When Washington insiders gather over a drink or three the topic is often whether or not President George W. Bush is on or off the wagon.

Bush, an admitted alcoholic who claims he quit without any self-help program, may or may not be drinking again, depending on who you talk to.

Query "Bush drinking" on Google and you come up with 19.9 million hits.

That adds up to a lot of words over whether or not the Prez is on a bender.

The Smoking Gun offers up a video shot at a 1992 wedding — years after Bush claims he quit — which shows the future President clearly in his cups.

Blogs often wonder if the President is falling down drunk. He does seem to fall down a lot, almost as much as Gerald Ford.

He was observed guzzling Yak’s milk in Mongolia, a local brew with 3 percent alcohol. While the alcohol content is not that much, it doesn’t take much to send a alcoholic off the wagon.

Wikipedia has a long piece about Bush’s history of substance abuse, including confirmed reports of drinking and reported use of cocaine.

From our point of view, a soused Bush makes sense. It explains a lot of the man’s otherwise unexplainable actions.