Thanksgiving 2009

    This is a day given over to thanking God for our bounty. I would like it as a day to hope (I can’t pray) for our troops to come home before Christmas. I hope for rational government to guarantee to all of us that we will never again use our troops to fight an enemy for oil, or God.

    If I could pray it would be for a movement based on freedoms for every single human born on America soil. Our Republican Party showed us their lack of intelligence, respect for not only our human values but our dollar value. There is not much more the government can do to us and I shudder at what they want to do for us.

    The American people are working under a handicap of apathy. We have millions in America who believe Rush speaks the truth. We have millions who are told how to vote from the pulpits of their churches. We turn on the news and see Michael Jackson, Teddy Kennedy and Anna Nichole Smith dying every hour on the hour.

    I’ve never seen a war battle but I saw every damn movie the Duke ever made. I have never seen a live presentation of any honest Congressman but I saw every movie Jimmy Stewart ever made. I never heard an American hero talk about why he/she fought for America but I’ve read many books written by these heroes.

    The law of averages tells me there is yet another America out there waiting to present the truth to all of us. Doug writes about this and the rest of us embellish his words with our own. We can fine-tune this in time.

    There is not one damn thing wrong with American values. We define them differently but in the long run they are still strong and valuable. It is the politicians who are dragging our values into the mud. We may not even need a new movement but men and women who will clean the crap out of the old.
    American values in my mind are based on individual freedoms and honest dealings with others. I know we need a level of compassionate care for others. Half of my time is spent dealing with “Compassion and Choices” and it is sad to see only the Democrats working with us. I can live with that.

    What I cannot live with is that compassion only comes with the Liberals.

    Americans in my world come in all colors and religions and some are male, female and another title which someday will not be a consideration. This desire for division is not an American value. So when it comes down to it, Republicans do not value Americans. They value only White Christian Straight Men.

    The problem is that we have to deal with these people and do it with a certain amount of class and forgiveness. Dunk their damn tea bags and get on with fixing our sinking America. But not on Thanksgiving Day.

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