Yes, Bill and Hillary lie


Hillary Clinton’s campaign staffers, as well as the candidate herself, are up in arms because former supporter David Geffen called Ms. Clinton “a liar.”

Geffen, once a major contributor to the Clintons, now supports Brack Obama. The Clintonites claim he was put up by the Obama campaign to smear the carpet bagging Senator from New York.

As my lawyer likes to say, truth is always an absolute defense. Whatever Geffen’s reasons, he wasn’t fudging the truth when he said Hillary, and her skirt-chasing former President husband, lie like teenagers caught breaking curfew.

George W. Bush lies too. So did his daddy (remember: “Read my lips?”).

Truth be told, lying is a required trait for political life. Show me a politician who doesn’t lie and I’ll show you a politician who loses elections.

The faithful who defend Hillary and Bill’s lies claim that, unlike Bush, their lies did not result in a war where more than 3,100 Americans and thousands upon thousands of Iraqis died. The theory of relativity always works as a convenient political excuse.

True, Bush accomplished what many thought might be impossible: He made people long for the halcyon days of the Clintons. Now some point to the Clinton years with fond nostalgia and talk about balanced budgets, a booming economy and no wars…well, no long wars but we did have Somalia and the bombing of a pill factory to divert attention from Bill’s banging of White House intern Monica Lewinsky. The Clinton faithful claim Somalia doesn’t count because only a few Americans died. Sorry but the death of even a single American in a questionable military action is, in my opinion, just as serious as the deaths of 3100.

But the Clintons share a disturbing trait with Bush: An innate inability to tell the truth. From Watergate to Lewinskygate, the Clintons lied constantly. They got rich from shady land deals, blocked investigations into their actions and practiced the “politics of personal destruction” on anyone who questioned their ways.

They left behind a trail of broken friendships, abandoned loyalists and unpaid debts. Both Clintons, for example, still owe millions in unpaid legal bills but that didn’t stop them from buying a million dollar manse in New York and living large while their creditors wait, in vain, for their money.

In testimony before a federal grand jury, young Lewinsky described in near-pornographic detail how she would crawl under the desk and nosh on he First Penis while President Clinton talked with heads of state on the phone. She told about how the President would stick cigars up her vagina and then smoke them during Oval Office meetings.

Clinton then lied about the affair in a deposition in a sexual harassment suit brought by another of his dalliances. Hillary Clinton went on national TV and swore she knew nothing about the affair and blamed the whole thing on the “vast right wing conspiracy.” Sorry, but her husband has been a known whore-monger his entire life and her claim that she didn’t know doesn’t pass the smell test (maybe she should have smelled the cigars).

The Clintons deserved far more punishment than they received. Perjury is a crime and the Arkansas bar association stripped Bill Clinton of his right to practice law because he lied under oath. Hillary committed more than one act of obstruction of justice in covering up her role in Whitewater and other crimes.

I can think of several places where the Clintons belong: A pedestal ain’t one of them.

(WRITER’S NOTE: My apologies for an unedited version posted earlier. It contained a number of grammatical errors that were corrected but idiot me didn’t hit the save button)


  1. talker

    Hillary was on Bush’s side when that was cool. Now it isn’t, but her money is still coming from a certain faction of people who think we must act in the interests of a small Middle Eastern country with many nuclear weapons. The spilt over Hillary illustrates that many Americans believe the current foreign policy is against the interests of the US. That goes for whatever reason you may think we are in Iraq.

  2. mojibyrd

    Geffen just figured this out, hell the rest of us knew this as soon as any of the Clinton’s opened their mouths to speak!! She nor Bill could tell the truth if it snuck up on them and slapped them in the face.

  3. Wayne K Dolik

    Nice rant today Doug. Another thing, is like Bush, Hillary is also incapable of admitting a mistake like taking us into war. She just will not admit that, the vote to go to war in Iraq was a “mistake”. The other thing that follows the Clintons like the Bush family is that mysterious trail of dead bodies that seems to follow these two ruling families around. This is America. We don’t have a monarchy in America. Or do we? Then there is another problem with the baggage these two families carry. If we elect Hillary I fully expect to see the same tired faces in the Whitehouse we saw under President Bill. Do we want what we received under Bush? Remember, to the victor, belongs the spoils. Your points are well taken today.

  4. peter


    I think your article is absolutely rediculous today. i see many inaccuracies in it.Is it right to say banging an intern in your writing?.I think your former drinking Years affected the journalistic credentials you once possesed. Time to take another sabbatical.

    I am not a friend of the clintons either, just wanted to get that straight.

    I was wondering too, if you claim to take the high road as you have so often,

    why bring up clintons past, while you have repeatedly reported how corrupt you were.Have they not brought to your attention in the 12 step program live so others can. I think you are a hippocrite.


  5. Jim H

    This whole incident is completely disheartening. One, we’re taking as an authority David Geffen, one of the most vicious liars in Hollywood? Two, you have this Maureen Dowd, who is simply a collection of mental tics. One of them was hating the Clintons, and retailing, guess what? Lies about them. And then we have some in the Obama camp, and other candidates, participating in a group bitch-slap. Are you a liar, Doug? Have you ever told a big fat one? I bet you are, if you’re honest. I’m a liar, and I’m not even a politician.

    For real insight on the matter, check out Bob Somerby’s “Daily Howler,” where he tries to figure out why “progressives” hate the RNC but accept their scripts.

    The real point is that our media is what’s hopelessly corrupt, and we listen to fools like Geffen because he has billions of dollars he’s made… from lying.

  6. LindaJ

    Bill Clinton was a good president regardless of / in spite the behaviors the Rant comments address. I think Hillary’s responses to the current situation are stupidly aggressive. Barak Obama appeals to a lot of people just because he appears to be a calm, reasonable, inspiring-the-best-in-everyone type. Whether he has the smarts, the guts, the patience to win the nomination remains to be seen. Hillary’s reaction gives Obama a big boost in the right direction, though.

  7. Emarie

    It’s a sad state of affairs when the people of this country say Clinton was a good president while comparing him to other Presidents. In my opinion ANY president or wannabe president who is as corrupt and disgusting as Clinton should NEVER be let anywhere near the presidency and that means his ever loving wife was aware of everything that was going on and she is as corrupt and they both did a pretty good job of covering their a$$es by eliminating anyone who could put them away. Lets face the truth here, NO ONE is EVER going to put these two away because they are both members of the elite ruling class and whatever they want they get. I think that stinks and I think our political system is so wrought with corruption and men and women who are so arrogant and think they are above the law that this country has seen better days. All I can say is get ready for martial law, especially if we get Hillbillary as a president!!

  8. Of course they are liars! The Clintons are just another one of the crime families (like the Bush Crime Family) that run the US and sponge off the working poor. If you want some jaw-dropping dirt on the Clintons, do a little browsing through the Clinton archives over at Progressive Review. It reads like nothing so much as Gangland Archives.

    Meanwhile at the various government departments, tax money disappears from the books millions at a time, and you can guess where it goes. Read the description of business as usual at HUD written by Catherine Austin Fitts.

    The US government and the elites who profit from it can best be described as “organized crime.” And the taxpayers get the shaft. Do I sound cynical?

  9. Elizabeth Mondschein

    When is all this garbage going to end? Are all of you snow clean and perfect,ideal and HONEST? I don’t think so. What a story we can tell if all of you confessed to the irregularities in you past. EM

  10. Judy

    I am sick and tired of reading and hearing the bashing of the Clintons. I am not a Hillary supporter but then again, I have done enough research to know that she is not as bad as many are depicting. Maybe Obama will prove to be what he seems… but my guess is that when he percieved as a big enough threat to the GOP (And I do think he will)…they will begin creating another “swift boat” type story for him to try and disprove.

    “Show me a politician that does not lie and you will have to dig up a dead one!”

  11. Why don’t we pass laws against lying to the public? That should take care of every sector of our predator society. Since lies are a form of theft, we could make liars pay media for appearances to compensate for the damage.

    And the Republicans would go broke.

  12. Compare the level and degree of lying before you get all self-righteous. Consider the concept of “comparison,” and make suree you haven’t conceded personal weakness to rules of logic.

  13. Alexander Hamilton screwed Mrs. Reynolds. Ben Franklin, had an illegitimate son, who also had an illegitimate son (something in the genes of politicians?). Thomas Jefferson

    had a complete black family with his daughter maid and companion, Sally Hemings, let alone the seduction of his friend’s wife.

    Who can forget Grover Cleveland and “Ma, ma, where is my paw, haw haw? He is in the White House haw haw!” The great Franklin D Roosevelt was not with Eleanor when he died but with his long time mistress Lucy Mercer.

    Add LBJ, John Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower, George Bush Sr., Millar Fillmore and James Buchanan, Chester A. Garfield, among the presidents. Add Newt Gingrich, the great moralist, who told his wife he wanted divorce while she was in the hospital have cancer treatment. How is that for moral support from a loving husband. The great crime fighter and hero of 911, Rudy Giuliano, on his third wife, previously tested before divorce and marriage.

    That is only part of the screwers in American politics. Now lets add other for lying to the list – NO! That list is much too long. Most likely easier to make a list of those didn’t lie, other than Jimmy Carter.

    If we eliminate all qualified people who have screwed out side of marriage and/or lied,

    we would have to eliminate everyone who would ever seek political office.

    If you are not familiar with some of the names I listed above, all were US presidents or wanna be.

  14. After all the men who have bought their way into the White House, maybe it is time for a woman to sleep her way in.

    As far as I can see, Hillary’s only qualification is that she was one of apparently hundreds of women who slept with Bill while he was president.

    Maybe Monica Lewinsky should run.

  15. Janice

    I long for the Clinton days again. I felt safe with him in office, and I sure do not with Bush – and never have. I’m not thrilled with the President messing around – it does show lack of character and judgement, but it IS his private personal life and I wouldn’t want folks poking around in mine.

    However, no matter HOW you stack it up, what Bill Clinton did is not in any way comparable to what Bush has done to this country. To even compare the two shows a lack of judgement. I understand that wrong is wrong – however we do not have that luxury with politicians. The very nature of politics today is corrupt. Funding makes it that way.

    Finally, the Clinton’s are smart. Listen to them speak, then listen to Bush and his cronies. They are dirty, sly, and corrupt. But, I don’t know if you can call them stupid, with all that they have accomplished to rid our country of our money, liberties, and reputation. I’ll take a basket full of Clinton’s to a hand full of Bush’s any day of the week – and we will all be better off for it.

  16. Greg Zimmerman Says:

    While I agree with the premise of your rant. I can’t believe it got past the editor.

    A lot of credibility is lost when your writing is filled with so many grammatical errors.

    You are right. I’m the idiot who edited the column and then forgot to hit the “save” button and posted, instead, the unedited version. The proofreader shall be flogged (self-floggeltation?).


  17. David

    Well isn’t this sweet, all the little Elitist liberals and want to be coming to defend the un-de-fend able. Well I hate to break up you mentally challenged Love in. But all politicians are liars. The only thing here is that Clinton and his scumbag wife set an all new standard for lying.

    Yes, your little liberal Holier than thou brains are swelling right now. And I can hear the lame come backs. I’ll ask you what did the King liar Clinton actually do for this country?

    Other than sell top secret missile technology to the Chinese, Line his pockets, and make this country much less safe. The economy? Think again it was the spill over from the Reagan-Bush years. It takes 7 years for economic policy to be felt. Note the economy was tanking in the final Bubba years. Read a little, so by now you are scrambling for returns, sorry you can’t think of a dammed thing can you. Face it Clinton and Wife were awful, just like the room temperature I.Q Pelosi, Murder Teddy Kennedy, Schumer the corrupt, Jefferson 90k in the Fridge. Dumocrats have absolutely nothing going or them. You guys can make a lot of noise but face facts you are all Elitist Losers.

  18. In 1997, William Morrow Publishing company hired a well known author to do a book on Hillary Clinton. It was Joyce Milton and she accepted the contract and set about starting her research on First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. About half way through this research she began to discover a lot of bad things in the history of President Clinton’s wife. She returned to the Publisher who told her to go ahead and write what she found.

    “The First Partner” was published in 1999 and has to be the most honest book written on any First Lady. Milton went into the project fully expecting to find that Hillary was much more than simply being the First Lady of Arkansas and of the United States of America.

    I will not go into Hillary’s history but I was shocked at what her friends and coworkers had to say about her. The very thought that this woman would be elected into the White House has shocked me. Somebody referred to the Clintons as white trailor trash had it right. Her lack of control and her temper tantrums are legendary and the way the two of them fight should never be found in our White House again.

  19. The South Point

    While I don’t give a flying fig about Billy’s naughty funtime as it’s none of my business, I never felt comfortable towards either of the Clintons. I always got a “slimeyness vibe” from both of them. I would never invite the Clintons over for dinner as I would not want their company. Hell, if they were my next-door neighbors, I would pretend I didn’t know them. No way are they to borrow my lawnmower.

  20. Joan Fry

    I sincerely doubt that Gov. Bill Richardson is the liar that you claim all politicans are, and he’s by far the most qualified candidate running on either ticket!

  21. Ross

    Of all the things to complain about the Clintons, why keep going on and on (has it been 10 years now!?) about sexual misconduct? This is exactly the kind thing I don’t care to know about other people, and I wouldn’t want them to know about me. What I want to know is if somebody is going to make sure we sit really still and give a helping hand, as Mexico rapes us from behind (NAFTA), or allowed our nation to become a police state (nope-that wasn’t Bush), where we are gasses and imprisoned for protesting his globalist mistresses(WTO). How’s that for sexual misconduct? A blowjob doesn’t seem so bad now, does it? Especially Hillary, though, she must not be so terrible, if Doug can’t talk about anything other than BILL’s problems. Quit being lazy, Doug!

    I’m tired of people complaining about politicians anyway. Our system of government is vastly flawed, especially since the New Deal (but you all love that, I’m sure), and the people keep coming back for more and more of these kinds of people. Face it: America is not, nor has it ever been, what you were taught in school. What are you going to do about it?

  22. Elgee

    Velma, David Geffen is a well-heeled Hollywood “mogel” and a long-time Democrat – of the liberal persuasion. Hillary was upset because she saw a financial Kingpin flying HER COOP! I, too, will be voting for someone OTHER THAN HILLARY! She has too much “baggage,” and Bill is only one of them. She failed miserably at her attempt to obtain a national health plan for us early in Bill’s lst term as Prexy. She unfortunately isn’t a consensus builder – an absolute requirement any successful President MUST have! Elgee

  23. Joan Fry Says:

    I sincerely doubt that Gov. Bill Richardson is the liar that you claim all politicans are, and he’s by far the most qualified candidate running on either ticket!

    In 1980, Richardson ran for Congress against incumbent Manuel Lujan. In his campaign literature, Richardson claimed he had served as a “foreign policy expert” for Sen. George McGovern. An investigation by the Albuquerque Journal discovered Richardson was an intern for McGovern. The Journal found five other lies in Richardson’s official campaign biography.

    For 40 years, Richardson also claimed he was “a draft pick” for the Kansas City A’s. After several news organizations checked into the story, Richardson admitted in 2005 that the claim was a fabrication.

    Sorry, your hero is a liar just like the others.

  24. Mary

    Hmm… Try as they may, no one could get enough on the Clinton’s for their “shady” deals. That only left the republicans to go after Bill’s personal life. What makes me sick is how the republicans used the former president’s private life to advance their agenda about how “moral” they are. That agenda is what got W in office to begin with. Someone PLEASE tell me what W has done to show how much more “moral” he is than anyone else?????? He makes me puke.

  25. Ray

    Great Rant Doug. You sure know how to stir up the pot. Maybe, just maybe, some will get the point. That being there is no one in the business of politics who is honest and capable of setting an example. They are all there for the grab, its thier game. Good people would never get that far before they would jump ship. Ya gotta be crooked and self centered while lying yer way to the benefits of politics. No genuine good guy would bow so low.

  26. Greg Zimmerman

    While I agree with the premise of your rant. I can’t believe it got past the editor.

    A lot of credibility is lost when your writing is filled with so many grammatical errors.

  27. anthny

    It’s kind of funny nobody mentioned Ray-Gun?

    It’s because he could not recall when at the Senate hearings that saved his ass. He had most of the same criminals working for him as Bush has. They including our VP and Rumsfild are in it for the long run. It was funny that Reagan’s Head of the CIA Casey died of a brain tumor just before going to testifiy about Iran-Contra.

    And then we have the Machiavellian comparision, you got it wrong DIONYSIS.

    Bush and Co. are associated with the Neo-Cons who follow Machiavellian and Leo Strauss. There biggest contribution to the GOP is WAR, we need war to control the people and keep them in fear.

    Anyway who cares about who’s doin who in the white house,should remember Jeff Gannon. He got into the white house every day and even questioned Bush at News Conferance’s.

    Do we all remember him the guy that advertised as a male prositute in Gay magizines. How soon we forget.

    And Jacksales got it right, he knows his history, Thank-You Jack for the lesson in genetics, Humans are born liars…………..Good Luck to all

  28. K. Bennett

    And i guess your purer than the white driven snow, enough about the Clintons they were good for us all, and never has there been a better President except for him lieing about his private life which was just that,,, go back and ck out All of the rest back then from Newt to all of them that were having affairs, and were proud of them not denying them, Bill just tryed to keep it from being public which by rights it should never have been brought up with out all the rest in the white house and congress with thier affairs out in the open so get off Clintons…

  29. “Truth be told, lying is a required trait for political life. Show me a politician who doesn’t lie and I’ll show you a politician who loses elections.” –

    That is one sad freaking statement – and I cannot dispute it. The framers of our constitution did not, sorry to say, see a day in the future when “leaders” would be self serving ego-mainiacs incapable of admiting mistakes.

    But what happens when a leader does admit a mistake, like Carter did? The pundits make fun of him, chide him and make him appear to be less of a leader because he admits a mistake (I’m thinking of when Carter admitted to having “sinned in his mind”) – better to have a liar who will argue the definition of sex or justify the alteration of intelligence reports to serve his own foul purpose.

    Whom will I support in 2008? Not sure –

    perhaps someone of integrity will join the election process – but I’m not holding my breath. Honesty in politicians is a rare thing – in fact perhaps “honest politicians” should be added to the endangered species list – if they’re not already extinct.

  30. Dionysis

    The obvious reason the Clinton camp is so upset over Geffen’s comments is that they articulate exactly what troubles so many Democrats and Independents about Hillary, and their response simply underscores these concerns; specifically, the Hillary is an egregious opportunist, lacks the integrity to maintain a position (if she even defines it to begin with), is calculating and Machiavellian and seems to feel that being ‘smart’, ambitious and having been First Lady and a junior senator is in and of itself enough to deserve to be elected president. Her communications director has said publicly (on Hardball) that, effectively, they should dictate the rules of the game, and that any criticism (no matter how mild) of her or Bill is off-limits. Big mistake, but it does show just how pompous she is. Jeez, the notion of having Hillary vs. any Republiscum as the choices in the next election is a nauseating thought. We can do a lot, lot better. Al Gore/Bill Richardson, anyone?

  31. Teresa

    Carter was the most honest politician we’ve had in my lifetime, and the people themselves (along with the media) absolutely crucified him for it. They don’t want honesty, or kindness, they want raw meat.

  32. Ray

    Clinton made a lot of money through the drugs brought into the little airfield in Mena Arkanas. Millions as matter of fact. Him and Bush sr have been partners in cocaine trafficing for quite some time. He is also got a dead man list attached to resume’ Over two hundred people who associated with the Clintons are now pushin up posies for getting too close or learning too much. Anyone who thinks the Clintons are good people, need to do thier research and they will find plenty of dirt. The Clintons are as criminal as it gets.

  33. Judy DiGennaro

    No one mentioned that to date no dirt has been slung that has stuck on Obama. I am from Illinois and was interested that during his senatorial campaign it was not possible to find a Republican that wanted to run against him after their candidate dropped out with problems of his own. They had to go to Alan Keyes, speaking of carpetbaggers, who made the life of the Illinois Republican Committee chairwoman utterly miserable.

    I don’t want Hillary Clinton in the White House (which pains me, because I long for a female president, but not enough to vote for a candidate just because she is female and of my party) because she carries the burden of Bill around with her. It is important to remember that one of the reasons that Gore did not do better (other than the fact that the election was stolen from him) in the presidential election was because he couldn’t gracefully distance himself from Clinton and his policies. As much as the folks responding to today’s rant seem to want to put aside the character issue and excuse Clinton’s conduct in office, the reality is that he is a sex addict who was willing to risk everything and endure public humiliation for himself and his wife in order to indulge his addiction. This is a dangerous habit to have and Hillary’s tolerating it is also a dangerous characteristic. Her going with the flow of politics as she perceives it (i.e. further and further to the Right) in order to get elected is also disturbing.

    Geffen may be a very unlikeable fellow, but I’m sure as a Clinton insider he knows far more than he has told the public. This is undoubtedly why he has chosen to support Obama. I suspect others will follow. Can’t make Hillary very happy, but so what?

    Judy Di

  34. Carl Nemo

    Great Rant Doug…! I’ve noticed some of the posters thought you were a bit rough on the Clintonistas. It’s amazing how many folks will judge a presidency based on how flush their portfolios might have been during a president’s tenure in office. Most have forgotten the inordinate amount of corporate corruption that was discovered post “tech wreck”. The boom was a criminal bust in the making. Since times were booming and so many folks were grinning ear-to-ear due to their glowing 401K statements;they didn’t give a rat’s butt that Clinton was involved in so many scandals, all conveniently forgotten because the guy that replaced him is actually “worse”! A is bad, B is worse so therefore A is better than B…?! Wrong conclusion, because relativism doesn’t work when the American people want truth and honesty from their leaders. America deserves much better. Hillary is hoping to complete this planned dynastic hand-off …!

    Bush Sr.>Bill>dubya>”Billary”

    Do we want to see this chain of leadership come to pass…? Can “we the people” afford the luxury of more of the same in these extremely troubled times. I think not…!

    I thought I’d provide a one-stop shopping list of links for those Clinton supporters that evidently have selective memories or for those that have done zero research concerning the Clintons.

  35. Ray

    Very informative link Carl. Maybe those who worship the Clintons will reconsider thier reason to praise these criminals of the elite.

  36. mewman

    putting aside all the thoughts about relativism(hard as that is to do when we have the worst president in history,who never won the first election),at the end of the day this Hatfields/McCoys Bush/Clinton thing has just got to stop.there will be voters in the next election who have never been alive when a Bush or Clinton was not president.i think it’s far past time for both these families to go away from our political scene.we need a chance to start fresh…

  37. Hunter1909

    I think it’s a great idea for Hillary to win the nomination. She won’t a single 2004 Republican state, and will have trouble hanging on to half of the former Democratic Party ones.

    On the other hand, Obama running would have the Republicans quaking in their snakeskin boots. LOL

  38. femo sobo

    The writer should grow-up.Show me TEN TRUTH,HONEST politicians and I will point to you billions that are opposite.Clintons to me are one of the best.They represent true American adage that said :hard working is the only way to success. Both poor but work hard to become ALL American dream “THE PRESIDENT OF U S A”

  39. bob

    Solid journalism might have mentioned that the incursion into Somalia was established by George H. W. Bush and that Bill Clinton simply failed to end it when he should have. Solid journalism might have mentioned that Bill Clinton’s response in the Paula Jones deposition was to a very specific question that included reference to a court approved definition. Was it a lie to answer in the context of that definition rather than the one the rest of us might use in our daily lives. Certainly not legally; no perjury. Oh, unless you think Clinton was dallying with Lewinsky for her gratification rather than his own. Yes, all politicians lie. Sadly, many journalists shade their reporting to fit their premise.

  40. Colin H

    I accept that politicians seem to be congenital liars but one has to look at what occurs as a result of the lying. Clinton’s lies certainly tarnished the image of the office of the president of the United States. The lies of Bush and his mafia have resulted in the death of thousands of our fellow citizens and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.

  41. PastorFaithBaptist

    It is asad day in American history when we begin to make the claim that Bill And Hillary Clinton were the greatest president(error in grammar on purpose) of the United States despite the murder, lies, adultery, and impeachment! Wow! Their lies didn’t tarnish the position they tarnished the World’s view of our country! When will begin to see facts and not News Medias Lies(oops! I meant opinions)?

  42. Patrick:

    I do my fact checking. The story said how much was made not how much was paid. As of January 1 of this year, both Clintons still had more than $5 million in unpaid legal bills dating back to Bill Clinton’s days as governor of Arkansas. Hillary doesn’t list the fees on her financial disclosure reports (when asked about this previously she said they were her husband’s obligation, not hers).

    Credit reports on both Clintons show many, many overdue bills. They both make money but they don’t use it to pay what they owe and have owed for many, many years.

    Millionaires can be deadbeats too.

  43. “Lest we forget.”

    Bill Clinton was responsible for jailing more marijuana smokers than all the combined presidents before him — and then, after the bastard left office — he said it should be legalized.

  44. Kent Shaw




    They have been in power since the Reagan administration as Bush Sr. was the real power behind the alzheimer victim.


  45. Mark-NC

    I guess I’ll always be stunned at this topic and the way people look at things – or at how effective propaganda really is.

    Doug, you’re a smart guy. I agree with most of the things you write. But, I’m still blown away at your amazing hatred of all things Clinton.

    Do all politicians lie. You’re dead on – they all do. Look at St. McCain today. He’s making Kerry look like a straight-shooter.

    Are all lies the same? Not hardly. Bill got impeached over the Lewinski thing and I’m reasonably sure that smelly cigars didn’t kill anybody – no matter how graphically Lewinski described the events. Bush lies about BIIIG things like what our intelligence knows, starting wars, how to fix Social Security, links to Enron, etc. These are much bigger, more important, and deadlier lies.

    You state “we did have Somalia and the bombing of a pill factory to divert attention from Bill’s banging of White House intern Monica Lewinsky” Say what?

    He inherited Somalia, and this was long before anybody ever heard of Lewinski. The pill factory thing is a stretch too but I’ll grant you your opinion – it sure ain’t fact!

    You state “Sorry but the death of even a single American in a questionable military action is, in my opinion, just as serious as the deaths of 3100”. At least you state that it is your opinion.

    I hear this kind of thing all the time from the “morals & values” crowd. Like, William Jefferson was corrupt just like DeLay, Noe, Cunningham, Foley (I’ll spare you the long list) – so both sides are corrupt. However, while the premise is true, scale DOES matter whether the topic is corruption, money, or the lives of soldiers.

    You state “They got rich from shady land deals”. Really? As I recall they were absolutely NOT rich right up to the point of leaving the White House. They didn’t get rich on land deals, shady or otherwise. What are you talking about here?

    FInally, since you claim you do your research, and you do reply to posts like this one – I have a question for you. You state “Clinton then lied about the affair in a deposition in a sexual harassment suit brought by another of his dalliances”. Regarding that deposition, have you ever wondered why the attorney for Jones asked such a bullshit question? It was something like “were you having a – relationship – with Lewinski. Since we now know that he had heard the tapes made by Tripp, he KNEW exactly what had happened.

    So Doug, my question is this. Why didn’t the prosecutor for Jones ask Bill a direct question. Why not, “Bill, did you get oral sexual favors from Miss Lewinski”? That would get a yes or no answer, and there would be no question of purgery or not.

    Do you think the attorney was stupid? Do you think he didn’t realize that this question/answer would give a little credance to the rather thin story that Jones was peddling? Or was there another reason?

  46. Ray

    The Clintons are devils in disguise. Don’t let yourselves be fooled again and again. Corruption and scandle have been an association of these two since thier days in arkansas. From the S&L Scandal, Whitewater,Drug running,selling missle secrets to china, renting the whitehouse to male whores, not to mention the Clinton Dead List of 200. To imagine the Clintons as anything other than bad to the core is of ignorance to historical fact.

  47. bob


    Your deposition point is right on. The attorney in question even insisted on using a definition he had drafted; got the judge to order Clinton to respond based on that definition. Now, if you think Clinton was boinking Monica for his own physical and egomaniacal benefit, then the answer to the question is “no”. Read the part of the definition about”gratification for another. Only if we think he was doing it for Monica is the “no” answer false. And I, for one, don’t think he cared whether she enjoyed it or not. So his answer, in context, was correct. No lie; no perjury. No impeachable defense. Idiot lawyer couldn’t even set up the batter (Starr) correctly!! And the media continues to ovelook this critical point of fact; while most Americans have never read the deposition record for themselves. A sad, sordid example of partisan politics at its absolute worst. Makes Joe McCarthy look like a saint and a truth seeker.

  48. Mark-NC


    You actually miss my point.

    If the question was a straghtforward “did you get oral sex”, then the answer would have been yes or no. At that point, Clinton would either lie outright by saying no, or tell the truth by saying yes. Under oath, he would have probably answered correctly which would have been the end of the testimony’s usefulness to Starr.

    However, I believe that the question was deliberately crafted to get an answer that could be used by Starr and the Republican Congress.

    The only other explanation is that the attorney is unbelievably stupid – which I doubt.

  49. bob

    Didn’t miss the point; I agree it was a set up. But it was a very bad one. If the Q&A had been properly reported, the question as asked would have ended the discussion. Only because the reporting was so bad did we have a debate on the point.

  50. Peg

    I have heard more than enough of this nonsense about all the people the Clintons are supposed to have had murdered. An excellent rebuttal to this hoary charge can be found on the Urban Legends Reference Page here:

  51. Bill

    Great article Doug. I can’t believe so many commenters actually defend the Clinton’s behavior by bringing up alleged lies told by G W Bush. One thing is certain; G W Bush has not lied to a grand jury. I would not vote for anyone from either of these families myself. But not because they lie.

  52. Bird

    Your columns are always entertaining, but seem to be lacking in factual accuracy. I’ll continue to read them for the entertainment value, but you do not have much journalistic credibility with me.