Watching our so-called governmental leaders in Washington reminds me of an old Keystone Kops movie.

Can’t these guys do anything right?

The Senate Sunday put the final touches on a $1.1 trillion spending bill.

Yeah, that’s “trillion” with a “t” and that stands for trouble.

The federal debt stands at an all-time high and increases every minute. The “official” count of Americans out of work stands at 10 percent but that is a phony number because many more out-of-work Americans aren’t counted in the smoke-and-mirrors bookkeeping practices of the federal government.

What started out as health care “reform” is now a bloated bill that will most likely increase the cost of insurance for many Americans and provide even more loopholes for the industry that profits off the misery of others.

Americans continue to die in Iraq and Afghanistan. President Barack Obama’s announced plan for withdrawal from Afghanistan in 18 months contains so many conditions that it is more likely that we will be there for several more years.

Talking heads from the White House fanned out on the talk show circuit Sunday to predict better times ahead but while one was saying we should see jobs by spring, another admitted the recession will still be with us for most of next year and possibly beyond.

My God. These folks can’t even get their talking points straight. You know the country’s in trouble when the propagandists can’t stay on message.

Many economists predict the increasing national debt will trigger another, deeper, economic crisis but those in power don’t seem to care.

The health care “reform” package continues to grow in cost.

Members of Congress continue to pack spending bills with “earmarks” (aka “pork”) without regard to cost or effect on the economy.

And while Americans lose their jobs and face foreclosures and other financial tragedies, the federal government is responding by raising the salaries of its own employees.

Reports USA Today:

The highest-paid federal employees are doing best of all on salary increases. Defense Department civilian employees earning $150,000 or more increased from 1,868 in December 2007 to 10,100 in June 2009, the most recent figure available.

When the recession started, the Transportation Department had only one person earning a salary of $170,000 or more. Eighteen months later, 1,690 employees had salaries above $170,000.

The trend to six-figure salaries is occurring throughout the federal government, in agencies big and small, high-tech and low-tech. The primary cause: substantial pay raises and new salary rules.

“There’s no way to justify this to the American people. It’s ridiculous,” says Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, a first-term lawmaker who is on the House’s federal workforce subcommittee.

We’re in trouble folks and the actions of our government make the problems worse, not better.

The inmates are running an asylum called the federal government.


  1. I’m curious about your timeline because it’s eerily similar to mine.  I based mine on statements from Bilderberg and the CFR stating we’d be transformed into a regional military dictatorship starting with or by 2012.

  2. “Obama and his mob have done little to change what has become a corrupt and decaying political oligarchy,  an oligarchy that rewards criminals and enslaves the honest to debt peonage. In fact they have possibly made things worse; more debt the people can’t repay, more war the people don’t need and cannot afford, not to mention the slaughter and blow-back that such adventures create, AND more (of your) cash and bonuses for you know who.”

    Precisely. And they are rubbing our faces in it, with astounding arrogance. Bludgers, indeed. What a great descriptive term. Bludgers.

    Kent Shaw

  3. ” … let’s call it: The Monetary Realignment Act of 20.. or a sexy way to default on debt and rip everybody off. It’s only a matter of time.”

    You are 100% correct. It is called hyperinflation and it is being intentionally engineered by the Federal Reserve. There will be nothing “sexy” about it. Peoples’ life savings will be made worthless overnight. People will see their Social Security payments become worthless overnight. Madness and mayhem will rule. I figure we have maybe 24 months left at the most.

    “Sooner or later America will be unable to finance its empire and the troops will return, many battered and broken. Millions will be living rough and sharing abodes just to survive.”

    Fear not. Those returning troops will be employed to “keep order”.

    ” … the people rebel then they can expect to be ruthlessly dealt with by force and locked away where ever.”

    No lockup for me. I will be “taxed out of” my little townhouse. I shall await eviction. And I shall not allow it. We all know where this will end up — just one more old man in his 60’s who “snapped” and started shooting at “the authorities”. Pictures at eleven.

    “Only when a critical mass of decency crushes the greed and bastardry of the K S Cops et al can we expect life to get better and become more just for people like us.”

    Decency amongst people in my part of the world, south central PA, seems to be a commodity in shorter and shorter supply.

    “Rock bottom is coming…may all the gods in all the universes have mercy upon us.”

    Amen to that.

    Kent Shaw

  4. “Religious people want Crusades to kill Islam for Jesus.”

    That is not exactly the way I would phrase the thought. I have read of an increasingly Christian fundamentalist belief system spreading throughout the officer corps in the military, sometimes to the point where officers are demanding that subordinates “accept Jesus” and accept their fundamentalist beliefs, and I say this is flat out wrong.

    Doubtless there is at least some feeling within the officer corps and some of the ranks that the fighting in the Middle East and in South Asia is as much of a “crusade for Jesus against Islam” as it is for “bringing them democracy” or “defeating terrorism” or even “making the world safe for ‘our oil’ in their lands. I believe that within some troops minds it’s a whole mixed up stew of all three ideas.

    As for Christians, or fundamentalist Christians specifically, I do believe they are trying to exert undue religious influence in politics, and if they continue then their churches should be taxed, heavily taxed and all of their religous exemptions, if any and whatever they are should be rescinded. But to assign all responsibility for the corrupted cesspool that our government has become to religion alone is incorrect in my view.

    I believe the corruption is greatly, mostly, due to lobbyists financed by the corporations of the Military Industrial Complex along with Big Pharma, Big Oil, and Big Financial lobbyists who in many cases write the actual bills sponsored by their “clients”, the legislators.

    Kent Shaw

  5. I am not ordering any American to stop going to church.  I am not preaching Atheism.  I am merely asking that the religious right get out of the government.  I judge no one!  If you want to believe in the Spaghetti monster, be my guest.  Every time a program gets before the House or Senate it gets promoted or destroyed by the religious right.  I am the first to blame it on the voters.  We are told from birth to promote what ever God we believe in and when in jeopardy, pray.

    An intelligent voter base has the right to throw the government out when it oversteps the Constitution.  Yes I promote reason over religion and I can see where reason is losing the battle. 

    I want the voters to recognize their responsibilities.  To sit back, whine and complain about a government that the voters elected is ridiculous and a waste of time.  But, I must admit this is as far as the internet can go.  The brick wall surrounding the religious right will always win because their fear of:… make your own list.  It takes a little effort to learn of the fight  for individual freedoms but when information is received from Fox News and the ministers of the churches, reason is called treason. 

    My last thought was to bring my honest opinion of religion here.  I was banned from doing it before.  I should know better by now.,  But in my opinion this is a good site for bright and interested people.  The brick wall will never be brought down until the American voters learn to think as individuals.  This is against every organized religion on this planet.  So I can do no more.  Let God run America into the sewer just as we have seen all over the world. 

    I attend many Secular organizations from D.C. to Seattle and I am seeing the young people revolting against this unnecssary force from the government.  This new force wants the churches closed as they represent much of what these kids despise.  I am not one of them.  A simple law of the separation of church and state removing tax status from the churches to preach politics would get the attention of the Ministers. 

    Doug, you don’t have to toss me out again.  I will leave knowing that I am again in the minority of individual thinkers.  l demand the voters understand what they are doing when their own representatives are loading them down with religiously-based legislation.  The Nanny State always wins with ignorant citizens.  When we stop blaming others for our own flaws, we might gain something back in the future.  I’m out of time.

  6. Why thank you Mr Nemo. I have been reading (from Australia) CHB for many years now and find it a good source of information. It was links to Doug Thompson’s rants that attracted me in the first place. Thank you Mr Thompson, your heart definately appears to be in the right place.

    The comments here are usually worth reading and it gives one heart to discover most Americans are no different to anyone else. Pity about your government – a people betrayed by an opportunistic and corrupt oligarchy that has absolutely no respect for those who pay the bills.

    We live in interesting times; times that will probably define us as a people. When Barack Obama was elected President many felt there was hope that things would change, the people wanted change desperately as they did in 2006 (but were betrayed). Fool me once, but Obama played his part to perfection. “Yes we can” he sang in dulcet tones seducing the people into believing him, and they wanted to believe him. He (and the democrats) fooled them twice. Well done democrats – republicans by another name?

    The rest is history. Obama and his mob have done little to change what has become a corrupt and decaying political oligarchy,  an oligarchy that rewards criminals and enslaves the honest to debt peonage. In fact they have possibly made things worse; more debt the people can’t repay, more war the people don’t need and cannot afford, not to mention the slaughter and blow-back that such adventures create, AND more (of your) cash and bonuses for you know who. Unfortunately the oligarchy is toooo powerful, and if Obama really did try to introduce “change we can believe in” then I reckon we all know what will happen.

    Sadly dear Carl, the words of your second president come to haunt:

    “Democracy… while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.” John Adams.

    It would appear democracy in America has turned into an exclusive and sleazy night club for cynics, criminals and bludgers. Pity the voters don’t get a say anymore.


  7. You know, Griff, I thought her rocks were headed in my direction. And yeah. I wondered where those quotes came from too.

  8. It’s your first post to CHB by my recollection, but a fine one indeed. : )

    Thanks for your spot-on analysis concerning our soon to be national “kampf”…! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  9. As the saying goes: “It’s easier to fight for principles than live up to them.”

    There is no doubt America is in deep financial and structual sh*t. There is nothing that can be done to reverse the inevitable, the Keystone Cops have Americans by the balls – at some point in the future Americans can expect a new act, let’s call it: The Monetary Realignment Act of 20.. or a sexy way to default on debt and rip everybody off. It’s only a matter of time.

    Sooner or later America will be unable to finance its empire and the troops will return, many battered and broken. Millions will be living rough and sharing abodes just to survive. But don’t worry the Key Stone Cops will do just fine.

    Usually an alcoholic or drug addict has to hit rock bottom before they decide to exercise their will to free themselves of their addiction – it will be the same for America. Rock bottom is coming to a place near you.

    America’s addiction – money and power of course.

    The Keystone Cops are nothing but money addicts who will beg, steal or swindle as much of their poison as they can get. They make the Mafia look like saints.

    The rape of America continues and the people watch in impotent disbelief. There is nothing the people can do for the people have naively surrendered their freedoms for national security – a lie. The Keystone Cops can spy on and detain those they claim to protect. If the people rebel then they can expect to be ruthlessly dealt with by force and locked away where ever. Force and detention centers they have paid for with their hard earned taxes. Health care is a lesser need – for the KS Cops.

    Should the American people rebel? No way, at least not in an agressive manner, for the bloodshed would not be worth it and violence is something that will have to be abandoned after America hits rock bottom. The alternatives would be unthinkable.

    So what can be done?

    Live I suppose, live like we have never lived before; live up to our principles and not down to our addictions. Live like the good Christians many Americans claim to be (make peace not war). Religion, in itself, is not the problem for most religions share common threads of humanity that encourages responsible community (and caring) behaviour. At the end of the day it is not religious values that we should be afraid of, for they foster caring and sharing; it is religious beliefs for they foster competiton and conflict, and are too often used as a tool for religious hierarchies to control the plebs.

    In short, religion and related cultures and aesthetics are generally OK, but religious control is just that (think money and power). Sadly too many religions these days are merely businesses and totally (and intentionally) miss the point. Only when a critical mass of decency crushes the greed and bastardry of the K S Cops et al can we expect life to get better and become more just for people like us.

    Rock bottom is coming…may all the gods in all the universes have mercy upon us.

  10. Be the bigger man here bub and knock it off.  She just gets confused sometimes, I don’t think it’s personal.

  11. Flash…….R.I.P. Oral Roberts. If he can outrun God like he did in 1987 he’s probably haunting the Senate floor by now. He envisioned the bogeyman, now he gets to be one.

    I believe he and many others are the misdirected Americans Sandra’s concerns are pointed at.  I’m not much in favor of their behavior or rhetoric either, but this is a free speech nation.

    Better to let them stew than to skunk up our brew.

  12. Oh Sandra, how your true agenda shines through. I knew it was just a matter of time before you blew a gasket.

    “I have no problem with you claiming that through Jesus Christ we will be saved.”

    I never said that. In fact I never even claimed to be a believer. And even if I was, who the hell are you to judge me? I have never advocated any of the things you claim that I have on these pages or any where else.

    “Now if you need Big Daddy to tell you what not to do, get the hell out of politics.”

    I would suggest taking your own advice here.

    “Griff, I am not demanding that you give up your faith.  But you are demanding that I accept it in the government.”

    I never said that either. I don’t know where you get these ideas, but they didn’t come from me.

    You’re so hell-bent on painting me as something that I’m not that you simply make things up or you twist everything to fit into your demented little version of reality. I really can’t imagine why you’ve been banned from so many sites. And you wear that as some kind of badge of honor?


  13. Hi Ms. Price,

    I thought I’d provide you with some background concerning the founding of our nation and its seminal document; ie.,  “The Constitution of the United States of America”.

    First of all the U.S. was not founded as a Christian nation, but was a product of the “Age of Enlightenment” where gifted thinkers began to question authority and the dogma that supports such tyranny over our thoughts and freedom.

    I’m going to provide some links that will help you transcend your obsession with this subject. It’s time to shed your skin and become the beautiful butterfly you deserve to be…no?!

    Most of our founders were “deists”; ie., products of the “Age of Enlightenment”  who accepted the possibility of a Supreme Being or force that started the cosmos, but refused to fall in line to the subsequent codification of earthbased religions and the “thought tyrants” that have created such “isms” regardless of their alleged various pathways to nirvana or heaven in the Christian and Muslim sense.

    The sooner you quit obsessing about Christians and their influence on our government the sooner “the truth shall set you free”… : )


    “Christianity never is nor will be a part of common law”… Thomas Jefferson


    Carl Nemo **==






  14. Well, it comes down to this fact.  We can have a Christian Nation or a free nation but we cannot have both.  We can have a free nation if the religious right stays out of the legislation.  Have none of you read the history of Spain, France, Italy and now the Muslim insurgence all over the world? 

    We can have a nation with a majority of Christians and remain free but hstory tells us it will be time limited.  We can all have what we want if we pass the Separation of Church and State and save both. 

    I have no problem with you claiming that through Jesus Christ we will be saved.  But when those sins that need to be forgiven by some clerical representative, and it hits the docket within the Congress I will remind you that this is wrong.  There are more sinners withing the Christians and more gays and abortions being done and these frightened people demand federal legislation againt these things. 

    Have none of you read what the Puritans brought with them when they landed in the new world?  Our founders were specific when it came to trying to run the government under any religion. 

    It has taken decision-making out of the realm of the voters. Many can’t even stop drinking or smoking or molesting children without their God.  Whatever it takes with a limit on government involvement.

    Christians will quickly make another level in the Constitution banning sins.  Now if you need Big Daddy to tell you what not to do, get the hell out of politics.  Religious people want Crusades to kill Islam for Jesus.  You are just not able to see the truth.  Put it in the Constitution and make certain every American believes this.  The problem is that every year we have more people leaning into a secular culture.  Many took one look at the Christian leadership in D.C. and will not support it. 

    Christians will do as the church suggests.  They have been told not do discuss religion or politics and the churches will win because the voters have lost interest in any part of the corruption that this religious movement brings. 

    Griff, I am not demanding that you give up your faith.  But you are demanding that I accept it in the government. 

    I’m looking at the future of America with knowledge of what religion is capable of doing to a free nation.  Freedom is more necessary than some conspiracy of where to locate values. 

    You can legislate until dooms day but you will end up with a police state not seen since Hitler.  I would rather have a nation of sinners than these religious freaks. 

    You will not see me writing on  this subject but I do know that religion dumbs down the voters in droves.  President Bush 43 brought them in and corruption quadrupled all over his administration.  A separation of church and state would have knocked him off the podium. 

    Some day you will see the truth in what is bringing down America.  Why they vote as they do.  I want to see the first President promising salvation if he wins the election.  Jim Jones, Charlie Manson and the Branch Dividians in Waco,  all promised salvation and the people flocked to their locations.

  15. Nicely said, almandine. I e-mailed a born-again friend of mine not long ago in support of HR 1207. His reply was such that I should forget politics and give my life over to Jesus. That was a shock to me, since he was once an avid supporter of Ron Paul.

    I countered with a similar view. I asked, did not Jesus cast out the money changers from the temple? Is that not what we’re trying to do with HR 1207?

    As for me, I used to respect his beliefs when he didn’t try to change mine. We had been friends since high school, some twenty years. It’s too bad that so many have been led astray from the message you so accurately defined.

    Whether Jesus was the son of God or merely a political dissident is not my concern. While I’m not religious today by any means, my Catholic upbringing helped define my morals based on those ideals.  

  16. It could be said, and has, that Jesus Christ was the first freedom fighter, the first Libertarian. Singularly taking on the empire and its bankers, leading the masses out of social and political bondage, framing an ideological message of hope and individualism in the service of mankind. That’s why he’s called the savior. 

    His message endures. Nor was it a message of hell and damnation, but salvation. His message was to love thy neighbor and act accordingly.

    Too many since his time have refocused the message on the afterlife, as you note, but even that focus is rooted in one’s works while on this planet. Too many others have bastardized the message for personal gain. One might hope they’ll get theirs.
    Ideologies are a dime a dozen; in fact, they’re even free. Pick the one you like and worship accordingly. Be aware, however, that any time you run down someone else’s with your “enlightened” opinion, you do a disservice to your own. None of us can rightly claim omniscience, or having been given a pipeline to truth with the Big “T”. We view the world as it makes sense at the time… even changing our minds as experience and longevity allow. 
    Discussion and understanding are not about a “higher level of intelligence”, but a willingness to encounter and entertain, without prejudice, the earnest views of others who disagree. Who knows, they may be correct.


  17. I realize I am frightened of a religious nation.  I see entire cultures demonized by the fear of the afterlife.  I believe  fear has dumbed down the American people who used to respect individual freedoms and now are living in fear of the anti-christ.  If there is any movement on this earth that has turned developed brains into masses of mindless killers, it is religion.

    My God, Carl, you cannot blame me for anyone being banned from this site.  I hold the record. 

    I see a higher level of intelligence at CHB that is missing from many other sites.  I am delighted that the growing debt and the waste and abuse in our government is again being discussed.  It is a cycle of interest that was seen here before in 1992.  It went nowhere.  Big Daddy is the “go-to” place to solve our financial problems and our spiritual needs. 

    We build our discussions to fever pitch and then it hits the ceiling and crashes.  Will we end up discussing the government’s ban of toy guns that seems to have taken the control of another forum?  It gives the label makers a chance to show off their language. 

    Are we self limited in our debate?  I hope not!  Violence is the next step and one that must be stopped.  Warren, the American people elect our abusive government and our people demand a piece of the pie that has long ago been eaten up.  The government has made us all weaker and dependent and yet any discussion of downsiiziing the monster is thrown out. 

    I haven’t felt this frustrated since 1999 when I pleaded with the voters not to elect a born-again Christian.  I knew the Constitution would be destroyed as this movement has destroyed many nations before on this planet.  It isn’t just Jesus Christ but the mania that follows all Gods.  Our founders knew this but stopped just before the Separation of Church and State. 

    It seems as if we Americans are indeed sheep.  We followed Bush 41 and 43 into an Empire of power control.  When it didn’t fit, we followed another leader who is also empire building.  I think lemmings are the animals that come to mind. 

    We spend decades searching for someone, something to blame for our problems.  It is not corporations who cause corruption, it is the government that is bought and paid for.  It is not people who got us into this unpayable debt but the government who have never known fiscal responsibility.  We elect the government and we are responsible. 

    After WW2, America changed from individual freedoms to demanding Christian values and the academics were destroyed in favor of the bible.  I have no problems with people who follow Jesus Christ but this must stop at the voter booths. 

    If lemmings are the models of good citizens, than count me out of the debate.  This debate cycle get further here than any site on the internet but the moment we get to the honest debate of our failings, we get cut off.  Doug does not do this, be we do it to ourselves. 

    He gives us the key to our debates and the freedoms to respond.  I’m here to learn and sincerely hope my opinions are wrong.  The cycle of self responsibility fails and it is only natural we find something else to blame.  I do not blame religion but what it has and can do to the voters. 


  18. We are missing several things in this nation.

    Besides a deplorable lack of education and a lack of  interest in learning, we are missing also the ability of the masses to engage in critical thinking.

    It is not the fault of the Christians.  It is the fault of the egomaniacs who have allowed our society to degenerate to a level where ‘greed is good’, egomania, and entertainment comprise the holy trinity of life purposes.

    ‘The reason the born again took the White House in 2000 was theft, pure and simple.  They kept it using similar tactics in 2004.  By the time 2008 rolled around, we would have elected Hannibal Lecter for the simple reason it was anyone but a Republican carrying a cross and wearing a flag pin.

    What we’ve got is a congress of sycophants who live day to day for the simple purpose of lining their pockets and acquiring power.  The people allowed the Patriot Act because it also was a knee jerk reaction to what had just been foisted on us courtesy of some really bad dudes running a comple operation ostensibly from a cave in the wild parts of a distant foreign land, where even electric is  a luxury, to say nothing of dialysis machines.  But I digress.

    None can think any longer.  Look around.  Smarter than a fifth grader is a high standard, applauded in the media.  Which is to say that anyone who can score higher than a less than half baked mind is a good thinker, and the results are tragic.  Comic but tragic.

    How has it come to this?  Blame the non-thinking or those that believed a nation of worker bees would be good for the nation.  In fact, it has torn us asunder, driven wedges between the thinking and the non, which division has grown ever smaller as more and more people think the things they are required to think according to the allegedly responsible media.  And the media are controlled by the very people intent upon taking away the middle class, the education of the electorate, and the ability to have citizen government that represents the will of the people.

    The people have had their will trampled and buried under the flag waving leaders, whipping into frenzy the flag waving masses that turn out in great numbers to support those intent upon mass murder, mayhem and endless war.  We, the few, the proud, the thinking, despair at this, and are doing nothing to improve the real problem in this once great nation.

    It isn’t the Christians.  It is the brain deadening of the people.  And nothing is going to improve unless and until the masses get a think going for them, without the hammer and flag bunch encouraging them, and beating them with the soft thoughtless mantras into unthinkingly follow the lowest denominator of public servants — the very sycophants that believe reform can be done while keeping the old in place, unsullied by any change or improvement.  Which is, when you think about it, the very definition of health care reform as it now stands in the Congress.


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