Dean calls it: Kill the health care bill

Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean said what needed to be said Tuesday, telling a Vermont Public Radio interviewer that the so-called health care “reform” bill is hopelessly flawed by all the compromises and should be killed.

“This is essentially the collapse of health care reform in the United States Senate,” Dean said. “Honestly the best thing to do right now is kill the Senate bill, go back to the House, start the reconciliation process, where you only need 51 votes and it would be a much simpler bill.”

President Barack Obama’s White House went ballistic, shifting their anger from efforts by maverick independent Joe Liebermann to scuttle the bill to Dean, who carries a lot of weight with the left side of the Democratic Party.

Typical. Someone finally has the guts to stand up and said let’s kill this bastard bill before it becomes law and makes a bad situation worse and they want to chop off his legs.

Dean is right. Health care reform is a joke. The bill now in the Senate is a bloated, budget-busting monster that will end up screwing Americans even more than the reaming they get now from insurance companies. There’s no reform in this bill, only capitulation to lobbyists. There’s no meat, just table scraps for Americans who need substance.

Obama went to the Senate again Tuesday to try and shore up support among recalcitrant Democrats and emerged to say “we’re on the precipice” of real reform of the health care reform.

Christ, is this guy on crack? Reform died a long time ago, stomped to death by Gucci-clad lobbyists and members of Congress and a White House they own.

Obama’s claim was as clueless as it was astonishing, a flagrant example of political pandering that has nothing to do with truth, reform or change — things he promised to bring to government.

What we need is a death panel for health care legislation, a decision to pull the plug on this brain-dead joke of a bill. It’s time to abort the health care baby to save the life of the mother.

Sadly, that won’t happen. Obama is determined to make health care legislation a centerpiece of his Presidency, even accepting a flawed bill.

By doing so, he continues to abandon his promises of change. Obama the reform candidate morphed into Obama the status-quo President. Reform? We don’t need no stinkin’ reform. It might make the fatcat special interests mad and God knows we can’t have that.

If Obama and the faux leaders of the Democratic Party want to identify someone to blame for this debacle, they should just look in the mirror.

It’s past time to kill the health care bill. The reform it promised died a long time ago.


  1. pondering_it_all

    Kill the Senate bill and then go to reconciliation?

    Wait a minute, that makes no sense at all:  Reconciliation has to be between a PASSED House bill and a PASSED Senate bill.  What would there be to reconcile the House bill with, if the Senate bill isn’t passed?  Has Howard Dean been misquoted, or doesn’t he understand how Congress works?

    The Senate has to pass some sort of a Health Insurance Reform bill, even if it has no public option, no triggered public option, no Medicare expansion, etc.  THEN the majority leaders in the House and Senate can get together and write a reconciled bill.  (They can combine items from each version, so they could actually end up with a public option, or more likely a triggered or optional-by-state public option in the final bill.)  Then both Houses of Congress have to vote on the reconciled bill, and it is not subject to filibuster so all it needs is 50% +1 to pass.  THAT’s what is meant by “passing it in reconciliation”.

  2. griff

    Excellent rant, Doug.

    I’ve always liked Dean. Not especially for his politics but for his candor.

    Earth to Washington – the majority of Americans are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Extremists on both sides can no longer float your totalitarian boat.

    The long-awaited American Renaissance is happening. Either get with the program or be cast aside like the insignificant trolls that you are.

    We want our jobs back. We want our lives back. We want our country back. No amount of propaganda or partisan spin can stem the tide of liberty.

    Thank you, Barack Obama, for pounding the final nail into the coffin of this illegitimate government. It didn’t have to be so, but alas, it is what it is. You’ve been exposed as a fraud.  

  3. Rick Fuller

    Senator Lieberman a “maverick”?


    Please, you’re being way too generous.  Let’s label Lieberman for what he truly is:  A self-centered, egoistic asshole who just mucked up any hope or chance of any reform of our Health care system.


    I’d also like to call out the spineless slugs in the Democratic Party who insist on 60 votes to get the bill passed.  The Republicans got legislation passed with less than 60 votes when in control – why are the Democrats so spineless?



  4. Kent.Shaw

    Well put, Doug!

    And, maybe someone can explain this 60 vote thing in the Senate. How long has this been the case. Doesn’t the constitution specify a simple majority of 51 to pass legislation, and a 2/3 majority to pass amendments after ratification by the states? Whats with the 60 votes?

    Anyway, it’s a very bad bill and needs to die. Forcing people to purchase health care insurance, in most cases something they would already have done could they have afforded it, is idiotic. Now because one is poor one will be assessed a fine by the IRS? This is beyond fascism. What’s next? Forcing people to purchase specified items in order to shore up the economy?

    Kent Shaw

  5. almandine

    We’ve been here before. 60 votes to get cloture (break a filibuster), then 51 to pass legislation. Per the Constitution, the Senate may set its own rules, the changing of which requires a 2/3 majority.

  6. Wayne K Dolik

    Drive a silver nail through this vampires heart called health care reform. Kill the bill in it’s present form and re-write it in reconciliation. Pres. Obama will sign it. Democrats show some guts.

  7. Carl Nemo

    “Obama’s claim was as clueless as it was astonishing, a flagrant example of political pandering that has nothing to do with truth, reform or change — things he promised to bring to government.”…extract from post

    A great, spot-on “Rant” Doug Thompson! : )

    Yep, this President is “clueless” because myself as many others failed to heed warnings that he was simply an empty suit; ie., a “cutout” to do the bidding of shadowy corporatist controllers once elected.

    I’m so down on the guy at this point, I feel there’s a greater need to see him impeached and given the ol’ seaboot launch over the stern; even moreso than Dick Cheney and his sidekick puppet G.W. Bush when in office.

    Three more years of the spendthrift Obama and Co. and we’ll all be living in tarpaper shacks near the local landfill, spearing rats with fire-hardened sticks to survive. : |

    As I’ve mentioned before instead of this President showing leadership using the guidance of  his “veto pen” he chronically sits on the sidelines cheering on bum legislation, at least bum relative to the those that need a functional, cost effective h-care bill.  In terms of instituting more control over our lives and turning federally mandated medical care into a population control mechanism then I guess it’s a win win for Obama in that he’ll be responsible for the equivalent of the “Patriot Act” relative to such care while graciously feeding the bottomline for corporate medicine and “big Pharm”.

    Howard Dean is right in that this bill needs to be killed…period!  Vermont has one of the best state sponsored health care programs in the nation so he would surely know what’s functional as opposed to that which will be totally dysfunctional. 

    Carl Nemo **==   



  8. woody188

    Way to go Howard Dean!

    He was always a bit of an outsider, never really liked being party leader.  It’s so nice to hear the truth once in a while.  How refreshing.  Bets on whether they heed his words?

    I fear if they don’t there will be serious trouble brewing.  To pass this bastard legislation in a partisan manner just might set off another civil war.  Seriously.

  9. Carl Nemo

    It’s both tragic and demonstrative as to how shallow the electorate has become when both an M.D. and six term governor of Vermont, Howard Dean, finished off his bid for the presidency with a simple, spontaneous exclamation of jubilation; ie., … “heeyahhh” !

    America’s “chickenhead” electorate deserves the chopping block of a government turned into a processor of men and women for the gobal marketplace…no?! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  10. hologram5

    The more I listen to Dean the more I have to agree with him.  We need to outright impeach every one of these clowns in office as they couldn’t make this work if their health plans depended on it.  And they should depend on it.  They get the best coverage thanks to us the taxpayers.  Then they screw us over with every vote that stregnthens the corporate elitests and weakens the public dollar.  Time for change we CAN believe in, change of regime.



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