I can think of nothing better than Pac 10 football. Of course in my day it was Pac 8. Even inflation has hit the College Football numbers.

My family is 4 generations into the Pacific College teams and we grew up watching who would represent and win in the Rose Bowl New Years day. Pacific Colleges and Universities are basically of one athletic team and today I watched UCLA winning the game against ASU (Arizona State University).

My mother and dad both graduated from USC, my older girl from UC Santa Cruz and JJ from UC Berkeley. My husband got his PhD from UCLA and taught physics at CalTech. We are Pacific to the bone.

What a pleasure it was to see the healthy and beautiful young men in their football uniforms and the girls could all be Miss California if they weren’t involved in academics. During the announcements each player had a picture with their numbers and school achievements.

They also showed the Grade Point Averages to indicate these young men were smart and had a future in America in whatever they chose after graduation. My afternoon replaced divided partisan politics with teams specializing in Brawn with Brains.

It does an old lady good to see the future is in good strong hands. The spirit of youth captured my soul this afternoon. Tomorrow will be the Pro games and I will watch whatever is offered by my Cox Cable.

I steamed up some Brussels’ Sprouts that I read about on Reader Rant and will have them with a lovely slice of beef.

I will need my energy for the effort of watching every damn football pass I can find.

All my pals at CHB, I wish a good and happy weekend.