America is a Mess!

    America is in a Terrible Mess.

    I assume we are not able to attack the mess yet. We will need another 10 years, or more, to hit the highlights of our discontent. Many here seem to have given this mess some considerable thought. Does America reflect the panic of the right over the left? Will we not start being serious until after our insults and our words of what is wrong with everyone else are used up?

    Is there anyone who does not realize our Congress is being corrupted by corporate money? Have we not tried to open this up with added legislation on campaign finance and lobbyists payments? We are asking the perpetrators of our corruption to legislate against it. Excuse me while I die laughing.

    Our government is corrupt! Apparently it has been for a hundred years. Our children know little of the limits of the government’s legal authority so we simply have to put in candidates who use the system for our advantage. The loss has always been our freedoms. The voters would rather have financial security than individual freedoms.

    What’s a mother to do?

    Where is the movement for correction? Many had faith in Candidate Obama and many are now sorry. Many had faith that God would protect all Americans. Where is the movement to bring our nation out of debt, out of guilt and back to a world of open government?

    Every four years we spend billions to run down the opposition; both sides are equally guilty. Somehow neither side will touch the growing weakness in American security and will use terrorism as a weapon against the other side of the aisle. Every two years we see our own House of Representatives grovel before the Corporations for their own money for their campaigns.

    We work hard and donate time and money for these leeches to win their seats back. We know they are corrupt but it takes time to locate other candidates when we really don’t know what we want.

    We want our party to win. I’ve spent years searching for candidates to run and win FOR the American people. Corporate owned networks and newspaper chains have their own ethics and the American people are literally told how to think, how to vote, how to eat, drink, smoke and end up tearing the hell out of our education standards. Our kids are drugged at school, at home by the television and their security comes from gangs as the parents are no longer the head of the households.

    My point is that this is not a partisan problem but an American problem that must be fixed before we are too late to be able to fix it. I believe that we at CHB recognize the media influence and the corporate desire for control and it is time to throw away the partisan crap that has destroyed our values.

    A reality check is needed to know that our corporations write our paychecks. The more we try to control them, the faster they will head off shore. Our jobs are leaving at record numbers. Do we want government control over our corporations? Did we not elect a man who will put our health care into the hands of our government and a movement from the religious right wants government control over our family values.

    Can anyone find a free American in this? Are our future choices going to be between a government of control over our financial, ecological and work related lives or do we turn over our morals to a government who will tell us who not to sleep with?
    This is not and must never be a partisan decision; not any more!

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