May I Ask a Question to CHB please?

Did I not hear promises of building nuclear power plants and refineries for our gas and oil uses?  Did I not see commercials for wind power, water power, solar power that should have opened up jobs for our skilled workers?

I had hoped a new Administration would listen and learn from our job losses that building the same old stuff is not working.  How did Japan and other nations beat us to the efficiency cars that so many Americans are driving?  I am seeing again the food stamps/cards appearing in the stores here and wonder why these proud people lost their income from their daily jobs, their failed investments as well as poor family members moving in together. 

I see billions of dollars being spent on banks who refuse to loan to people but take the people’s money for their own use.  Our hands are tied through federal laws keeping us from doing many of the things our grandparents did to support the family.  I know a bit about American entrepreneurial actions and how many of us bartered for food and clothing by doing chores in the neighborhood.   We did not have to sign up for Social Security payments for these actions and we did not have to account for the ridiculously small money we made.  We took that money to the food store and brought home milk, butter, meat and we felt a tingle of pride.  We now have bow to our city, county, state and federal government departments for permits and many simply wait in line for food stamps which is degrading no matter what the cause. 

I sometimes feel that the government makes laws against us just for the reason that they can.   I see too many people suffering at this time and I see my own Senators acting like fools out of a Shakespeare play. 

If our government is going to throw away dollars by the trillions, I damn well want to see some jobs developed for the American people to regain their pride.  Jobs first!   I want the politicians to stop playing with our soldiers who are in harm’s way daily in the Middle East.  Get that OBL son of a bitch with his head on a stick then we can talk about health care.