It’s no secret that I intensively dislike partisanship.

I think partisans, for the most part, are brain-dead lemmings incapable of independent thought. They are numb followers of failed political thinking, driven by a desire to let others with hidden agendas control their beliefs.

True citizenship requires independent thought and an ability to examine all sides of an issue — functions far beyond the capabilities of those who describe themselves as Republicans or Democrats and wear that partisan title as if it were some earned badge of honor.

It doesn’t require intellect to blindly follow the lunatic ravings of political leaders. All that is required is to unquestionably accept the dogma of political parties and use that dogma to excuse the criminal actions of those they follow.

Granted, there are some within the political party system that question the actions of their party and leaders but they are all too often a silent minority who now all too well that speaking out will lead to isolation and possibly banishment.

Republicans call those who question the extremism of their party “RINOs” (Republican in Name Only). Hardcore Democrats dismiss moderates who avoid their left-wing extremism as “Demonots” or other, less generous names.

Political parties from both sides of the fence require Nazi-like, lockstep adherence to a narrow set of beliefs. They pay lip service to the concept of a “big tent” to include others of differing beliefs but, in reality, the parties only want blind followers to the cause.

Visit partisan web sites on both sides of the political fence and you see what happens to those who display independent thought. Long, often vicious, threads call them traitors or unpatriotic or unworthy of support.

America has been in a long, downhill, slide for a long time now and the partisans can’t stop blaming the other side long enough to stop and realize that the blame belongs not in one party or the other but in the petty partisanship that divides this nation.

It’s the system, stupid, but partisans are too damn stupid to understand that.

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