Maybe because it’s so early, the presidential race has been lackluster to date. There are still too many candidates and they are overeager — eight Democratic hopefuls showed up for a weekday forum in Carson City, Nev. And the spectacle — like three Republicans with eight wives among them competing for the family-values vote — is mainly of interest only to junkies.

We have Maureen Dowd of The New York Times to thank for ladling a generous helping of gasoline on the embers, causing the frail facade of Democratic unity to go up in flames. You knew it couldn’t last, but this was a beaut.

Movie mogul David Geffen was once a close friend, fat cat and Lincoln Bedroom guest of Bill and Hillary Clinton, who for more than a decade had a lock on Hollywood’s support.

But Geffen and the Clintons had a falling-out. And in an interview with Dowd, Geffen shared his opinions of Bill, Hillary and her presidential campaign. Hillary, he said, was polarizing, ambitious — “is there anybody more ambitious,” overproduced, over-scripted and very likely unelectable.

The former president, Geffen said, is still a “reckless guy” and nobody believes that in the last six years he “has become a different person.”

And the two of them are unprincipled and lie “with such ease it’s troubling.”

But that wasn’t the worst part.

Geffen and two other erstwhile Clinton chums threw a $1.3 million fund-raiser for Sen. Barack Obama, whom Geffen found “inspirational.” Words are just words; cash is the life’s blood of a campaign.

The Clinton camp fired back, accusing Obama’s campaign of tolerating vicious, personal attacks that don’t square with the candidate’s pledge to run a positive campaign, and demanding that he return Geffen’s campaign contribution and apologize.

Obama, who is still new to this stuff, said he didn’t see why he had to apologize for what somebody else said and, showing that he is catching on fast, said “absolutely” when asked if he was proud of Geffen’s financial support.

For her part, Clinton said she, for one, was still committed to “a very positive” campaign and sure didn’t want to see Democrats and their supporters “engaging in the politics of personal destruction,” the implication being that the Obama campaign was.

All of this points up a truism of presidential politics: The Lincoln Bedroom isn’t forever; it’s only for the night.


  1. Comments such as Donna’s are puzzles to me. Exactly what would she have Obama “stand up to Geffen” for? I think Obama has it right, saying he is being asked to apologize for something someone else said. As for me, I cannot find any factual misstatement in Geffen’s words.

  2. Lexie…I agree that simply talking to Her Royal Clinton would not remove her from the race…but a few more Geffen espisodes will expose her and her group quite nicely on a far larger scale making continuation impossible.

    This race started far too early for it not to happen.

    The Democrats will be portrayed for a bit as eating their young, Republicans will crow, but the Party will come around and unite behind a good, clean, fresh candidate and sweep 2008.

    We have to remember our ABC’s…

    Anybody But Clinton

  3. Jim–Wishing Hillary can be persuaded to not run is like wishing for Massachusetts daisies in January. It ain’t gonna happen.

  4. It’s alright Kent, I’m probably already on one or more “watch lists” anyway. Just for exercising my first amendment rights.

    If they want to waste taxpayer dollars to secretly monitor everything I do, guess I’ll just have to give them something to digest…

  5. Hillary Clinton is a very smart woman and has proven her worth as senator from NY. People say things about her but do not tell of instances–they just run her down. One thing for sure, she would be a credit to this country more than Bush has ever been. Her husband may have had personal problems but we were not in trouble as we are today. He was a smart man and could see beyond his nose.

  6. Awww, it would be son nice to vote in the first female president…NOT…give me a dam break, who cares if the person is white/black/asian/mixed/male/female or in-bewteen the two, when will people start voting in individuals who are going to do the best for the country and the people….as we all know this hasn’t happened for years and years…let’s get with the program folks and get america back to it’s roots and for the people of the country not a bunch of lying, cheating scum bags, who arn’t even shy about it anymore.

  7. Dale – You made a very impressive statement re: republicans – three republican – eight wives. What was the immoral ways in which these results came about. Were they snow clean – honest – with family values? I don’t think so. Before they criticize the Clintons, they should remember what they have done. Disgraceful, to say the least. EM

  8. .

    JimZ: “However, since the city I live in is one of the most violent crime ones (KCMO), those stories get much of the front section.”


    “Anyway, Hillary is a complete fake, a front for the same neocons as the Bu$hies.”


    Careful there, bud, we know where you live. grin…


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