a building about a 1 1/2 minute walk from the blast site. Here is her first-person account:

There was this loud boom, an extended boom. The whole building shook. The ground shook. I looked at an Army public affairs officer and said, “It sounds like somebody ran the gate.”

He said, “Oh it’s just a controlled detonation. They do them all the time.”

A few minutes later an announcement came over the P.A. We couldn’t hear it so he stepped outside. He came back in and said, “Everybody grab your protective gear, get in the bunker now.’ ”

He seemed very concerned. It seemed a shock to him. That’s when we moved. Soldiers came out of the woodwork putting on their gear. At this camp, you don’t wear your protective gear all the time. The only ones I see wearing them are the pilots going out on missions.

This is supposed to be one of the safer locations in Afghanistan.

At that point I felt kind of vulnerable. We didn’t have our protective gear with us. It was back where we were staying, which was a mile away. I was herded out with the rest of them into the bunker, which is a very makeshift tube, about four feet tall, curved, surrounded by sandbags.

I had done a standup (TV report) from a bunker the day before, saying ‘This is somewhere we hope we never have to go.’

There was at first this feeling of, “Was this real?” Soldiers were like yeah, all right, this must be a drill. It was very relaxed at the beginning. Then it came over the P.A. system.: “Red alert, red alert, the base is under full attack. There have been mass casualties. This is not a drill.” They kept repeating that over two hours. At one point they said purple alert, mass casualties.

Everyone started getting concerned. There were eight people in the bunker _ me, two civilian contractors, and the rest were soldiers. I was sitting next to two female soldiers, who were very young. They said this was their first deployment. “We didn’t think this would happen here. I hope I don’t have to shoot my weapon.”

I’m thinking, “All right, I’m sitting next to her. She has a weapon.”

At first, you’re like, “This is cool, I can report on this.” Then hearing the soldiers talk about how scared they were, and I’m thinking, “Huh, and they’ve got guns and Kevlar.”

It was less than 10 minutes after getting into the bunker that we heard the F-15s go over. And they roared. The soldiers in our bunker were like, “Go get ’em.” It made you feel good.

Army folks in each unit were coming by for accountability and checking to see who was in each bunker. They were looking for people. I started text messaging everybody on my Blackberry so they could know where I was. I was looking for our photographer Filip (Kapsa). I couldn’t find him, but it turned out he was in another bunker close by.

We had heard rumors that Cheney was going to be here or was here. But just rumors. So when we came out of the bunker, we heard the talk that Cheney had shown up in the chow hall that we ate at an hour before.

A lot of soldiers were talking about being concerned that whenever a dignitary or someone comes here, they feel like they’re a target. Because the Taliban always wants to show off so to speak or show force to kind of say this isn’t secure. You’re never secure. We can still get to you. So there was some concern from soldiers that they are put in harm’s way whenever someone comes here. “Man, why is he coming here?”

(For additional reporting from Afghanistan by Karen Schaler, go to www.abc15.com)


  1. The South Point

    Darth Cheney is my he-ee-ro…

    “Luke, I am your father…”

    Luke: “NOOOO-O-O-O-ooooo…!”

  2. Of courseCheney was in no danger:

    …just a controlled detonation. They do them all the time.

    False flag, not a suicide bomber “targeting Cheney”. Psy-ops. Another Mission Accomplished moment.

  3. In one moment, 23 died for Dick Cheney, one of the architects of this death and destruction. Nothing at all changes, does it? Elites send the hoi polloi out onto the battlefield and use them as human shields. We are nothing but cannon fodder to the elites who run the world. They profit handsomely from empire, and the rest of us get a few crumbs, assuming we’re able to stay alive.

  4. barbara lochner

    People, people, people…This is completely bullshit!!!

    Cheney’s whereabouts were unknown. As usual. And how would a bomb set off at the gate hope to reach him in the deep recesses of this place???

    So, no no no no no no!!! Stop being sucked in to this story.

    A suicidal bomber set off, 23 people died. That’s it. Isn;t that enough???

  5. gene

    Good one Kent Shaw. Though we have ALL been (already) dicked by moron 1 (bush) and moron 2 (cheney). The question to ask now is, how much more are we going to get (you know) dicked?….and the answer is. We will probably feel like cheap whores before they are out of office.

  6. JimZ

    Hey y’all, it came out tonight that there was already a bomb threat at the base Cheney was at, before it was even known he was/going there. Check out your own sources but evidence of a plot to neuter Dick may be lacking.

  7. Doubtom

    Rabid Coward Cheney is responsible for those 23 deaths resulting from an alleged attack on his life due to the application of the “Inverse Ralph Nader Rule” explanation= Nader is suppose to be responsible for throwing the election to IdiotBush through his negligence in not assessing the results of his “popularity” on the final vote; Cheney is responsible for not assessing the result of his “lack of popularity” on his visit.

  8. jacob ross

    JimZ. If there was a threat to a base, then why let Dick Cheney roam free there. You get a bomb threat @ a school, you clear the whole building. Soldiers are’nt going to play around with threats in hostile territory. Knowing that there was a bomb threat before Cheney got there only solidifies a theory of assisination of our “senior administrative official”

  9. Walt Ludewig

    Dick Cheney is the best asssurance of continuing in office that President Bush could possibly have.. If something were to happen to “Dubyah”, we’d end up with Satan himself in charge, and be even worse off..

    Therefore, before removing Prez Bush from office, one must first remove VP Cheney from his position.. And to think that that the enemies of the United States almost did our Republic a great service..

    But, maybe they were intended to attack

    VP Cheney and fail, justifying even tighter “bunker mentality” and ultra secrecy.. It is not outside possibility

    that info was leaked in the hopes an attack might occur, and the attack then

    used for further repression..

    I am not saying that is the case—-just that the possibility cannot be dismissed as out of the question.. With VP Cheney, anything is possible..

  10. Kaine

    I am sure this was very scary for the reporter. I feel for her.

    But, I don’t feel for VP Cheney! Not at all! If this wasn’t staged, then Mr. Cheney might have a glimpse of what those soldiers have to go through on a daily basis. It’s a shame that such a fuss is made because he is the VP, yet when those children of America are being eaten by the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, it is barely noticed!

    Sure we hear daily how many were killed, but what kind of respect is shown to those that paid the ultimate price for their country? How many have been placed in harms way because of Mr. Cheney and his ideals? Why has this administration ordered a blackout on certain pictures so that people can’t feel any pain from this war?

    Why should we be expected to feel empathy for a VP that was responsible for starting these wars, yet we are to feel none for those returning daily, in body bags?

  11. Greg Zimmerman

    At first, you’re like, “This is cool, I can report on this.”

    Soldiers were like yeah, all right, this must be a drill.

    This is a reporter?

    “You’re like”, “Soldiers were like”.


  12. Dionysis

    An attempt to kill Darth Cheney? Come now. The administration says that it was just coincidental; that there was no attempt on him. Surely, with the record of unblemished veracity of this administration, it is hardly reasonable to question their version. Remember, as they have stated in the past, this administration “makes its own reality.”

  13. Chris

    I have to disagree with Walt – I actually think we migh be better off with Dick in the Oval Office. Bush manages to get away with an awful lot due to that “Aw shucks, I’m just a regular straight-shootin’ fella” crap that seems to con a fair number of people even now. But Cheney, who has negative charisma if anything, might well have a harder time getting his way. Of course, if he actually did become president he’d remain in the bunker and they’d find a pretty, well-coiffed empty suit (Romney, maybe?) to appoint VP and then prop him up in front of the TV cameras to spew forth, just like W.

  14. Judy

    In response to Chris’ post…What do you mean we would be better off with Dick n the oval office? We have two “Dicks” in there right now..one with the title of President and the other as his brain! Both “Dick-tators”

  15. So basically, Darth Cheney put our soldiers and coalition soldiers in peril just by his mere presence there at the US base. Not surprising. When has Cheney or anyone in the Bush Regime really cared about our troops anyways? Cheney couldn’t wait to comment on what a nice breakfast he had that morning and never once commented on the loss of life cause his fat ass was there.

    I spit on Darth Cheney. Never have I seen such evil in my life…

  16. Klaus Hergeschimmer

    Dick Cheney is “The focus of EVIL in the modern world” -To borrow a phrase from dear old Ronnie Raygun that he said about Russia except that I’m applying it to

    Big Dick Cheney.